The 7 Best Volvo XC60 Phone Mount

Any extreme driver will want to tune their pace, distance, routes and an entire host of other records.

Some drivers will prefer to go for sophisticated gps trackers, just like the garmin. Unless you’re searching out a Best Volvo XC60 Phone Mount heck of a variety of in-depth records, you don’t necessarily need to go to that greater cost.

There are increasingly helpful, unfastened cellular smartphone apps, like strava, that allow you to music masses of various statistics.

If you need to get entry to actual-time stats or instructions during your cycle, you’ll want to have the ability to test your display screen properly and without difficulty. To do that, you’ll need a smartphone mount Best Volvo XC60 Phone Mount to maintain it on the right angle and attach it securely to the handlebars or stem of the Volvo XC60.

The 7 Best Volvo XC60 Phone Mount 

With heaps of various merchandise available on the market, seeking to whittle it all the way down to the maximum purposeful and sturdy options can be complicated. We’ve executed the leg give you the results you want and decided on 5 of the exceptional Volvo XC60 cell phone mounts to be able to paintings for an expansion of different situations and cell shapes.

The form of car cell phone mount you pick will depend on which shape of cell phone you have, how an awful lot protection it wishes and where you need it placed. The 5 recommended below all Best Volvo XC60 Phone Mount provide their personal distinct advantages.

#1. Quad lock customary car mount kit Best Volvo XC60 Phone Mount 

Best Volvo XC60 Phone MountThe quad lock Volvo XC60 mount merchandise are nicely-made and properly-reputable. If you need a comfy, durable version, then you could’t move wrong with their gadgets.

The brand has a spread of design alternatives. If you want maximum protection and protection, it might be higher to choose the mount together with a difficult shell quad lock case this is like minded with Best Volvo XC60 Phone Mount your smartphone. Maximum iphone and samsung models are catered for.

When you have a cell phone that isn’t well matched with certainly one of their cases, you operate more than one phones, upgrade often, or you want to lend the mount to buddies or circle of relatives members, you may choose the established Volvo XC60 package.

This includes the mount itself and also a common adaptor. The adaptor locks into area on the mount, and it has a completely sturdy adhesive surface that allows you to attach it to the cell phone or an authorised trendy case.

With a quad lock mount and case, you could be reassured your phone might be very cozy and there might be no rattling or wobbling. The simple design functions mean it’s clean to installation and dispose of out of your Volvo XC60 too. You could set it to a vertical or horizontal role, and the case gained’t obstruct the display screen view or block the headphone port either.

In case your cell phone isn’t definitely water resistant, there’s even an additional cowl that includes the cases that may be positioned over your phone to preserve out rain and debris. I’d describe it as water-resistant in place of water-resistant, however it’s still a nice little more.

Why it might not be just right for you
The usual mount doesn’t in shape on all stems or handlebars. You have to check the measurements before you order.

The mount makes use of either difficult-sporting elastic bands or cable ties to cozy it. The bands can damage after common use. Even as the cable ties are very sturdy, in case you need to trade the position or change it to a new car, they’ll need to be cut off.

The regular adaptor isn’t foolproof. It doesn’t work for all cell phone kinds or their cases. The floor it sticks to desires to be non-textured and non-porous. If your cell phone has a rubber, silicon or smooth-contact coating you’d be better getting one of the version-specific cases, which will make certain your cell phone will continue to be tightly secured in place.

Overall verdict
Light-weight, long lasting, solid and easy to suit, the quad lock products are dependable and multi-faceted. This extra than justifies their higher than average price.

Just be conscious that the normal adapter gained’t adhere to all cell phone casings, and also you must take a look at your handlebar and stem measurements to make sure the mount may be located where you need it.


If you’re looking for a one-piece design that is easy to use, fits most phones and doesn’t cost the earth, you can’t go far wrong with the Bovon Volvo XC60 Phone Mount.

It uses stretchy silicone bands to hold the phone in place, and the adjustable silicone belt will wrap around most handlebar sizes for a secure fit.

Despite the price, you can still rotate the phone so it can be viewed in a horizontal or vertical format, and it won’t fall out of position.

Unlike some plastic cases, you won’t have to worry about the silicone bands scratching your phone, and they won’t impede your screen view too much.

Although it works for most phones, it’s not completely universal. Always double-check the measurement of your phone to Best Volvo XC60 Phone Mount ensure it’s compatible.

The silicone design doesn’t offer much protection from any dirt, debris or gravel. Some phones can be mounted inside their own case, which could help a bit, but if you drive on dirt tracks a lot, you might want a case with more coverage or a frame bag instead.

Although the phone is unlikely to escape the silicone bands and they also help to absorb the shock of bumps, be aware that your phone may move around more in this type of mount compared to the rigid Quad Lock design.

The design isn’t going to handle the wear and tear that the Quad Lock is likely to be able to either. The bands can start to break after a lot of rough treatment.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, simple to use and versatile design that can work for most phone types, this one from Bovon will tick a lot of boxes. Just don’t expect it to be as durable as some of the harder plastic or metal designs.

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#3. TOPEAK OMNI drive CASE DX Best Volvo XC60 Phone Mount 

Topeak are known for making well-designed accessories for Volvo XC60s, and the Omni drive Case DX is no exception. This design will fit most Android phones and even some iPhone models. However, you should always check the measurements before ordering.

Using silicone grippers, it holds the phone in place securely with or without its case. It’s more sturdy than an entirely silicone option (like the Bovon), though, as it has a hard polymer backing. This also ensures your phone stays in a more stable and secure position.

The mount is robust, well made and uncomplicated. It can be adjusted to fit on your handlebars, stem or even the stem cap of the Volvo XC60. Plus, you can set it to allow you to position your phone in a horizontal or landscape position, depending on your preference.

There are a few drawbacks with this design from Topeak that you should consider. Firstly, it’s pretty pricey in comparison with the likes of the Bovon design.

Also, the silicone grippers can cover a fair bit of the top and bottom of your phone screen. This can sometimes cause an issue for certain touch screen functions or accessing the home button.

If you’re looking for a case that will Best Volvo XC60 Phone Mount protect against dirt, debris or rain, this isn’t going to be the best choice either.

Although more pricey than your average Volvo XC60 phone mount, the Topeak Omni drive Case DX ticks a lot of boxes. Not least that it is robust, secure and versatile. Just be prepared for it hampering your base screen view slightly.


Serious all-weather drivers will want something that will keep their phone dry and safe, even if it’s pouring with rain. The RockBros frame bag could be just the ticket.

It features an incredibly sturdy carbon composite case which has a TPU film window. This will protect your case from inclement weather and also from dusty road conditions or flying gravel. It also has a raised screen around the top which helps to deflect the sun’s glare, making the screen easier to read.

The window still allows for effective touch screen function – unlike some screen covers which can make it tricky to use as normal.

The bag easily fits onto the stem of your Volvo XC60 and is held securely in place with long and durable straps. The Best Volvo XC60 Phone Mount case then attaches to this using a large, strong piece of velcro.

The two side pockets are extremely handy and will allow you to carry keys, cash, energy bars, sunglasses and even a compact mini pump. There’s also an additional slim pocket under the actual phone case. The pockets aren’t huge, though – so don’t expect too much.

The case comes in two size options, and they’re generous enough to handle most phone shapes. However, you should always check the measurements before ordering.

This type of bag won’t appeal to every driver. It’s only possible to fit it to the stem of your Volvo XC60, rather than the handlebars.

This can make it less easy to glance at the screen quickly. Plus, it’s rather large and cumbersome, and the bags can get in the way when mounting and dismounting.

Perfect for all-weather drivers that don’t have a waterproof phone, the RockBros Frame Bag also allows you to carry some handy little extras in its pockets. It’s just not as compact or streamlined as a traditional Volvo XC60 phone mount.

#5. Maxmiles aluminium accepted Best Volvo XC60 Phone Mount 

The maxmiles cell phone holder is very long lasting and flexible. The only-piece design method you don’t need to have a separate mount and case, and it adjusts to match most phone sizes (for larger phones, they also do exclusive fashions). It is able to fit on maximum handlebars and slim stems.

Crafted from aluminium, you’re not going to should fear about silicone bands that lose their elasticity or wreck. It’s extraordinarily robust.

The mount also holds your smartphone very securely and tightly and doesn’t circulate round for your handlebars.

There are no worries approximately this layout impeding onto your display or the home button either. This is a low profile and smooth design.

Why it may not give you the results you want
This mount doesn’t offer protection from gravel, dirt or rain. Your smartphone will want to be waterproof and, ideally, Best Volvo XC60 Phone Mount outfitted in it’s very own protecting casing.

In case you’re fitting your cell phone with out the usage of a case, you’ll also ought to watch that the aluminium grips don’t scratch the perimeters whilst securely geared up.

The smartphone is quite clean to put in, however it comes with a tamper-proof bolt to tighten the mount to the tube. This desires a particular allen key, and it’s a ache in case you lose this.

Typical Verdict The On Best Volvo XC60 Phone Mount

The maxmiles smartphone holder utilises a very tough-wearing and secure layout.

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You’ll simply need to check it suits your cell phone length and handlebars or stems before ordering.

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