How to Install & Fix Phone Holder Won’t Stick to Dash

how to install cell phone holder in car, phone holder won't stick to dashboard

This Will solve your 99% of problem of phone holder won’t stick to dash board.

How to Fix Phone Holder Won’t Stick to Dash board

At first I felt that installing the cell phone holder in my car is very easy task then I installed the dashboard cell phone holder with the instructions given with the phone holder without any other suggestion.

And BOOM! I installed it perfectly and started using it.

This is the adhesive dashboard mount that sticks to the dashboard with the help of glue; I fixed it on the dashboard close to my hands to use it perfectly.

By the 6th day of installation it was completely fine, but after that it started falling down repeatedly and is not tightly glued to the dashboard.

Then I worried about it I thought that this cell phone holder is defective or ran out.

Here’s the Tip

Then after my friend gave me a Tip

“Keep it without use for 2-3 days.”

He said: – After installing the phone holder, please allow it to be “set” on the dashboard; please do not use the cell phone holder for 2 or 3 days so that it sticks completely.

He has been using the same dashboard mount for 2 years without any problems.

After that I installed my cell phone holder on the dashboard and I let it set for 3 days, now I have been using for 2 months without any problem.

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