The 7 Best Dashboard Clip Cell Phone Holder For Cars

dashboard clip cell phone holder

The dashboard is one of the safest places where you can mount your smartphone safely as well as you can see the screen clearly.

You won’t be disturbed anymore because of the location, you can easily follow the GPS paths and attain or make phone calls.

And even you don’t need to bend your neck to see the screen.

Dashboard clip cell phone holders are placed just behind the steering wheel, so that you can easily attach or lock your smartphone while you drive.

That’s why I researched and meanwhile I found these 7 Best Dashboard Clip Cell Phone Holder and these holders are sturdy enough to hold your smartphone very easily even on the bumpy and rough paths, as well as you can easily mount them on your vehicle.

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Dashboard clip phone mount yaokeepIf you don’t have time to read the full article. Then I have the best dash phone mount that will work in almost any vehicle and every situation.

This YAOKEEP is a multi-functional clip mount whether you want to mount it on Dashboard, Rear-View Mirror or Sun Visor; it will work perfectly everywhere.

Yeah, it is specially designed for dash clip mount because of this its sturdy base clips are covered with silicone pads so that your dashboard or mounting position won’t be harmed, as well as provides tight non-slippery grip.

There is a spring-loaded base clip to fit most of the dashboard tightly and also its arms are retractable so that you can easily fit 4-7 inches smartphones easily.

These are The 7 Best Dashboard Clip Cell Phone Holder

These are some of the best dashboard clip cell phone holder that can help you to use your cell phone easily in your car’s dashboard and gives you freedom to take/answer calls while driving.

1. JunDa Dashboard Clip Smartphone Mount – Best Dashboard Clip Phone Holder

Maximum Rotation: 360-degrees or vertically/horizontally

Type: Dash Spring Loaded Clip

Holds: smartphones of 4 to 7 inches

JunDa dash clip phone mount

This phone holder is created by JunDa and this device is loved by more than 9000+ people all around the globe. Besides, this device earns the 4.0 ratings out of 5 and this thing make this product very trustworthy.

Also, this dashboard clip phone holder is very easy to install, as you can easily see the smartphone screen at eye level, without blocking the sight.

This is why dashboard clip phone holders became very helpful when you need to follow the GPS paths or receive/make phone calls during drive in a safe manner.

Moreover, this dashboard clip is designed with a curved base that perfectly matches with the car’s dashboard, which ensures a strong and sturdy clamp on the dashboard.

Also, you can easily mount and take off your smartphone within just seconds with the help of one-touch lock and release button.

360 degree rotational dashboard clip phone mountIn addition, its base has soft non-slip silicon and that’s why holder clamps firmly on the car’s dashboard and also protects your vehicle’s dashboard from being scratch by friction.

Moreover, holder can rotate 360-degrees that mean you can freely adjust it to get best viewing angle (portrait and landscape view).

Note: The thickness of the dashboard should be within 2 inches. Please check the thickness of your dashboard first.

  • Very high build quality
  • Features one-touch lock & release button
  • Rotates 360-degrees
  • Very high value for money
  • None

2. YAOKEEP Car Dashboard Clip Cell Phone Holder – Best for Multiple Purpose

Maximum Rotation: 360-degrees, even vertically/horizontally

Type: Dashboard Spring Loaded Clip

Holds: cell phones between 4 to 7 inches

YAOKEEP Dashboard Smartphone Mount

This cell phone holder is created by YAOKEEP and you can use this holder in multiple purpose like on dashboard (as a clip holder), rear-view mirror, sun visor and that is why you can easily use it on other various types and you can always find a suitable position to mount it.

Also, it is very strong and stable dashboard clip phone mount because of its design, it have four clip feet to hold your smartphone firmly.

For stability, it has a powerful spring at its base that allows it to hold tightly and at the same time reduce vibration during high bumps or rough paths.

In addition, all stressed parts are designed with soft pads so that it can easily prevent any injury to your vehicle as well as smartphone.multi-purpose dashboard clip holder

Also, the number stickers comes with the holder so that you can keep your phone number on holder if your found this necessary.

Moreover, you can fit 4 to 7 inches mobile phones with the help of its retractable clamp arms that holds your smartphone firmly.

This holder has three axes of rotation that allows you to adjust the viewing angle so that you can see the screen without any problem.

  • Powerful spring at its base reduces vibrations
  • Comes with phone no. stickers
  • Pricey

3. IKOPO Dashboard Clip Phone Holder For Car – Beautifully Designed

Maximum Rotation: 360-degree rotates vertically & horizontally, 180-degree tilt

Type: Sturdy Spring Loaded Clip

Holds: cell phones between 3 to 7 inches

IKOPO Smartphone Mount for GPS use

This device is made by IKOPO and you can very easily mount and take off your smartphone with just one hand in use and as well as you can install and remove it on dashboard in seconds because mount adopt curved base design.

Besides, it can hold almost all the phones because the width of this dashboard clip phone mount is up to 4 inches, which means you can fit smartphone from 3 to 7 inches.

Also, this holder made with premium plastic and you can use it in various positions on the car like: – apparently on the car dashboard, sun visor, rear-view mirror, and home desk.

Also, it can rotate completely in all directions and gives you the power to adjust your angle according to your comfort (including 360 degree vertical and horizontal rotation & 180 degree tilt).extendable dashboard clip holder

Moreover, they offer 12 months 100% money back / replacement assurance to your complete satisfaction.

So if you are disappointed in any way please contact them freely for a replacement or refund.

Note: Please check the thickness of the dashboard and make sure the thickness should be within 2 inches as it will not work for the dashboard with a thickness of more than 2 inches.

  • Very strong material used
  • Features 360 degree rotation & 180 degree tilt
  • The holder does not work properly on dashboard thicker than 2 inches

4. AONKEY Anti-Slip Dashboard Clip Phone Holder – Best Dashboard Pad Mat Phone Mount

Rotation: horizontally (you can adjust it)

Type: large silica gel base, plus a circle of adhesive silicone film, and a suction cup

Holds: cell phones between 3 to 7 inches

AONKEY Dashboard Pad Mat for Navigational Use

This dashboard pad mat designed by AONKEY and loved by more than 5000+ happy people worldwide. And do you know the best part; Amazon recommends this product and also it earns “Amazon’s Choice” badge. And this thing is not worth it to ignore.

Besides, this is the best if you have thick dashboard width because typically all dashboard clip holder supports 2-inches dashboard width.

Also, it is very stable dashboard phone mount because of its triple reinforcement on dashboard, large silica gel base, plus a circle of adhesive silicone film and a suction cup.

These all the features provides this dashboard phone holder more grip firmly than any other phone holder for your car dashboard.sunlight resistance dashboard pad mat phone mount

Moreover, it has two ends of clamping with high-quality spring as well as non-skip silicon.

Which is why these all features enhances the security of the smartphone and makes it one of the dashboard clip phone holder won’t slid or fall out even on a sharp turn, sudden stop or accelerate.

Also, if you need to change the position of the holder for your comfort, you can do so as it is not permanently attached to the dash. Silicon bottom becomes viscous as new after bottom flush.

In addition, there are two different angles helps you to see the clear screen viewing angle. And compatible with almost all the smartphone from 3″ to 7″.

  • Remains very stable even on the rough roads

  • Supports 3-7 inches smartphones

  • None

5. BelleViewWay Upgraded Dashboard Clip Smartphone Mount – Best for Rough Roads

Maximum Rotation: Horizontal Only

Type: Spring Loaded Dash and Mounting Clip

Holds: cell phones width of 3.94 inches

BelleViewWay Phone Holder for GPS Dashboard

This beautiful device is designed by BelleViewWay as it is amazing device because of its bracket and clip feature UV-resistant ABS plastic with stainless steel springs.

Also, this holder is covered with silicone pads so that it prevents your cell phone from being scratch and won’t damage your vehicle’s interior.

Silicone pad also reduces vibrations to make it very smooth even on the bumpy/rough paths.

Besides, you can easily place your smartphone one-handedly with just press a button that expands all four sides to clip your smartphone.

It holds your phone safely and its arms ensure that your smartphone won’t fall off during the high bumps or sharp turn.

Moreover, this is a multi-purpose phone mount and is compatible with most dashboard, rear-view mirror and sun visor.

Also, its arms are fully rotational, you can rotate them in all directions (360-degree), and this helps you to find your ideal viewing angle.

In addition, if you’re not 100% completely satisfied with this dashboard clip cell phone holder, then please contact them and they will replace a new one for your or give you a full refund immediately.

  • Strong bracket and clips
  • Costly

6. Huhoo Dashboard GPS Cell Phone Holder – Best for Large Smartphones

Maximum Rotation: 360-degree rotates vertically, 180-degree horizontally tilt

Type: Strong Spring Loaded Dash Clip

Holds: cell phones between 3 to 7 inches

Phone clip phone holder from HuhooFor anyone who want their smartphones safely as well as want to use their phones for GPS navigational purpose then these types of super sturdy dash clip phone holder are best for them instead of suction cup or air-vent types.

If someone hates suction cups or air vent mounts then this is perfect, because it has 4 little arms that holds your smartphone tightly, as well as good charger access.

So that you can charge it while driving, it will definitely help in long distance traveling.

Its body made with premium plastic materials that mean it is very durable and also sturdy arms prevent your smartphone from being fall out during the sharp turns or on bumpy paths.

Additionally, you can easily adjust their viewing angle because it can rotate 360-degrees and 180-degree tilt horizontal rotation, and also it is compatible for almost every smartphones width of up to 4 inches.

  • Soft non-slip silicone pad and curved base made it very stable mount
  • Reliable multiple functional mount
  • Does not work properly more than >2 Inches width dashboard

Best Buying Guide Before You Purchase Dashboard Clip Cell Phone Holder

The dashboard clip cell phone holder can be a better idea but this will work if you choose the best. Which things should be in the best dashboard clip cell phone holder? But how should you consider the best one?

That’s why I have added 4 important requirements that you should read.

  • Compatibility

The performance is very much dependent on the compatibility of holder with your dashboard and smartphone.

Please check what is the size of your vehicle’s dashboard? And the clip phone holder does compatible with this size.

Also confirm that the holder should be compatible with your smartphone (With and Without Case, even heavier).

If you purchase any random beautifully designed holder even very strong one but if the holder doesn’t support your dashboard width then it is just a sturdy holder that only waste your money or nothing on the dashboard clip phone holder.

  • Built Quality

The next thing you need to keep in mind is built quality of the holder. Holder should not be made with cheaply material that type of dashboard clip phone holder is not worth buying.

There are some holders they designed very beautifully but they are made with cheap material and because of this they may look very beautiful but they are just rubbish and nothing, these type of holder will not last longer only waste of money.

So please check what type of material used to make the holder’s parts.

  • Viewing Angle

Usually this type of holder supports horizontal and vertical viewing positions and you can adjust those around 360 degrees and that quality gives you the ideal viewing screen.

Besides, please check the viewing angle supported by the holder because some of the holder doesn’t support vertical viewing angle as well as doesn’t supports 360 degrees these type of dashboard holder only supports horizontal mounting positions.

  • Customer’s Review

Before buying anything please check what users tell about the product? What they give the ratings so that you can actually guess the product is reliable or not? so that you can know which is the one of the best dashboard clip phone holder according to you.

Also, by reading comments of actual users you will easily know about products specialty and some other facts according to their good and bad experience with the particular product.

Wrap Up On Best Dashboard Clip Cell Phone Holder

Overall, the dashboard clip cell phone holder is one of the best phone mounts for GPS use.

Also, the position of the dashboard clip holders are consider as the safest place, where you can mount your cell phone easily and it becomes very-very easy to use the phone to follow the paths without being distracted while driving.

At last, I recommend you to please check your dashboard thickness, curved shape and also the compatibility dashboard clip phone holder with your smartphone and vehicle before purchasing. So that you will get best one.

Thanks for reading.

If you find this information helpful then you can share with the needy one. And if you have any queries and doubts regarding dashboard clip cell phone holder, then just comment down below, and I will make sure that I clarify it as soon as possible.

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