How To Fix Broken Phone Holder or Replace Parts

How to Fix Broken Phone HolderTo fix broken phone holder there are various types of choices you have:

you can simply change the broken part only that we will discuss below in each types of parts of phone mount or you can actually your phone holder or part of it can be recover by just doing DIY and I will also discuss it later.

2 month ago I have problem with my air-vent phone mount then I just realize that my air-vent clip is broken a little bit, a slight crack on it and my smartphone is heavy in weight so I thought it can fall off whenever I will drive on the roughed or bumpy paths so I finally decided to change the phone holder because I thought there is not individual parts can be available.

But I am asking with my friend that: this all happened which phone holder should I buy, and then she told me that you don’t need to change it whole phone mount, there you can purchase the individual parts for it.

She said: you can only purchase air-vent clip whichever types of you want.

Then I searched and find out the air-vent clip that I want, and it is even more stable clip then I have previously.

Then I got to know that there are many people around me that they don’t know about the individual parts (and they are very durable than previous one) they buys a whole new phone holder for every types of broken parts, that’s why I thought I should write this post to aware about this so that you can never ever waste your money to buy whole new mount you can simply change it with the broken parts.

And then I researched and meanwhile I found out various kinds of replacement parts.

These are The 16 Phone Holders Parts for Replacement

Here’s I have come with list of 16 Phone Holder Parts so that you can replace them and comfortably mount them on your desired location and that’s why it is called How To Fix Broken Phone Holder.

1. Replace Suction Cup Mount Part

Windshield dashboard mounting partsIf you’re holder is okay but the rest of the part like the arm and the suction cup is broken or not working then this is for you, by this you can easily mount your smartphone on the Dashboard and Windshield.

And because of its ultra-sticky suction cup you can easily handle the weight of your smartphone and be on the dashboard or windshield even while you driving on the bumpy or roughed roads.

This is comes from OQTIQ that makes very reliable smartphone holders and a very well known company for providing the one of the best smartphone mounts.

And OQTIQ included 3M VHB sticky gel pad that makes your dashboard or windshield surface textured thus it will tightly sticks with the help of it.

2. Replacement 13in Gooseneck Long Arm Mount Part With Dashboard

Windshield Dashboard Phone mount with Gooseneck and suction cupHere’s the long arms windshield/Dashboard smartphone holder with 13-inches long gooseneck that provides you the best possible viewing angles or you can adjust them accordingly.

And not only the long arm OQTIQ also provided anti-shake stabilizer that means it will also prevent vibrations that occur during the rough or bumpy drives.

There is also adhesive sticky bottom of suction cup and steady locking levels providing by all these ability it can easily prevent your smartphone from falling.

After all it is sleek and compact aluminum gooseneck and strong adhesive pad provides the ultra-stability and you can use this on different situations also such as desk or on the wall etc.

3. Collyon Windshield Suction Cup 7 inch Camera Mount

Windshield camera and GPS MountAnd if you want the rest of the part of the phone holder that can hold the tablet or larger smartphone then this is the great to go with.

You can easily mount it on the windshield with the help of sturdy suction cup and you can adjust it up to a full 360 degrees so that you can easily change the viewing angles whenever you want it.

And the high-quality material is used to make this and you can also fix the camera display on the windshield or the your car.

4. Air-Vent Clips by Andobil

Andobil Air-Vent ClipsAnd this is the air-vent clips that comes from Andobil and it is one of the top leading companies to make the durable smartphone holders.

Here’s you will got two types of air-vent clips that supports almost all types of air-vent types.

5. Upgraded Andobil Air-Vent Clip With Secure Twist-Locking System

VICSEED Air-Vent Clips With 360-Degree Ball JointThis is the extremely stable air-vent clip that features twist-lock mechanism that makes your smartphone holder very stable even on the bumpy roads.

Very easy to rotate and it only takes few seconds to rotate the knob and you can adjust it according to your desired viewing angles and it locks firmly.

6. Jitehsha Aluminium 1″ Ball Rear-View Adapter Specially for RAM MOUNTS

1-inch ball joint for RAM MountsThis is the ball socket for RAM Mounts or motorcycle bike phone holders with hole size of about 10mm holders that universally fit for most of the rear-view mirror poles.

And for ram mounts or other motorcycle phone holders with you can mount with 1-inches ball sockets.

And the aluminum material is used to make it that ensure super sturdy and secure installation.

7. B-Land Phone Holder for Gooseneck Stand

B-Land Phone Holder for Gooseneck StandThis is the phone holder that you can mount on the gooseneck stand and it is compatible with all size of phones from 2.2 inches to 3.35 inches wide phones.

This is the multifunctional & DIY phone mount because you can strap it around your neck, or you can wrap it around your car or bicycle steering wheel, also put it on the ground or bed which means you can do anything that you desire of.

8. Universal 8 Pack of Metal Plate for Magnetic Phone Holders

8 Pack of Rectangle and Round Magnetic PlatesThis is the Universal metal plate that you can use them for magnetic phone holders to makes the grip strong and it comes with 8 Metal Plates (4 Rectangle and 4 Round) so that you can use them accordingly.

Also it is only compatible with magnetic mounts only.

9. Neewer Phone Holder / Hot Shoe Mount and Adapter Kit Compatible with Action Camera GoPro Hero 9 8 7 6 5

Phone Holder for Camara GoPro Action CameraThis is the Phone Holder and it is also capable of holding Action Camera like GoPro Hero 9 8 7 6 5 etc.

And it is compatible with most of the cell phones that within 2.4 inches to 3.3 inches wide such as iPhone 12/11 Pro Max etc.

You can mount the GoPro mount and Phone holder and both of them can be rotated and tilted to desired angles.



10. MGQFY 4 PCS 80mm (3.15″) Circular Double Side Sticker Dashboard Adhesive Replacement

4 Pcs of Circular Double Side StickerThis is the double side sticker that you can mount on dashboard adhesive replacement and it can easily mount on windshield, for suction cup for GPS etc.

There is 4 PCS of super strong double side sticker for your phone holders and also you can use them on the wall holder, dashboard toys, windshield, tiles wall pictures and more.

You can even cut them into any size you need and you can stick to lots of materials, such as wood, metals, glass, papers, and plastics and fabrics, etc.

11. Ailun Tripod Phone Mount Holder

Tripod Phone Mount HolderThis is the tripod phone mount holder that you can easily install with two types of installing options to use the phone clip:

  1. You can screw directly to the tripod with pivoting arm, so that it can rotate 360 degrees easily.
  2. Remove the clip from pivoting arm and then mount on a tripod.

It can be attached to any regular sized tripod, monopod and smartphone with standard 1/4” screw thread at the bottom.

12. VICSEED 3M Pad for Dashboard Phone Mounts

3M Pad for Dashboard Cup HolderThis is the 3M pad for dashboard cup car phone holders that will help you to mount your smartphone holder with more stability and prevent your smartphone from being fall out.

13. Sticky Adhesive 6 Pack On Dashboard Pad Mounting

6 Very High Sticky AdhesiveThese are the 6 Pcs of clear adhesives replacement Diameter of 80mm, 3.15” for attaching dashboard pad mounting disk of your suction cup dashboard phone mount.

You can easily adhere this transparent adhesive to the suction cup directly, it won’t affect the look of the suction cup and thus made it ultra-sticky again.

Not only cell phone holders you can mount with other windshield long arm mount or GPS holder, camera mount, wireless charger base, dash camera mount holder etc.

Also you can cut them into smaller pieces if needed.

14. Sticky Adhesive Compatible with Car Magnetic Phone Holder

Sticky Adhesive Compatible with Magnetic Phone HolderHere’s the 12 Pcs of 23mm double-sided stickers adhesive replacement tape for socket mount base & for ring phone holder’s base.

Very easy to use: just peel off the paper from both sides and stick to the phone holders. It just simple.

15. VICSEED Car Phone Mount Accessories

VICSEED Fixed Nuts AccessoriesAnd this is the 2 Pcs of fixed nuts that is compatible with all VICSEED Car phone holders or any Wireless Car Charger Mount.

16. 3 Pack of Dashboard Pad Mounting Disk for Suction Cup Phone Mount

3 Pcs of Dashboard Pad MountingThis 3 Pack of 3M adhesive which is 70mm in Diameter comes from APPS2Car and with the help of it you can mount GPS suction mount or this dashboard pad mounting disk works for any suction cup phone holder that you have.

Final Thoughts on How to Fix Broken Phone Holder or Replace Parts

There is other way to do that you can stick a tape or glue them but those are not the best at all because it can break again and it can cost you as well, that’s why replace the broken part is the one of the best solution and that’s totally worth you.

So don’t worry about it.

This is my method on How To Fix Broken Phone Holder by replacing the broken parts as simple as that so you can also use these parts to save money as well as make it more stable and safer then before.

And you will also got to know that: the replacement suction cup for phone holder, How do you fix a phone ring?, How do I fix my tripod phone holder?, Where can I get my car phone holder fixed? & How do I make my phone holder stick?

And if you didn’t find out the parts you want then comment down below i will definitely help you to find it out.

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