The 9 Best Subaru Legacy Phone Mount (Very Protective)

Many car proprietors are now mounting a smartphone on their car.

No longer that i’m advocating taking and Best Subaru Legacy Phone Mount making actual smartphone calls; certainly, most people try and escape from that issue of our lives when we journey.

So no, that’s now not what i’m speaking approximately.

It’s for such things as song streaming the usage of bluetooth connectivity through your intercom system.

And there are drivers who don’t want to get lost, duration.

I’m sure a lot of you, like me, use gps apps on your smartphone at the same time as on a drive and do not forget it critical.

Different makes use of for an Best Subaru Legacy Phone Mount on-board phone encompass integration with a few tpms (tire stress monitoring device) sensors.

The 7 Best Subaru Legacy Phone Mount

As an example, i latterly mounted the fobo tpms (assessment) gadget on my trendy car and it makes use of bluetooth to hook up with the sensors.

Even as i take advantage of my phone only for a pre-drive pressure check, i also can use the phone to get actual-time tire pressures and greater importantly, system signals.

I consider there are different Best Subaru Legacy Phone Mount makes use of for a car-mounted phone as well, but you get the image.

We’re going to do something a bit exceptional right here by using comparing four different smartphone mounts for your Subaru Legacy.

For this assessment, i’ve decided on 4 very good smartphone cradles, all of which i very own and have used.

However before we genuinely get to the mounts, one crucial notice: all the mounts — as i’ve configured them, besides — are based totally on the usage of ram balls and an extension (“double socket arm” in ram-communicate) to hitch to a Subaru Legacy.

Anyone’s familiar with the ram line of merchandise…proper?

Some ram products have already been mentioned in diverse webSubaru Legacyworld reviews, as an example in h.B.C.’s the usage of a tablet as a car gps and in burn’s greater car video camera mounts (evaluation).

In any event, we’ll be the use of the ram 1″ (25 mm) ball and ram extensions, even though of the four cradles hire, by using default, special (non-ram) mounting structures.

(editor’s observe: optimistically we’ll comply with up with invoice’s primer at the ram machine.)

Because it seems, all of those smartphone maintaining structures are pretty easily adaptable to ram-based mounting.

Additionally, except in which stated, i’ll be cradling my iphone 6, ensconced in its shielding incipio stowaway case (and tempered-glass display screen overlay).

Where to buy car iphone mounts Best Subaru Legacy Phone Mount 

Test opinions & costs on amazon test opinions & prices on revzilla
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One extra element: best adjustable mounts
There are numerous Subaru Legacy phone mounts available, but we won’t be looking at single-version mounts right here.

For example, ram makes the ram-hol-ap9 mount for the apple iphone four. I point out this one because i show up to personal one, from years lower back, but there are similar products for nearly all phones.

This one is a “excessive strength composite cradle.”

You add a ram baseplate-with-ball inside the returned, and snap your phone into the the front. It’s held in location by means of a bendy tab.

Such instances, however, will match a specific phone simplest whilst it’s now not enclosed in a case after which it calls for which you buy a brand new special ram case each time you get a brand new phone (or gps).

However, yes, they’re available and that they paintings ok on smooth roads and they’re reasonably-priced enough (the ram model is best $eleven.99), but they won’t do for our tough-and-hard purposes.

The rankings
Okay — in the end! — let’s see what the 4 car phone mount contenders must offer, starting with last location and shifting as much as the “winner”.

4th area: ram generic x-grip
The first product is the extensively used ram x-grip. That is ram part range ram-hol-un7bu, with a listing fee of $27.99.

The x-grip comprises a principal hub, from which spring-loaded arms emanate. At the a ways ends, those palms are bent at 90°, forming posts which can be then protected with rubber bumpers.

Phone insertion is extraordinarily clean: squeeze of the posts toward each different with one hand, position the phone with the alternative hand, and let pass.

Ram x-grip phone mount Best Subaru Legacy Phone Mount 

In actual use, over many months and miles, i’ve in no way had my iphone 6 fall out of the x-grip, even on bumpy — but paved — roads. I’d not, however, consider the tool if i were venturing off-avenue in any way.

Some elements of the x-grip aren’t intuitively obvious, so let me upload some notes.

The x-grip now consists of the ram tether for un7 x-grip holders.

The tether slips behind the x-grip mount and you then stretch it round and over the the front of the four posts (i.E., on top of the corners of an already set up phone).

The tether wasn’t covered when I acquired my x-grip as a present approximately two years ago; long-time proprietors should buy the tether one at a time for $three.Ninety nine.

I would feel higher the use of the tether in bumpier terrain however on the other hand, that takes away the x-grip’s gold star for ease-of-phone-insertion.

I’ve additionally examine a remark or two that it’s a ache to stretch in place.

Ram x-grip: cons
Ram mount cradle holder for well-known x-grip phone/iphone with 1-inch ball – non-retail packaging – black
Ram mount cradle holder for regularly occurring x-grip cellular phone/iphone with 1-inch ball – non-retail packaging – black *
Not available
View on amazon *
Depending on the way you vicinity your phone, the rubber bumpers of the x-grip may press in opposition to the buttons on the phone.

On my iphone 6, centering the phone vertically consequences in either the up- or down-quantity buttons being pressed, so i have to preserve the phone higher up than i choose.

This, of path, relies upon at the phone in question, however i tried the x-grip the use of a friend’s samsung galaxy s3 and it changed into abysmal — the buttons on each aspects of the smartphone had been pressed.

So maintain that in thoughts; it’s nice to try out your precise phone on an x-grip first, if possible.

Speakme of placement, due to the fact the spring-loaded fingers on the x-grip require slots in the x-grip’s hub for movement, the palms — with a phone cradled in them — can rotate in those slots.

This relies upon on the width of the precise phone or phone with case which you’re the usage of. With my iphone 6 within the stowaway case, this amounts to approximately 36 levels of rotation.

Mind you, the springs are still pressing the hands and posts against the smartphone, however such movement is annoying.

Regarding the posts, ram recommends (in its commands) starting off the rubber bumpers, setting some great glue in them, and putting them returned on. I did this, and allow them to dry in a single day.

Especially on a car with out a windshield, you want to make sure that the ones bumpers stay affixed to the Best Subaru Legacy Phone Mount metal fingers.

And one ultimate caveat: ensure you area the returned of the phone firmly against the x-grip’s hub. That is, you don’t want the phone suspended in mid-air, held that manner via the anxiety of the springs simplest.

Ram x-grip with smartphone Best Subaru Legacy Phone Mount 

Best Subaru Legacy Phone MountThe ram x-grip is a nice mount, it gets the task done and it’s far actually moderately priced. And it is able to without problems accommodate phones of various heights and widths.

But, it is able to no longer be the maximum sincere for using fire roads, or if you goal-fixate on a jumbo-sized pothole; i actually wouldn’t apply it to a motocross tune. (don’t giggle — we’ll get to that anon.)

The tether may additionally obviate this trouble — i don’t recognize — but it makes phone insertion greater of a hassle.

Additionally, the occasional rotation of the smartphone due to the x-grip design is at best disconcerting.

And in case your smartphone has buttons close to the corners, you can now not be able to middle the phone inside the x-grip mount even though if you’ll be the use of the x-grip for a few different tool, this will no longer be a hassle.

You have to marvel, now that ram includes the tether and, as i recently found out, some glue with every x-grip. Were there too many proceedings, or is ram genuinely being greater proactive in recent times?

I wager, on balance, i’d suggest getting a exclusive phone mount. That’s what i did and this brings us to our next candidate.

Third place: techmount techgripper
Next on our list is the techmount techgripper. The techgripper has a faithful following and it has a list rate ranging from $39.Ninety five to $ninety four.Ninety.

Like the x-grip, the techgripper is a spring-based tool and it has a padded relevant hub.

However unlike the x-grip, it does now not have 4 corner posts.

Rather, the techgripper employs pieces that slide aside on metallic rails, each with its own inner spring.

The inner of each cease piece has a rubber-included arc form, so that the 2 pieces come collectively and grip the phone. A lip at the outside of each of the two grippers cradle the phone.

The plastic base of the techgripper is threaded at the outside and it has slots reduce across the threads to render it barely bendy.

You location the techgripper’s locking collar around a 17 mm ball, pop the techgripper onto the ball, and then tighten that collar.

Techmount techgripper Best Subaru Legacy Phone Mount 

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Techgripper 17 mm ball notes
Something to word is that the techgripper makes use of a 17 mm ball size.

17 mm is some thing of an industry general; garmin, for instance, uses the identical size ball in many of its mounts.

As a result, there are numerous aftermarket mounts which might be geared to to fit a 17 mm size, even though perhaps not as many as the large range that are available for ram mounts.

If you’d like to use the ram mounting machine with its maximum common ball length of 1″ (25 mm), you can purchase a ball-to-ball adapter for the techgripper this is 17 mm on one quit and 25 mm on the other.

The adapter i take advantage of is made by means of arkon assets, priced at $five.Ninety five (numerous arkon merchandise availablehere via this wbw amazon.Com associate hyperlink).

As far as i realize, ram doesn’t sell a similar product, but arkon has been making these for years (as have, i believe, a few different companies).

To use the adapter, pop the small end into the techgripper and tighten the collar.

You currently have a cradle that terminates with a wellknown ram ball, and you never ought to mess with the techgripper’s locking collar again.

There may be nothing intrinsically incorrect with a 17mm ball, and the techmounts handlebar mount and movable hands are very nicely made and very strong.

That said, i’m not partial to that gadget.

First, the commonplace ram ball is about half of again as large, and so presents a larger gripping surface.

In addition, if you need to cast off the techgripper, you need to spin that locking collar about 4 revolutions, circulate the collar over the ball, take off the techgripper, and maybe placed the collar back on before throwing the cradle on your saddlebag.

By evaluation, to put off a ram extension, you switch the locking knob about and a 1/2 turns, pull off the extension (with cradle attached to the alternative give up), and also you’re executed.

Yeah, the more work with the techgripper’s default mounting gadget isn’t always a show-stopper, however if you could do away with a number of life’s little nuisances, why wouldn’t you?

Final, whilst movable, the arms at the techgripper handlebar mounting gadget are secured via bolts.

That means that in case you want to adjust your phone’s function — perhaps to reduce solar reflections — in a major manner (as opposed to merely loosening the collar for a small adjustment), you have to get out an allen wrench.

That’s a miles cry from loosening a ram extension knob, which then lets in entire ball-to-extension repositioning on both ends.

Techmount techgripper: execs
The spring anxiety of the techgripper is quite strong, even at the narrowest beginning — more potent than the ram x-grip.

The cease portions are about 1-1/4″ (approximately 32 mm) wide, which allows maximum phones to be centered, without the typical button-interference problem of the x-grip.

Techmount techgripper: cons
The arc on each of the holders or grippers at the techgripper has a massive radius, so if you have a skinny phone used without a case, the phone may additionally move round barely.

And that i wager i’m simply no longer a huge fan of springs because springs don’t appear as trustworthy as a screw thread (which my better rated smartphone mounts employ).

Further, i suppose you chance dropping your phone simply pulling on one or each sides of the clasping arcs of the techgripper when you want to cast off the phone.

It’s just now not a clean, predictable operation to persuade the jaws to release their prey.

Techmount techgripper with phone Best Subaru Legacy Phone Mount 

The techgripper is a pleasant phone mount; better, in my view, than the ram x-grip. It is able to take care of most phones well and the springs have proper tension.

Be aware additionally that the techgripper is bought under different brand names; e.G., the motoxtek moto-gripper.

By the way, you could understand that i’m constantly on the lookout for strategies of conserving transponders, in case you’ve read my earlier wbw article a survey of car toll-tag holders.

I point out this due to the fact a while returned i settled on the use of a tech-gripper to maintain my e-zpass. Unlike a phone but, i never cast off the transponder from the gripper, so coping with those hefty spring-loaded jaws is not an difficulty.

I mount the cradle keeping the e-zpass when essential. And that i do leave one of those 17 mm-to-25 mm adapters established in it as well.

2nd place: reticam phone tripod mount
Ram mount cradle holder for popular x-grip cellular phone/iphone with 1-inch ball – non-retail packaging – black
Ram mount cradle holder for prevalent x-grip mobile phone/iphone with 1-inch ball – non-retail packaging – black *
No longer available
View on amazon *
The subsequent product is the reticam phone tripod mount.

The reticam mount is a vise-like holder, with a rubber-covered “v” trough at each stop. Width adjustment is provided by means of a imperative screw, with flanking guide posts.

Reticam describes it as being “precision cnc machined from strong aluminum and finished with difficult anodizing for amazing power and rust/scratch resistance.”

It’s miles, in reality, very properly made, which include the incorporation of beveled corners.

Reticam also asserts that it is the “no.1 rated phone mount on amazon!”. I don’t understand about “no. 1,” however it does certainly have especially high overview ratings — pretty brilliant, honestly, for a product with that many critiques on amazon.Com.

The reticam mount has a listing price of $24.99.

Reticam phone mount Best Subaru Legacy Phone Mount 

The reticam mount has trendy digital camera tripod woman threads machined into its aluminum frame (a pleasant contact, in place of having a few sort of insert).

Which means, persevering with with our ram-primarily based gadget, you want something that has appropriate-duration male 1/4-20″ threads on one cease and a 1″ ram ball on the alternative.

These three ram products all work (and there are probably similar merchandise from other manufacturers):

Ram-b-237u ram 1″ ball with 1/4-20 male threaded post for cameras Best Subaru Legacy Phone Mount

Is this tripod-to-ram-ball a suitable answer? I’d say that it is, inside the case of the reticam.

In greater car video digicam mounts (overview), burn checked out a few systems for mounting video cameras to Subaru Legacys.

Examining a configuration that makes use of that spherical ram-b-202u mounting plate, he had this to mention about the round ram base:

Sadly, the ram mount additionally does not have a locking collar on the tripod mount screw, a fatal flaw for my part. … once more, it isn’t always endorsed to string a digicam all of the way down on a tripod mount and to assume that for holding the digicam tight (specifically on a car, which could have loads of motion and vibration).

Inside the case of the reticam but, the male threads on those three products will no longer backside out when screwed in.

This imply that their bases can be secured very tightly (and because the ram ball itself may be rotated inside the extension, you may then swivel the reticam as desired in the extension).

Put every other way: in this example, don’t forget the bottom of any of these merchandise to be the locking collar, as it abuts against the frame of the reticam, and the ram ball to be the tripod swivel.

In my experience, the reticam with a ball-and-tripod-screw add-on remains put, no problems there.

In case you’re no longer convinced, you can continually add some thread-locker, dedicating the reasonably priced reticam to car-only use.

Reticam professionals
Much like the vise in your paintings bench, the reticam holds a smartphone tightly. The rubber-covered “v” jaws work as advertised.

The outside width of the jaws is narrow — about an inch (25 mm) — this means that that most phones may be focused with out a interference with their buttons.

Reticam cons Best Subaru Legacy Phone Mount 

First, there may be a few sideways pressure put on that important screw in the reticam, the only that’s doing all of the paintings.

That screw is slightly smaller than an m5 in size, or even simply the usage of a thumb and forefinger i can tighten it enough, such that there’s a substantive bow inside the lower back of the reticam’s frame.

Although i skilled no trouble with this, i’m now not thrilled from an engineering viewpoint. See under, but, for a likely work-around for the bowing.

2nd, observe that the “v” grooves don’t come to a pointy point.

So, just like the techgripper, when you have a skinny phone and don’t use any sort of case for it, this can be a problem. You could not be capable of relaxed it as tightly as you would with thicker or case-enclosed phones.

Reticam smartphone mount with phone Best Subaru Legacy Phone Mount 

Still, in case you’re on a decent budget, i assume the reticam is a higher preference (even including in the value of a ball with a tripod screw) than the x-grip, and it’s less high-priced than the techgripper.

The reticam clamps like a vise, all right, and doesn’t have a massive facet-of-phone footprint.

There’s that potential sideways stress on the bolt (which bolt itself appears immediately), delivered by way of the frame bowing (i may be overthinking the problem here though).

Reading thru the ones favorable reviews on amazon, i discovered that one possible answer is to replace the delrin (plastic) guide rods — which simply relaxation in location — with metal rods.

If the reticam were my primary mount, i’d likely undertake this variation.

Doing that eliminates the capacity bowing, i’ve study, and if you’re willing to make this easy change i assume you will reap a pleasant benefit.

Irrespective of the manual rails, i suppose the v-channel ends of the reticam offer a greater at ease grip than the modest arc of the ends of the techgripper, irrespective of the threaded-screw vs. Spring clamping device variations.

However, the reticam without a doubt excels whilst used in a more managed environment, connected to a device that already has a tripod screw.

As an example, in case you need to mount a smartphone on a automobile windshield or different clean surface (e.G. For statistics recording all through your next song day), the reticam is a perfect companion to something just like the panavise 13101 actiongrip shorty suction cup digicam mount or comparable products.

The panavise has a built-in tripod screw, and the screw holder ratchets and locks in location (and consists of a locking collar). This is what i mostly use the reticam with, and i will vouch for this combination.

But getting lower back to the world of cars, permit’s pass directly to my first region phone mount.

1st location: the hondo garage perfect squeeze smartphone mount
Remember that i wrote that the x-grip wasn’t suitable for motocross drivers?

Nicely, welcome to the hondo garage best squeeze. Right here’s what hondo storage has to mention approximately its product:

“we designed it in particular for off-avenue Subaru Legacy drivers and racers who want to apply their phones as a gps. You could trip the song or the gnarliest washboard and your phone gained’t budge, but while you forestall for lunch it’s clean to pop your phone inside and outside.”

Think of the proper squeeze as a cross between the ram x-grip and the reticam…on steroids.

Hondo garage best squeeze Best Subaru Legacy Phone Mount 

Like the x-grip, the perfect squeeze has 4 posts that preserve the phone in region. Those are in addition tapered, i.E., narrowing at the base.

Not like the x-grip, the posts on the suitable squeeze are beefy, inflexible and steel, screwed into the bottom plate (as opposed to the mildly flexible bent arms of the x-grip).

And the posts are covered with edpm (artificial rubber), held securely in vicinity with caps (no glue wished here).

Like the reticam, the suitable squeeze uses a screw-and-thumbwheel gadget to brings the ends closer to each other.

The outer diameter of the screw in each cradle is set the identical, about 0.18″ (four.6 mm), however the screw in the best squeeze has a thicker core and a finer thread pitch.

Rather than using the reticam’s guide-post method, the precise squeeze is a two-element system.

The elements slide over every different the use of complete-duration machined-in tracks and the tracks are harking back to a dovetail joint, and the 2 halves are thick aluminum. There’s no bowing right here.

There may be additionally a spring-loaded “brief-modify” button on the proper squeeze.

Pressing this down bypasses the positioning screw, making an allowance for rapid approximate positioning of the stop posts. Suppose quick-release button on wooden-operating clamps, for example.

Similarly, the thumbwheel contains a ball-and-detent mechanism, to prevent it from turning beneath the vibration of your off-avenue “thumper.”

Closing, the flat floor of the proper squeeze is covered with a thin rubber (or edpm, or some thing bendy) pad, to prevent the again of the smartphone’s being scratched.

All of that is yours for $79.00 listing. The shipping (inside the us) is free, but you’ll additionally need to purchase an upload-on piece for mounting purposes.

Wherein to buy car iphone mounts
Check reviews & prices on amazon take a look at evaluations & expenses on revzilla
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Mounting an appropriate squeeze Best Subaru Legacy Phone Mount 

You need to connect some thing to the returned plate of the correct squeeze, which has 4 threaded holes, or else you simply have a very well machined paintings of art.

Your picks at hondo storage are: “low profile clamps” ($25.00); some thing called a “bar-tab” ($17.00); “with ram ball” ($8.99); or “ram package” ($38.Forty seven).

I blanketed the ram ball with my order.

What you get with that could be a ram-b-238u diamond plate b size 1″ ball. Had i regarded that, i would’ve exceeded on it, because i already had of these mendacity around in my spare-parts container.

If you don’t personal the sort of spare, as i write this you could get one from amazon or you may just order it from hondo garage with the perfect squeeze, with free shipping.

The vital socket cap screws are protected with the correct squeeze itself, despite the fact that you’ll have to deliver your personal 4 mm allen wrench.

Motocross? Really?
I haven’t ridden a motocross car for approximately half a century, and don’t have any immediately plans to do so, but hondo garage’s citing the subject offers you an concept of the alleged robustness of the proper squeeze itself and its grip on a smartphone.

I regularly keep this quote in mind:

“you could’t believe the whole thing you examine at the internet.” — abraham lincoln.

Nevertheless, if you can trust a number of what you study — in this example, hondo storage’s “gnarliest washboard” assertions, above, together with the putative owner feedback on that web page — some human beings appear completely happy using the appropriate squeeze on off-street cars.

If this speaks to you, i’d recommend which you buy the $25.00 low-profile clamps. Ram merchandise are hard, but direct handlebar mounting will provide a extra protected location for your phone.

Perfect squeeze phone mount with phone Best Subaru Legacy Phone Mount 

Using the ideal squeeze

Area the phone against the pad at the plate, depress the fast-regulate button to keep put on and tear to your thumb and slide the halves closer to each different, against the phone (at which point you may allow move).

After a very last thumbwheel tightening, the quick-modify button is magically disabled — i haven’t discovered how that works — that’s actually a protection characteristic, in my wondering.

In real use, for the reason that i’ve however one phone, i dispense with the short-adjust.

The inter-put up beginning is in which you left it whilst you removed the phone the final time, and some thumbwheel turning tightens or loosens the grip sufficiently.

On the precise squeeze, the grip width (depending at the thickness of the phone, as the posts are tapered) is set an inch and a half of (38 mm). This is barely wider than the conserving areas of the techgripper and the reticam.

This is quality; wider is better, up to the factor at which the posts could interfere with phone buttons, and there’s no problem here.

Perfect squeeze professionals
This is one hard phone mount. Maybe there’s a few tougher mil-spec housing for use internal battlefield tanks, but i doubt you could do away with and remount a phone as easily whilst preventing at your nearest px.

Best squeeze cons
All proper, the usage of a thumbwheel to insert and do away with a phone takes a touch extra time than the usage of a spring-loaded tool. Yep, a minor annoyance, but it’s the fee you pay for reaching a vise-like grip.

Also, be cautious when turning the thumbwheel; you don’t want to tighten this to multi-mega newton meters, specially on a phone with a number of plastic (e.G., lumia 640) or a weak surrounding body.

And yes, there is the price: we’re speaking approximately $90.00 or so here. Alternatively, what did you spend for your smartphone?

Perfect squeeze summary
That is the only to get in my opinion.

Conclusion Best Subaru Legacy Phone Mount 

Ram mount cradle holder for usual x-grip mobile phone/iphone with 1-inch ball – non-retail packaging – black

To start with, these are all true smartphone cradles. All first-class merchandise, however the design method differs amongst them.

Subsequent, in case you disagree with my ordering, at least i’m hoping i’ve furnished some beneficial information, perhaps given you some criteria to consider that you hadn’t taken into Best Subaru Legacy Phone Mount consideration before, in case you’re inside the marketplace for a cradle.

Last, i discovered the two outliers quite clean to rank.

The ram x-grip is popular and ram doesn’t promote junk. I’ve used mine for a couple of years, with out incident.

But i was never extremely joyful with it.

For a whole lot of phones, unless you — quite precariously — location them off middle, you’ll have buttons pressed with the aid of the posts. And the occasional rotation in the hub may be alarming.

Additionally, the new htc u11 has the “area sense squeeze” characteristic, with “squeeze sensors” on each side of the phone that may be programmed to activate various functions when the phone is squeezed.

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You can need to disable aspect experience squeeze to use the u11 with any of those smartphone mounts.

The hondo garage ideal squeeze, the most latest mount in my collection, is the bee’s knees.

It’s far without difficulty the maximum ruggedly constructed of the bunch, and the manner in which it grips a phone is the most comfy.

The designers appeared to have taken into consideration all of the factors when designing this product and wound up doing an superb process when it got here time to surely produce it.

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