How High Should a TV Be Mounted?

Getting a brand new tv is exciting, but when you unbox it, you need to determine out wherein to position it.

If you mount your television too excessive or too low, you gained get the nice photo fine.

Fortuitously, there’s an clean manner to recognise precisely in which to mount your tv primarily based on how big it’s far, how some distance you are sitting, and greater.

Here’s How High Should a TV Be Mounted?

How High Should a TV Be Mounted?Here’s how high you must mount your television, no matter which room it’s in.

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Specialists propose preserving the middle of your tv at eye-level at the same time as seated. That is commonly approximately 42 inches from the ground to the center of your television. However, this might be different for you, relying on how tall you are whilst sitting for your couch.

To calculate how excessive your tv must be from the floor, definitely degree the peak of your tv and divide it through two. Then subtract that wide variety from 42, and that’s how high the bottom of your television ought to be from the floor.

It’s miles vital to word that tv producers degree a television from one nook to some other, so that you shouldn’t use your television’s display screen size to find its center point.

So, if you have a fifty five-inch tv, it is probably round 27 inches tall. If so, you will divide 27 through 2, that’s 13.Five inches. Then subtract from forty two, that is 28.Five inches. So, the average fifty five-inch television must be established 28.5 inches from the floor to the bottom of the tv.

In case you’re shorter or taller than common, you may want to degree how high your eye stage is. Then you can use that number in place of the average eye degree of 42 inches.

The Wrap Up On The How High Should a TV Be Mounted?

Whilst this peak may seem decrease than you expected, it’s far the endorsed top for a tv from a sitting position. However, most people recline a little after they watch television, because of this their eye line is pointing up. So, you would possibly need to mount your tv a bit higher if you recline.

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It’s miles vital to note which you should simplest mount your tv higher than eye level in case your mount can be tilted down. Otherwise, you gained be capable of see the display screen nicely. If you haven’t already offered one, test out our listing of the best complete-movement tv mounts to find one that works on your setup.

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