Why Car Phone Holders Doesn’t Made Of Pure Metals (Reasons)

CHGeek Wireless phone holderNow a days phone holders are made by the plastic materials, silicone materials, aluminum materials and different types of alloy that are very flexible and as well as strong enough to hold heavy or large smartphones.

And because of their design they have tendancy to applied on the different types of positions like: –

you can easily mount the smartphone on the air-vent, dashboard, windshield, cup holders, on the steering wheel, on the dashboard with the help of clip phone holders and many other positions like that.

You all can do this because of the portability and low in weight and thus they are very compatible with almost all types of vehicles or almost all types of roads and situations.

Reasons Why Car Phone Holders Doesn’t Made Of Pure Metals:-

Now here’s i have clearly mentioned 7 points that will show you why car phone holders doesn’t made of pure metals.

And you will know some of the facts that will necessary to know if you want to understand it clearly.

The first thing:-

is the increment of pricing, if they will make the phone holders with pure metals not something like plastic, silicone or other materials then this will definitely increase the price of the phone holder.

And Secondly:-

If there is only pure metals used to make the phone holder then your smartphone can easily get scratches or damaged because there is not silicone or soft materials is used to protect it from the scratches.

Even when you drives on the roughed or bumpy roads it will get scratch to the smartphone and that can be really an issue for both the manufacturer and consumer to buy it.


It won’t support wireless charging: If you charge your phone by the wireless charging method then these types of phone holders can cause serious problem with the wireless charging speed or affect its charging.

Because metals can interfere between the wireless charging and get distracted while charging.

Also doesn’t charge it with full capacity of it.


The phone holder will not be very portable:- If the phone holder will becomes fully metallic then the smartphone holders of these types doesn’t remains portable because you can stick it anywhere you will need a very specific place to mount it or it will fall back in the short period of time.

Fifth is:-

The smartphone holder will spontaneously fall during the period of time because it will gain very heavy weight because of the metallic nature then the suction cup will not keep it in a place when you drives on the bumpy roads it can easily fall off.

The sixth is:-

Temperature Effect:- If you have mounted the phone holder on the dashboard of your vehicle then the sunlight will directly fall on the phone holder and then the phone holder will get affected by the temperature and increase its temperature and thus it will also heat up your phone.

Seventh point:-

Not be in the different types of phone holders, because if the metallic phone holders will be build then the very limited types of phone holder will come such as:-

The phone holder for dashboard only, but there will be not build phone holders for air-vent or windshield or steering wheel etc.

Because the heavy weight of it can break the windshield or air-vent, and make a very high damages to your smartphone also.

Likewise there are many other aspects of it but, here I have covered the 7 points that Why car phone holders doesn’t made of pure metals.

If you want more point to be clear these types of queries then you can simply comment down below to get more points of it.


Above i have cleared that Why car phone holders doesn’t made of pure metals and to know more about this term then comment here i will reveal other points for you.

By the point of now you will definitely get the points, if so then this is my purpose to write this post becomes fulfill here.

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