Can We Charge Smartphone In The Car By Phone Holder?

wirelessly charging phone holder in the carIf I directly answer it then this is a “Absolutely Yes”, because there are many smartphone holders comes by which you can easily mount your smartphone as well as you can charge by connecting the power cable to your cell phone.

So this is very simple you can just charge your phone by the help of charging cable, but your knows that this is something that really becomes messy and after some time it can be very frustrating to solve the wire that becomes messy.

So there is another way to charge your smartphone while placing on the phone holder safely.

That is Wireless Charging Phone Holder.

And if you want a wireless charging phone holder that can charge your smartphone without messing with wires then there are many of them also available that securely holds your phone securely, and along with this they charge them very fast because they have very high volts powers like up to 15W or so.

But before buying the wireless charging phone holder you should know some points so that you can easily pick up the best phone mount with desired and sufficient wireless charging mount.

Buying Guide for Wireless Charging Phone Holder

Charging Capacity: –

This is the very basic and first thing to check whenever going to buy the wireless phone mount because by charging capacity the whole intention is revolving around.

So please be confirmed that the, what is the capacity of your smartphone charging speed; means what do you want a charger to charge at which Volt like 5W, 10W, 15W so on.

Effect on Wireless Charger: –

And now if you have already choose the charging capacity, then you should check the; what are the basic effects that can affect the charging capacity or charging power.

Or is the charging phone holder really can charge your smartphone with your phone case or you need to remove it whenever you want to charge or place your smartphone on the wireless charging phone holder.

Such as: there are some of them are capable of charging through the phone case but very few are capable of doing this kind of charging, and others doesn’t provide the such kind of charging power that it won’t charge your smartphone anyway.

Built Capacity: –

This is the again very important to notice thing because, if you want a smartphone for your heavy or large smartphone but the phone holder is weak and not strong enough to hold your smartphone in place without wobbling all around then this will become absolutely rubbish for you.

But there is another way to thing about the build quality that: check the material used to make this phone holder and after that you will clearly know about the quality of the phone holder that you are going to buy.

Notice: – These types of smartphone holders are usually uses the aluminum or other metals to make the phone holder, and also some of them usage the silicone material on the edgy surfaces that actually touches to your smartphone so that it won’t get hurt or scratch anyway during the rough or bumpy drives.

Supporting Rotational Angles: –

By this you can easily use the smartphone without any kind of disturbance during the drive, because if your smartphone’s screen doesn’t showing perfectly then you can simply charge the alignment of the screen if the holder supports it.

So that you should always choose the smartphone that have 360-degree viewing angles because of this you don’t need to being worry about the mounting position or rotational angles because you can charge the screen alignment whenever you want it to charge.

By this you can easily use the GPS for Navigational purpose or you can simply do your wanted work to be done while driving safe such as to make or receive important phone calls etc.

Questions and Answers

  1. Can I charge my cell phone in my car?

Yes, absolutely there are two ways of charging smartphone on the car. First: you can simply plug the power cable to the smartphone and charge it.

Secondly: you can go with the wireless car charger with phone holder by which you can charge your smartphone wirelessly.

  1. What is the best way to charge your phone in the car?

The best way is: if you want a simply charge your smartphone then you can hold your smartphone with the phone holder and then plug the cable simple.

But you can charge your phone wirelessly with wireless car charging phone holder.

  1. Will Charging phone in car drain battery?

Yeah, there are some cases that charging phone in car drains battery but this is because you use the smartphone for GPS Navigational purpose or to listen music or to make or receive phone calls that’s the real reason of draining the battery in the car.

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