The 7 Reasons To Put A Case On Your Damn Phone

Only crazy human beings don’t placed instances on smartphones.

As an example, folks that take part in extreme phone pinching (a real factor we did not make up), or folks who take dying-defying ( every so often dying-inducing) excessive selfies, or humans with kardashian stages of cash.

The rest people threat-averse negative human beings know that a brand new case costs $35, even as a brand new phone charges $650, not to say the opportunity mental health cost of being with out a phone for an entire day or !

Tting a case to your phone just makes experience. Here’s why you need to absolutely forget about my recommendation from ultimate week carry your phone round in a drop-, dust-, water-, robbery-, stupidity-proof vault.

Here’s The 7 Reasons To Put A Case On Your Damn Phone

Reasons To Put A Case On Your Damn PhoneOnes in recent times are so skinny so mild that they’re now not very durable. Genuinely nothing just like the indestructible nokia 3310, besides. A case provides an awful lot-wanted extra bulk so your phone doesn’t break or bend.

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You didn’t buy phone insurance

An additional $10/month, plus a $50 deductible, for peace of mind in case you drop or lose your phone? You’re no sucker! Alternatively of buying phone insurance, you prefer to take care of your assets. Ll, a part of “looking after your belongings” includes putting a case for your phone. The case is your phone insurance.

Ones aren’t extremely-fragile portions of glass—maximum of them are made from hard-ish steel or plastic, the glass they do use is unique ultra-tough gorilla glass the like. But even in case you by no means drop your smartphone or step on it, it probable spends a number of time on your pocket or handbag in which it’s gonna get scratched to hell, except you have got a case on it.

The Conclusion On The Reasons To Put A Case On Your Damn Phone

Cases aren’t great at protective the most important, maximum fragile part of your phone: the screen.

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Drop your cased smartphone the screen could nonetheless be in hassle. However cases do protect the relaxation of your phone, like the sensitive electronic parts inner. Your phone is a chunk of generation, after all.

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