The 7 Best BMW i3 Phone Mount (Very Sturdy)

Whether you’re going for a protracted usa Best BMW i3 Phone Mount experience or simply biking across the park, selecting the first-rate BMW i3 cell phone mount could make your experience plenty better. With a BMW i3 mount, you’ll be able to defend your phone from accidents, use it as a gps, get real-time updates via workout apps, and extra. Moreover, a BMW i3 cell phone mount allows reduce pocket load and continues your cell phone safe from scratches.

But, there are many distinct sorts of BMW i3 phone mounts in the marketplace. Choosing the right one depends on a range of of things, including water and climate resistance, strap type, length, and greater. In this newsletter, we’ll be taking a study ten of the best BMW i3 cell phone mounts on the market. We’ve additionally brought a guide underneath answering a number of the questions you may have approximately BMW i3 smartphone mounts. So without in addition ado, permit’s get into it.

The 7 Best BMW i3 Phone Mount 

Mongoora BMW i3 cell phone mountquad lock BMW i3 mount kitailun BMW i3 mountain BMW i3 cell phone mountvibrelli conventional BMW i3 & BMW i3 smartphone mountopamoo BMW i3 phone Best BMW i3 Phone Mount the front frame bagcaw.Vehicle accessories handlebar holderipow regularly occurring cell cell phone holder vup accepted BMW i3 mobile cell phone holdergub aluminum alloy BMW i3 cell phone holdervisnfa BMW i3 cell phone holder

1. Mongoora BMW i3 phone mount

Best BMW i3 Phone MountThe mongoora BMW i3 cell phone mount is one which offers a high-quality level of protection and capability. Constructed with first-rate substances, this mount comes with the capacity to grip devices securely. Whether or not you need to apply your cell phone as a navigation device or concentrate to tune at the same time as driving, this is one mount that may Best BMW i3 Phone Mount make that viable. Well suited with gadgets up to 3.7 inches in diameter, this phone mount can be fixed on both car and BMW i3 handlebars between zero.Nine and 1.3 inches in diameter.

Produced from metal and plastic, the mongoora BMW i3 cell phone mount guarantees the highest level of security. And in case you’re an excessive consumer, its durable silicone bands make sure that your mobile device stays in region no matter how energetic your riding may be. Its 360-degree rotating skills let you use your cell phone any way you need to. You may be able to use your tool in full-screen mode, and because it gives you with full get admission to on your mic and quantity keys, you may not have to forestall riding so that it will adjust your smartphone’s quantity or make voice commands. Available in three extraordinary colorings, this mount comes with a lifetime warranty.

Clean to install
Colorations are shiny
Adjustable clamp with three presets
Tremendous on off-avenue runs
Produced from plastic so it can not remaining long
Key specifications
Mounting alternatives handlebar
Water-resistant no
Dimensions 3 x three x 2 inches
Weight three.2 ounces

2. Quad lock BMW i3 mount package Best BMW i3 Phone Mount 

The quad lock BMW i3 mount kit is truely one of the great BMW i3 smartphone mounts on the market. Even though it isn’t a standard mount like the mongoora BMW i3 cell phone mount above, this smartphone mount works nicely with the iphone x and xs that it is designed for. Offering a case that helps wi-fi charging and face id, this quad lock mount is long lasting and highly practical. With a rate tag within the $60 range, it is not the cheapest mount around, however it certain keeps your phone secure. It comes with a patented twin-level lock Best BMW i3 Phone Mount that guarantees that your phone stays in area via any avenue conditions.

Attachment and detachment are easy and may be finished pretty fast. However, you can’t detach your smartphone with one hand like you could on the mongoora mount above. Which means that you need to ensure which you’re now not moving while getting rid of your device. The quad lock BMW i3 mount will take a seat simply on your handlebar or stem as long as they may be between 20mm and 45mm in diameter. The protected poncho is weather-resistant and water-proof, and also you get zip ties and o-earrings blanketed inside the package. The emblem additionally has general BMW i3 smartphone mount kits in addition to kits particularly made for the iphone five and iphone se. With the quad lock BMW i3 mount package, your cellular tool is guaranteed to stay safe whilst riding.

Lightweight, robust, and comfortable
Smooth attachment and detachment
Can be connected to stems and handlebars
Works with wi-fi charging
Pricey rate factor
Key specs
Mounting options stem and handlebar
Water-resistant sure (with poncho)
Dimensions 7.28 x 1.Ninety seven x four.Thirteen inches
Weight 5.Three oz

3. Ailun BMW i3 mountain BMW i3 smartphone mount

The ailun BMW i3 mountain BMW i3 cell phone mount is one that offers superb versatility for much less than $15. This phone mount is capable of securely maintaining cell phones between 4 and six inches in size. This means that your samsung galaxy, iphone, xiaomi, oneplus, and different such devices may be connected in your BMW i3 thru this cell phone mount. It’s a normal mount well matched with both big and small handlebars. This mount is constructed from robust and sturdy silicone. The silicone is washer-friendly, dust-resistant, and scratch-resistant, because of this that your phone’s floor will remain protected.

The ailun BMW i3 and BMW i3 mount can be used with different automobiles, which include BMW i3s and toddler strollers. The non-slip silicone holds your tool firmly and securely, ensuring that your cell phone would not drop off whilst driving. It is also clean to install. All you need to do is loop the mount round your handlebar and insert the tab into the tightest hole to be able to comfortable it. Regardless of how bumpy the trip can be, this mount guarantees to hold your cell phone securely. Unlike the quad lock BMW i3 mount kit above, this mount is right for each android and ios gadgets.

Scratch and dirt-resistant
Works with android and ios devices
Smooth to at ease
Blocks a few components of the display screen
Key specifications
Mounting options handlebar
Waterproof no
Dimensions 6.Five x 2.Eight x 1.81 inches
Weight 1.Seventy nine oz

4. Vibrelli normal BMW i3 & BMW i3 smartphone mount

The vibrelli popular BMW i3 & BMW i3 cell phone mount is some other smooth-to-use smartphone mount that prices less than $20. It’s considered to be one of the first-rate BMW i3 smartphone mounts around because of the stableness and functionality it offers. Able to becoming phones up to three.7 inches wide, this mount uses an adjustable clamp and silicone grips to offer titanic balance. It’s miles a flexible mount as it could be used on scooters, mountain BMW i3s, avenue BMW i3s, atvs, mtb, and many others. This mount is also smooth to install on handlebars which are zero.9 to at least one.3 inches in diameter.

The vibrelli normal BMW i3 & BMW i3 cell phone mount capabilities a ball and socket design which presents 360-diploma rotation, which means that that you could use your cell phone at any attitude. The silicone straps maintain your cell phone tightly, making sure that it would not come off throughout your trip. The holder additionally affords you with super screen access, unlike the ailun phone mount above. Covered through an entire life assurance and available in specific bright shades, this elegant mount is clearly one of the best cell phone mounts for BMW i3s.

Ball and socket layout for 360-diploma rotation
Very easy to install
Works with a protective case
Works with any iphone and samsung galaxy device
Attaching and detaching the mount calls for an allen wrench
Key specs
Mounting alternatives handlebar
Waterproof no
Dimensions 2.95 x 0.79 x five.Fifty one inches
Weight three.5 oz

5. Opamoo BMW i3 cell phone the front frame bag

Searching out the first-rate BMW i3 cell phone bag? Then look no in addition than the opamoo BMW i3 smartphone the front frame bag. It is a totally easy and small bag that lets in you to carry greater than just your smartphone. Endowed with a tpu display screen, this mount lets in you to see each interest going on in your display. It’s far a common BMW i3 mount that can be used to hold any cellular cell phone. You may view your map via the tpu screen and use its hidden earphone hollow to concentrate to tune whilst you experience your BMW i3. It comes with a solar visor on the top that permits you to without problems study your display inside the solar. There is also reflective tape on both facets of the bag to ensure which you remain secure throughout the night time.

The opamoo BMW i3 phone front frame bag is water resistant and is derived with zippers for added safety. So even in case you discover yourself in an emergency or a wet situation, your smartphone’s protection is assured. Like we cited earlier, this bag lets in you to carry extra than just your smartphone thanks to the spacious room it offers. You may carry small equipment, which includes your charger, flashlight, electricity cable, strength bank, restore kit, small tire pump, and many others. This body bag can healthy most cars thanks to its three velcro straps, which consist of one commuter strap at the front and the ultimate on the decrease bottom. If you’re keen on protective your device whilst nonetheless being capable of see what’s taking place on your display, the opamoo BMW i3 smartphone the front body bag is one of the pleasant general BMW i3 mounts you can buy.

Spacious room lets in you to carry small equipment
Reflective tape to decorate your protection
Solar visor to lessen glare
Display isn’t always contact-like minded and does not work with touch id
Key specs
Mounting options handlebar
Waterproof yes
Dimensions 8.8 x four.Three x 4.2 inches
Weight four.Eight oz.

6. Caw.Car add-ons handlebar holder Best BMW i3 Phone Mount 

The caw.Car add-ons handlebar holder is some other champion inside the quality phone mount category. Sitting in the $18 rate range, this smartphone mount is a conventional mount capable of fitting handlebars of zero.2 to at least one.6 inches in diameter. Much like the vibrelli typical mount, this cell phone mount can preserve devices that are up to 3.7 inches wide. Because of this it may in shape your iphone and samsung galaxy gadgets. It’s Best BMW i3 Phone Mount also adjustable and may be rotated 360 stages, just like the vibrelli above.

The caw.Vehicle add-ons handlebar holder is likewise surprise-resistant. Its rubber grips can preserve your cell phone securely even with your cell phone case on. The silicone belts ensure that your cell phone does not come off whilst you’re riding. You’ll get get right of entry to to your volume buttons, domestic button, mic jack, in addition to the complete display. To make matters even better, taking your phone out may be executed with one hand in contrast to at the quad lock cell phone mount above. You do not need to dismount your BMW i3 before being able to take away your cell phone from the silicone grips. The emblem also gives a complete refund simply in case the mount would not meet your expectancies.

Shockproof and absorbs BMW i3 vibrations
Gives 360-diploma rotation
Claw clamp is long lasting and clean to put in
Wonderful mount
Won’t paintings with xl variations of a few devices
Key specifications
Mounting alternatives handlebar
Water-resistant no
Dimensions three.Ninety three x 2.27 x four.8 inches
Weight 6.4 oz

7. Ipow frequent cellular cell phone holder Best BMW i3 Phone Mount Best BMW i3 Phone Mount 

The ipow regularly occurring cellular phone holder is one of the first-rate smartphone mounts on the market thanks to its durability, versatility, and versatility. This mount is taken into consideration to be one of the first-class holders for iphone, samsung galaxy, and htc devices. Endowed with silicone butterfly bands that may be used interchangeably, this mount will prevent your cell phone from falling even when using on bumpy terrain. It gives a Best BMW i3 Phone Mount prevalent healthy as it may without problems fit phones that are 2.Three to three.5 inches wide. The clamp is durable and nicely-built and is derived with gentle pink rubber ridges that help in decreasing vibrations at the same time as stopping your phone’s floor from getting scratched.

The ipow frequent smartphone holder is likewise flexible way to its 3 special adjustment settings. Much like the caw.Car accessories holder above, this cell phone mount can be became a complete 360 levels. You could role it at any perspective for your BMW i3’s bar. The rubber can also be used for five distinctive set up diameters with 1.33 inches being the maximum diameter. And simply in case you’ve got any issues with this product, the logo offers impeccable customer service. That is truly one of the excellent phone mounts you can get for your BMW i3 and cell phone.

Amazing customer support
Durable and clean to apply
Strong construct enables decrease vibrations
Like minded with distinct phones
The swivel’s anxiety nut doesn’t tighten down properly
Key specifications
Mounting alternatives handlebar
Water resistant no
Dimensions five x 3.7 x 3.Three inches
Weight 4.2 ounces

8. Vup established BMW i3 cellular smartphone holder

Do not need to address screwing bolts and nuts, however still want a wonderful BMW i3 cell phone mount? Keep in mind getting your self the vup common BMW i3 cell cell phone holder. Long lasting and secure, this cell phone mount functions a silicone build that offers more flexibility than its plastic counterparts. The cradle clamp helps decrease surprise while shielding the surface of your mobile tool from scratches. It’s also strong and won’t break without problems like mounts comprised of plastic. It is able to securing phones which can be among four and 6.7 inches, which include the samsung galaxy phones, iphones, Best BMW i3 Phone Mount google pixel phones, and greater.

The vup universal BMW i3 mobile cell phone holder can be effortlessly established and detached from your BMW i3. The layout is similar to what you get on a typical wristwatch. Simply latch it to your bar and you are right to go. Thanks to its design, this mount may be used on a couple of cars which include scooters, BMW i3s, buying carts, strollers, and many others. That is one of the high-quality mounts if you want to use maps or preserve music of your mileage while using.

Works with a couple of gadgets
Clean to apply and works with a cell phone case connected
360-diploma rotation
Prevents scratches on cell phone surfaces
Feels reasonably-priced and fragile
Key specifications
Mounting alternatives handlebar
Water resistant no
Dimensions four.Ninety two x 2.Seventy six x 1.18 inches
Weight 1.28 oz

9. Gub aluminum alloy BMW i3 phone holder

Every 12 months we see distinctive phone designs and builds on the market. This will make your cell phone mount emerge as out of date pretty rapid. You want a mount that may accommodate the phone you’re the use of now in addition to any cell phone you propose to shop for inside the destiny. The gub aluminum alloy BMW i3 cell phone holder is one of the fine smartphone mounts on this range. Endowed with adjustable width, you may effortlessly alter this mount from 50mm to 100mm to be able to accommodate your smartphone. This adjustment function also allows the mount to maintain cell phones which Best BMW i3 Phone Mount can be between four and 7 inches.

Constructed from aluminum, the gub BMW i3 cell phone holder is durable, sturdy, and weather-resistant. It comes with a sponge that helps preserve your cell phone secure. To make matters even higher, it additionally offers 360-diploma rotation, because of this that you may use it in any way you want. This mount may be installed at the bar of a couple of BMW i3s, along with folding BMW i3s, e-BMW i3s, BMW i3s, street BMW i3s, scooters, and more. The solid build and tightening mechanism ensure that your cell phone stays in place even when using on bumpy terrain.

Long lasting, strong build
Adjustable width
360-diploma rotation
Installation calls for a special allen wrench
Key specs
Mounting alternatives handlebar
Water-proof no
Dimensions 4.Fifty seven x three.39 x 3.39 inches
Weight 7.2 ounces

10. Visnfa BMW i3 smartphone holder

The closing mount on our list of first-class car smartphone mounts is the visnfa BMW i3 phone holder. Similar to the many other alternatives on this listing, this mount is capable of rotating 360 tiers. You do not want to dismount your BMW i3 before being able to get get admission to in your whole display screen. Sturdy and at ease, this mount capabilities 4 support corners in preference to silicone bands. This permits for greater balance and safety Best BMW i3 Phone Mount as your smartphone might not pop off the support corners whenever you hit a bump. Those support corners also are adjustable, making them compatible with extraordinary cell phone sorts.

The visnfa BMW i3 cell phone holder also comes with an automatic locking gadget that enhances security by way of preventing the mount from turning into free while using. It’s easy to install and can be established on nearly any BMW i3. Customers also get a 12-month no-questions-requested warranty from the logo. In brief, it’s one of the great and most dependable phone mounts you can use.

Strong and dependable
Corners are made out of tough nylon
Quick-launch button for clean detachment
One-manner ratchet helps lock your smartphone in place
You want to be careful when detaching your cell phone
Key specifications
Mounting alternatives handlebar
Waterproof no
Dimensions 4.4 x 2.2 x 2.7 inches
Weight 5 oz

Pleasant BMW i3 smartphone mount buyer’s guide

BMW i3 cell phone mounts make it easy to journey your car with less load to your pocket. With the help of a Best BMW i3 Phone Mount cell phone mount, you could rework your tool right into a gps, journey arms-loose, get smooth get right of entry to in your media, and preserve your cell phone secure from unexpected accidents.

But, simply as with many products on the market, getting the pleasant mount requires you to consider some vital elements. In this guide, we’ll be answering some of the questions you can have about cell phone mounts while discussing the vital elements to bear in mind whilst choosing the proper cell phone mount.

At the same time as some of the fashions indexed are ideal to BMW i3s, in case you’re especially seeking out a BMW i3 mount, we propose viewing our BMW i3 smartphone mount guide as an alternative.

For vehicle phone mounts, take a look at out our guides under:

Nice automobile cell phone mounts
Magnetic phone mounts
Cup holder cell phone mounts

How to attach a cell phone on your BMW i3

Using a phone mount is pretty clean. All you need to do is restore the mount on your BMW i3’s handlebar or stem and comfy it with the screws that include it. Once that has been executed, you could then determine to regulate the ball and socket joint, insert your tool into the silicon or plastic straps and also you’re equipped to head. But, there are mounts constructed with silicone bands in preference to screwable plastic holders. For this mount type, all you’ll should do is wrap the mount around your BMW i3’s bar like you will a wristwatch and also you’re precise to move.

A way to select the right BMW i3 phone mount

There are some factors you want to understand before determining to pick out a mount in your BMW i3. We’ve listed some of these factors below.

Types of BMW i3 phone mounts

Case mounts: those are mounts that are made to paintings with specific cell phone manufacturers or models. They’re very common and are commonly available for famous gadgets consisting of iphones and samsung galaxy models. In addition they have a tendency to be very comfy, well constructed, and easy to use. Even in case your cell phone falls out of your BMW i3, it’ll have a strong case surrounding it, limiting any harm. The handiest downside of case mounts is that they are now not suitable for all phone kinds. This truely method that no longer all cell phones will paintings on all mounts. Your galaxy s10 might not fit into a case mount designed for an iphone xr, for instance.

Well-known mounts: in contrast to case mounts, normal mounts may be used with any device. They work for almost all phone sorts and can be equipped on maximum handlebars. It doesn’t count whether or not you’ve got a samsung or apple device, normal mounts will sit Best BMW i3 Phone Mount simply right. But, they may now not in shape your cell phone perfectly as they’re now not mainly designed for any single cell phone model like an average case mount. Even as a few might avoid you from gaining access to your entire display, others may additionally block off your extent or strength buttons.

Body bag mounts: these mounts are little bags or pouches that may be used to carry your cell phone as well as other small objects like keys, flashlight, credit score playing cards, strength banks, and so forth. A lot of them are fairly useful and pretty spacious. You may even use them as a medium to charge your smartphone at the same time as driving your BMW i3. That doesn’t suggest that they don’t come with their own drawbacks, though. They’re now not touchscreen-compatible and they could heat up if uncovered to too much daylight.

BMW i3 cell phone mount features

After you’ve determined at the first-rate kind of mount for you, the next step is to do not forget the functions Best BMW i3 Phone Mount they offer. Underneath are some of the maximum essential functions you want to appearance out for:

Mount design: cell phone BMW i3 mounts come in varying designs and with distinctive functions. Some of the most common features you could need to look out for for your mount include a sunlight reflector, a waterproof or water-proof exterior, and 360-diploma rotation.

Durability: cell phone BMW i3 mounts are made out of different substances, such as aluminum, rubber, and plastic. Make certain that the smartphone mount you pick to buy in your cell phone is made of top notch materials. Besides the fact that a well-built mount will stop your smartphone from falling off even as you’re driving, it’s also positive to closing for several years to come.

Phone length: as you may have noticed from our descriptions above, simplest case mounts and general holders without delay correlate to your cell phone’s length. In case your cell phone is made through a famous brand, such as apple or samsung, you could want to go for case holders. However, in case your cell phone isn’t a not unusual phone or is an older version of a branded version, a accepted holder is your satisfactory alternative.

Handlebar size: ensure that you take a look at your mount’s handlebar measurement before making your buy. Don’t simply count on that simply as it’s a familiar smartphone mount it’s going Best BMW i3 Phone Mount to automatically fit your BMW i3’s bar. Test for the size that allows you to make sure that it fits effortlessly.

Full get entry to: whilst a few cell phone holders make it easy which will advantage complete get admission to in your cell phone’s display, buttons, mic, and many others., others can also block the usage of those accessories. Frame bag holders typically restriction cell phone get right of entry to as you’ll want to zip the bag up if you want to guard your phone. So, make certain that you make cautious concerns when deciding on your mount.

The Final Thoughts On The Best BMW i3 Phone Mount 

Selecting the proper phone holder on your BMW i3 doesn’t must be a complicated mission.

Just make sure that the BMW i3 phone mount you pick out permits you get admission to for your Best BMW i3 Phone Mount smartphone functions like maps, messages, mic, and earphone port, and continues your cell phone secure and secure.

BMW i3 Phone Holder

Our evaluation consists of ten of the topmost BMW i3 smartphone holders on the market. They arrive with one of a kind features and cater to special budgets.

Truely pick the one that suits your choice and begin taking part in a higher and extra realistic cycling enjoy. And if you don’t realize what to look for in a phone mount, simply check our guide and also you’ll be capable of make a higher buying decision.

If you liked our article on BMW i3 cell phone mounts, please percentage and comment below what your favorite product is.

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