The 10 Best Mazda Miata Phone Mount

Vehicle cell phone holders like those make it safe and clean to apply your smartphone for navigation, journey-sharing apps, or meals delivery on Best Mazda Miata Phone Mount the roads.

By means of now, we all recognize that using our smartphone while using is a huge no-no. However if you’re the usage of your Best Mazda Miata Phone Mount phone for navigation, for drivesharing, or maybe for transport apps, you still want your smartphone inside eyesight and easy one-touch attain. Finding a holder that is sturdy sufficient to keep your phone securely, rugged sufficient to address day by day pressure, and secure to use within your car may be problematic.

The first-class mobile phone holders relaxed themselves in place without hardware or screws, don’t harm your interior, and preserve a firm grip on your phone, so you can preserve your palms on the wheel. There are some common strategies to the problem. Holders mount anywhere from suction cups to your dashboard, to the aircon vents, or even your cd participant or tape deck!

Some holders operate with spring-loaded fingers, others with gravity-loaded clasps, however the quality ones offer adjustability to healthy a range of smartphones, while additionally permitting get admission to to the usb or lightning cable ports for charging or connecting to android automobile or apple carplay. There are even holders that offer qi wireless charging!

The 10 Best Mazda Miata Phone Mount 

In lots of states it is unlawful to operate your phone while driving, so continually kind out your tune or your navigation earlier than you go away. Within the meantime, here are our alternatives for the best automobile phone holders.

1. Quality air vent clip: miracase car smartphone mount Best Mazda Miata Phone Mount 

Best Mazda Miata Phone MountThe 2021 version of the miracase vehicle smartphone mount boasts excellent grip in your air vents, supplying you with a cozy and robust mount on your cell.

With locking hooks which can be set firmly in vicinity with a rotating knob, this is one of the few air-vent clip holders that received’t fall off the vent, even under difficult acceleration or cornering. The 3-arm design of the phone holder also enables keep your tool constant, and its rubber-padded, wrap-around hands won’t lose their grip.

The lowest arm offers get admission to to the charging port on phones in which the port is inside the middle of the Best Mazda Miata Phone Mount phone, but isn’t adjustable so it received’t come up with access to offset ports. You can also rotate your phone to have it in portrait or landscape mode. It’ll keep phones and instances as long as they’re much less than four.05” wide, which covers maximum gadgets.

Air-vent clips are notorious for inflicting long-time period put on and tear to the vanes in your air vents, and this one is mainly sturdy, so use it carefully. Additionally word this unit won’t work on spherical air vents with imperative buttons or turners, best on horizontal or vertical vanes.

Key specs

Car mount region: air-vent clip
Phone mount type: spring-loaded
Max width: 4.05″
Charging: get entry to to phone port


Extremely sturdy

May additionally scratch air vents
Doesn’t paintings with round vents
Take a look at price

2. Exceptional cup-holder mount: weathertech cupfone Best Mazda Miata Phone Mount 

Weathertech is known for its laser-reduce ground mats and fabric safety products but also offers a collection of products to defend your cell smartphone.

The cupfone fits into just about any automobile’s existing cup holders way to its stackable cup layout. When you have console or inflexible sprint-mounted cupholders on your truck or van, this is good, but it won’t work on those spring-out cup holders you find in smaller sedans or sport automobiles.

If your cupholders are too low so that you can see the phone without difficulty at a glance, you can buy a 4” extension piece for the cupfone one at a time, however it affects the sturdiness of the holder. And that’s a disgrace because sturdiness is one in all cupfone’s biggest strengths. Whilst other cup-holder mounts are available, many are flimsy and weaker than weathertech’s providing, in particular if the neck is longer.

The receiver will suit most 6.Five” phones and their case, as its fingers amplify to 4.2” huge. Remember that the display Best Mazda Miata Phone Mount screen for your smartphone is measured nook to corner, no longer width wise when selecting a mount.

Key specifications

Vehicle mount location: cup holder
Phone mount type: spring-loaded
Max width: 4.2″
Charging: permits get admission to to phone port


Rugged creation
Secure mount

Smartphone is underneath eyeline in most motors
Most effective works on console cupholders
Test fee

3. Most solid: vanmass vehicle phone mount Best Mazda Miata Phone Mount

The vanmass automobile phone mount is one of the maximum at ease and vibration-loose mounts you could find.

With a heavy-obligation suction cup, rigid-but-strong nine” long gooseneck, and a 2d u-formed cradle to assist the phone-retaining give up of your mount, this rig from vanmass offers extreme stability and adjustability.

The materials are tremendous, with excessive-traffic coating at the backing plate so it usually looks new. The engineering of the almost infinitely adjustable gooseneck approach you can placed your screen precisely in which you need it, and you may mount the suction cup at the dash, or on the windshield glass. The organisation even throws in an air-vent clip in case you want to go that direction.

At 4.03” of adjustable width, it’ll suit just about any smartphone and the fingers on the lowest are so unobtrusive they don’t block ports for ninety% of gadgets. The aspect hands are spring-loaded for Best Mazda Miata Phone Mount firm grip to your smartphone, and you can use them in horizontal or vertical role.

Our best criticism is how obtrusive this cumbersome unit is. It’s very lots business, or even with smooth black coating this unit is not possible to overlook. You can also’t reposition the u-formed stabilizer holder once you’ve mounted it.

This is the nice choice if you’re a heavy-responsibility delivery motive force or trucker who travels long distances and wishes constant and solid access for your smartphone.

Key specs

Vehicle mount vicinity: suction mount
Phone mount kind: spring-loaded clip
Max width: four.03″
Charging: access to phone port


Solid and comfortable
Fantastic charge

Looks bulky
Can’t reposition stabilizer after installation
Take a look at fee

4. Excellent magnetic car phone holder: coolpow magnetic phone mount Best Mazda Miata Phone Mount 

In case you need simple, light, and clean to apply, look no similarly than coolpow’s magnetic phone mount.

To be had in a incredibly inexpensive two-p.C., these little magnetic discs sit every person inner your automobile’s indoors and grabs your phone with four excessive-electricity magnets. The set includes fashionable and small mounts, four metal plates that slide into your smartphone’s defensive case or glue in your smartphone, two pieces of amazing 3m adhesive, and four pieces of shielding film.

The 3m adhesive way the submit can be firmly attached to any floor you choose, but it works great on metal, timber, glossy plastic, or glass. It’s additionally best to use a flatter floor. The post itself swivels on a ball mount, so that you can modify the viewing attitude and orientation of your phone. And due to the fact the holder is magnetic, you may positioned your phone in any function at the put up you choose.

One strong drawback is that the magnetic plates will interfere with wi-fi charging and a few humans document interference with the gps and wireless once they deploy them too. A few worry the powerful magnet will have an effect on your phone, however it ought to be exceptional as Best Mazda Miata Phone Mount lengthy as it’s stored valuable, and far from the charging port.

Maximum users document no troubles and love how easy and stylish this feature is.

Key specifications

Car mount place: adhesive mount
phone mount type: magnetic
Max width: any
Charging: get entry to to phone port


Simple and stylish mount
Comfortable grip

Metallic plates and magnets can also damage some phones
Check fee


The 5th technology of cd slot car phone holders from iottie makes use of your stereo cd slot for a strong and clean to use holder.

This well-designed phone holder has a raft of smart details that make it one of the first-class cd slot mounts available on the market. First, due to the fact most car stereos are centrally positioned above the infotainment device for your sprint, the slot is a superb ergonomic place for a smartphone mount. It’s near your natural eyeline and clean to attain.

Iottie’s solution adds a smart magnetic tab that allows relaxed your charging cable, and an easy one-touch button that makes setting your phone in the cradle a breeze. The most effective actual drawback is if you use your display screen frequently, in which case this might block some of the show or the controls. This received’t rely if you’re the usage of native smartphone apps for music or navigation, specifically if you’re the use of android auto or apple carplay.

Key specs

Car mount location: cd slot
Phone mount type: spring-loaded
Max width: not certain
Charging: get entry to to smartphone port


Appropriate mounting place
Doesn’t harm indoors

Cd players are uncommon
Can hinder display
Check rate

6. Satisfactory wireless charger: mokpr vehicle-clamping vehicle mount Best Mazda Miata Phone Mount 

In case you’re unwell of plugging and unplugging your smartphone’s charging cable, then a wireless charger like this one mokpr is really worth a glance.

Mokpr’s air-vent clip holder doubles as a wi-fi qi charger, able to setting out 7.5, 10, or 15w depending for your phone’s wishes. Which means you could effectively rate any wi-fi charging compatible tool and not overload the battery. The fast charging is notable for mobile phone users who’re taking gain of more than one driving aid apps while out on the street.

The holder itself has three fingers, and the burden of the smartphone on the bottom mount pulls the facet arms tight, locking all of it in place. The facet arms have indents to protect your buttons, and silicon pads to prevent scratches. The charger does require a cable to be plugged into your vehicle’s usb or 12v dc port, so it’s not a very wi-fi choice, but it manner you don’t must plug and unplug the cable on your phone and fiddle with it. Just pop the phone Best Mazda Miata Phone Mount inside the holder and also you’re ready to rock.

Key specifications

Vehicle mount region: air-vent clip
Phone mount kind: spring-loaded
Max width: four.Five”
Charging: qi wi-fi charging


Wi-fi charging
Sturdy hold

Might also harm vents
Nonetheless requires the holder itself to be plugged in
Take a look at price

7. High-quality cost: lamicall car vent phone mount Best Mazda Miata Phone Mount 

At less than half the charge of different units in our listing, lamicall gives an less expensive and easy mobile phone holder for any automobile with air conditioning vents.

We love this lamicall unit for its reasonably-priced and joyful layout, with one slender cradle that snugly holds your phone and tabs that lock onto the vanes in your air vents to give you a handy mounting factor. The design is terrific easy, and the unit is so small that you likely received’t note it while you’re no longer the usage of it. Did we point out the low, low rate?

The agency says its holder will match any four.7 – 6.5” smartphone, however at simplest three.3” of adjustable width, it gained’t suit those with bulky defensive cases. The tabs that lock onto the air Best Mazda Miata Phone Mount vent additionally degrade through the years.

At this charge, this is a fantastic brief or tour alternative, or a choice for individuals who aren’t positive they’re offered at the idea of mounting their phone within the car simply yet.

Key specs

Car mount vicinity: air-vent clip
phone mount kind: spring-loaded
Max width: 3.Three″
Charging: get entry to to ports


First-rate fee
Smooth to apply

Doesn’t fit phones with thick cases
Clips lose energy over time

8. Honorable mention: fonken dashboard cellular phone holder Best Mazda Miata Phone Mount 

Fonken’s dashboard mount features a extensive, heavy-duty clip and non-slip silicone pad to seize hold of your sprint cover firmly.

This clip is an additional-huge, spring-loaded unit designed to clasp onto the thick cloth above your device cluster. That permits you to mount it securely and inside your eyeline, lowering time spent looking far from the road. You can additionally use this clasp at the rear-view mirror, or your solar visor however the ones are much less secure locations that block greater imaginative and prescient.

The palms that keep your device are robust and secure, so you can without problems use the holder in portrait or panorama mode. You can also tilt the attitude of the holder arm to set a better viewing perspective. There are four arms for improved grip. The biggest disadvantage is this Best Mazda Miata Phone Mount clip only fits on a confined range of dashboards and so it could now not healthy your vehicle.

Key specifications

Car mount area: dashboard
Smartphone mount kind: spring-loaded
Max width: 4.Five″
Charging: get right of entry to to phone port


Places phone in eyeline
Terrific rate

Restricted fitment

Final Thoughts On The Best Mazda Miata Phone Mount 

There are alternatives to the usage of your smartphone at the same time as driving. Each android and apple provide an wonderful automobile app this is like minded with most modern-day vehicle infotainment structures, and quite a number aftermarket head devices too. This puts your predominant functions like voice instructions, tune, and navigation, as well as hands-free dialing and answering calls all into the onboard automobile systems. This is both safer and greater legal than the usage of a phone. Android vehicle may even study your text messages and let you respond with voice to textual content.

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You can also use those two apps at the smartphone, and when you do, they lock out the other features, at the same time as prioritizing voice commands and supplying you with big, easy buttons for key features. I’m a fan of android automobile and use it frequently in my truck.

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