Why Cars Don’t Have Phone Holders In-Build?

Andobil smartphone holder, why car don't have phone holderThe concept of phone holders are not so old, buy now a days everyone usage it for their comfortability or other reasons like to hold the smartphone in a place, to use GPS safely, to make or receive phone calls without keeping it on hands etc.

So now the phone holders are invented by Martian Cooper in 2007. He is American by birth and this concept is like emerging concepts in the world specially in the cars or most of the bikers also.

So this is very new to the world that’s the one of the reasons that: why cars don’t have phone holders.

But some of the cars companies are starting here to provides the in-build phone holder in the car according to them, so that at-least the car owner should not buy one if he loved it.

Yeah, you may think about where does companies provides the in-build smartphone holder because there are many people who want to mount their smartphone like on the Dashboard, some want it on the Windshield, some mounts on the air-vents, on the steering wheel, on the dash clip and so on…

Now initially companies provides the in-build phone holder on the dashboard or something like that because this is the safest places and one of the places where the functionality of the cars doesn’t get blocked or anything like that, so I think most of the companies will provides the phone holder on the dashboard, if they do so.

Another reason found!

Are phone mounts in cars legal?

Because in some of the states of America the phone holders are illegal that’s why not everyone tend to have the phone holder on the cars.

Which means if all cars companies will do, then this means they are breaking the laws that’s the again a reason that: Why cars don’t have phone holder.

3rd Reason Is That: –

Many peoples doesn’t like the phone holder on the same place, everyone has different taste of their own, some of them would like to mount it on the air-vent and others don’t.

And because of this the phone holders doesn’t come in-build with the cars.

This is the definitely can be a issue for most of the companies that how to solve it and provide accordingly.

May be they can give you the removable phone holder that you can remove if you don’t have use of it.

Final Words

This is the totally depandable thing that not everyone likes to mount in the same way so this is why they don’t provides you the in-build smartphone holders, if they do so then they can provide the basic type of phone holder like on the Dashboard only.

And this is totally my percpective now, but we will definitely see the phone holder that comes with the vehicles. If have any words to ask, comment section is open for you.

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