10 Best Cell Phone Holder For Semi Trucks

Best Cell Phone Holder For Semi Trucks

As we all know about the law that we should not answer calls and answer messages while driving.

This is very risky for you.

However sometimes it is very important to answer the call and some important messages.

There are instances when avoiding some calls can be quite expensive.

So here is the simplest solution to this; we can use the “cell phone holder” instead of holding our own.

And then I looked for the best cell phone holder for semi trucks, but here I got confused : which phone mount is best for semi trucks?

Because almost every phone holder looks good and the big differences I have seen that; they are made just for cars, not for semi trucks, so it is very difficult to differentiate between them to find the best one for semi trucks.

Then I thought of doing research to find the best cell phone holder for semi trucks and after a really long time I found the best phone mount that suits my semi truck perfectly.

Now, meanwhile during research I found these 10 best cell phone holder for semi trucks which are listed below.

According to me and my research these are the best for semi trucks.

Which Cell Phone Mount Is Best For Your Semi Trucks?

There are many cell phone holders available in the market, but most of them are not a best choice for semi trucks.

For semi trucks, the holder must be tough enough to bear bumps and pits.

You should mount a Dashboard or Windshield phone holder for your semi truck that can be very beneficial and easy to mount.

Note:  If you have to work/stay within high temperatures for a very long time, then we recommend you mount the air vent phone holder for your semi truck.

Due to the cooling property of the air vent, it remains cool and is also beneficial for your cell phone and holder.

Where should you place your phone holder?

Because semi trucks do not always have the air vent, CD-slot and cup holders in the exact position.

So, In most trucks we recommend going with a dashboard and windshield cell phone holder, they are best for semi trucks.

And also according to the Statista report, it shows that more than the 72% of the truck drivers are very satisfied with the holders and like to mount their cell phone holder on Dashboard and Windshield.

But there are also 28% of truck drivers who prefer to mount other cell phone holders.

Those semi truck drivers have the right places to mount the phone holder on the air vent, CD-slot, and cup holders.

And if you also want to keep these types of phone holders in your semi truck then below you can check my strong recommended holders.

These are the 10 List of Best Cell Phone Holder for Semi Trucks

These are the best smartphone mounts for semi trucks. Here we covered almost all types of best cell phone holder for semi trucks and you can select that meets your requirement.

1. Mpow Semi Truck Windshield Phone Mount – Best for Semi Trucks

best cell phone holder for semi trucks, Mpow cell phone holder for semi trucks

This phone holder is created by Mpow and loved by more than 16,000+ customers on Amazon.com that shows its trustworthiness.

Besides, Mpow is the high quality windshield phone mount with maximum flexibility.

Also, It comes with an 8 inches long strong gooseneck, its gooseneck won’t move unless you want it to.

And it is so flexible that you can shape it as you want and it makes your smartphone closer to your vision.

Moreover, The strong base and additional anti-shaking support point makes your phone very stable, even on the rough road.

It also silicone padded cradle that reduces shaking your phone and protect from being scratch and a port left for charging.

Note: long exposure to the sun may affect the function of this phone mount.

  • 8 inches long gooseneck
  • Anti-shaking support point
  • very high built quality
  • None

2. VICSEED Dashboard, Windshield, Air Vent Holders – Best as Dashboard Mount

best cell phone holder for semi trucks, VICSEED cell phone holders for semi trucks

This holder is made by VICSEED and loved by more than 11,000+ customers on Amazon.com. In addition, customers rated it 4.5 out of 5; it means this device is trustworthy.

VICSEED is a multiple functional, three in one heavy duty phone mount that you can use on the dashboard, windshield and air vent as well.

If you want Dashboard cell phone holder, then It is the best cell phone holder for semi trucks and has a 2 step lock mechanism that gives it strong sticking suction power.

Due to the silicone padding on the clip, it provides more grip so that it can hold the cell phone firmly.

Also, it is a Thick Case Friendly, No need to worry if you have a large cell phone or super thick phone case on it. Just mount it, it will hold up perfectly.

Moreover, This holder has reserved charger port space so that you can easily charge your cell phone while mounting,

as well as not block the aux jack so that you can connect your cell phone freely with your semi truck sound equipment.

  • Three in One
  • Large phone and thick case friendly
  • Pricey

3. AUKEY Dashboard Windshield Phone Mount – Provides Great Value

best cell phone holder for semi trucks, Aukey cell phone holder for semi truckAUKEY is the magnetic Dashboard cell phone mount, the rotational base gives you 360 degree viewing angle so that you can easily operate or see the screen.

Because of the design of mount It does not block your windshield view at any angle.

You can easily fix it on the flat surface on your dashboard and if the surface of your dashboard surface is slightly curved or uneven then you can mount it with the help of provided additional sticker feature.

Its four powerful magnets can securely hold your smartphone.

There are two metal plates included with the AUKEY cell phone holder:

There are circular metal plates for small phones and rectangular metal plates for larger phones so that you can safely mount your cell phone.

Note: If you use wireless charging then, it will not work when the magnetic plates attached with your phone or placed inside phone case.

  • Additional sticker feature to mount on uneven surface
  • High value for money
  • None

4. VICSEEED Magnetic Best Cell Phone Holder for Semi Trucks – Best Magnetic Air Vent Mount

best cell phone holder for semi trucks, Magnetic cell phone holder for semi trucksIf you want to mount a magnetic phone holder for the air vent then this is for you. It is mini sized air vent mount from VISCEED for semi truck.

It is small in size but the mount comes with extremely strong Rubidium Magnets (N52), which provide strong magnetic suction power so that it can hold large smartphones easily.

It does not block the air vent due to its small size.

It is super easy to install, it only takes 1 second to mount or unload to the air vent. It is a portable mount that you can easily move to any semi truck, car.

And supports 360 degrees so you can adjust it to meet your comfortable angle so that you can use GPS and smartphones easily.

Rubberized external grip increases power and at the same time prevents air vent blades from cracking.

So you can use it without any worry, it does not cause any problem.

Note: This phone holder cannot hold iPhone 12 series phones directly; firstly you have to adhere the metal plate on the phone.

  • Portable Mount
  • 360 degree
  • Extremely strong magnets
  • Costly

5. LISEN Magnetic Dual Phone Holder – Best Dual Mounts

best cell phone holder for semi trucks, Linsen dual magnetic cell phone holder for semi trucks

If you want two heavy duty cell phone mount for semi truck in low price then LISEN is the best option you can go with.

It contains 2 magnetic phone mount, 4 round plates(for smaller sized phones), 2 square plates(for bigger sized phones).

Most of the magnetic mount comes with 4 magnets but LISEN provides you 6 built-in strong magnets that increase safety.

And also you can mount large smartphones easily, it can hold upto 3.5kg(15 x iPhone 11).

Due to the large surface of the holder you can mount the phone without removing your case.

Its strong suction power makes your phone highly stable even on the bumpy road. 

check out this for vertical vent phone holder.

  • Dual air vent mount
  • 6 very strong magnets
  • Highly stable
  • Not for vertical vents

6. Long Arm Best Cell Phone Holder For Semi Trucks – Best as a Long Neck

best cell phone holder for semi trucks, cell phone mount for semi truckLong Arm Universal semi truck cell phone holder is made of high-grade ABS material.

It comes with 13 inches long arm that will become closer to you and improve visibility that quality made it very compatible with semi truck.

Long Arm mount has 360 degrees rotating ability that you can adjust it for desired view.

This holder has a super strong sticky gel on the suction cup which ensures the safety of the cell phone.

You can easily install it on windshield or most of the surfaces.

Long Arm Universal supports mobile screens of 3.5 to 5.5 inches that means it can support iPhone and almost every cell phone easily.

  • Extra strong dashboard support
  • Comes with 13 inches long arm
  • Two clamps for different size clamps
  • Great value for money
  • Supports windshield only
  • Simple in design

7. Iottie Easy One Touch 2 – Strong and Perfect Structured

best cell phone holder for semi trucks, Iottie cell phone holder for semi trucks

IOttie cell phone mounting unit can be the perfect semi truck phone holder, it locks and releases the phone effortlessly.

It also comes with super sticky gel which makes it convenient for semi truck drivers.

It can stick securely to the majority of surfaces, as well as its viscous nature does not affect its removability.

It has two modes for locking the cell phone.

1st locking position can be used for smooth and flat surfaces, and if you need more grip then 2nd locking position is fit for curvy, rough textured surfaces.

IOttie comes with an advanced 2 inches telescopic arm that can tilt your smartphone very easily.

It is able to open to width up-to 3.2 inches that means it can easily support iPhone, Samsung phones.

  • Very high build quality
  • Can also be used for dashboards
  • Comes with Telescopic Arms for closer device viewing
  • Not working well on leather surfaces

8. Beam Electronics Air Vent Mount – Best for Low Budget

best cell phone holder for semi trucks, Beam phone holder for semi trucks

The Beam Electronics Universal Semi Truck Holder is the air vent phone holder and is strong enough to hold your cell phone tightly.

Beam supports Single-handed Operation for that it has quick release button on back on the mount so that it release effortlessly and hold with strong force.

The semi truck holder provides 360 degree rotation which gives you best viewing experience.

It has soft rubber pad which holds your cell phone without scratch. Its two jaws at the bottom make your cell phone extra secure.

The holder works absolutely great for Horizontal and Vertical Vents not advice for installing it on circular vent.

  • Very high build quality
  • Can also be used for dashboards
  • Comes with Telescopic Arms for closer device viewing
  • Not working well on leather surfaces

9. AVANTEK Air Vent Phone Holder  – Great for Horizontal Vents

best cell phone holder for semi trucks, AVANTEK smartphone holders for semi trucks

AVANTEK universal car holder is very versatile and powerful.

It comes with 2 adjustable clips which enable it to be attached in both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

AVENTEK cell phone holder has a spring-operated arm which is strong enough to hold heavy device. 

It has a durable clamp that holds your device securely and effectively with widths of up to 3.35 inches. 

This clamp ensures to maximize safety of your cell phone even when you are driving on bumpy roads.

The holder comes with adjustable ball joint which can rotate for 360 degrees and allows you to tilt your device to your desired viewing angle.

AVENTEK has a soft textured rubber padding which does hold your phone firmly and avoids it from getting scratches and dents.

check out this for best phone holder for vertical vents and round air vents

  • Comes with Anti Slip Pad
  • Supports 360-degree rotation
  • Does not support Vertical and Round Air Vents

10. Mpow Best Cell Phone Holder For Semi Trucks CD Slot – Best for CD Slot

best cell phone holder for semi trucks, Mpow CD mount for semi trucks

Mpow is a CD- Slot phone holder for semi truck comes with  two supporting feet in the bottom of the clamp which is foldable for different situations.

The Mpow CD semi truck holder holds your cell phone firmly.

This semi truck cell phone holder has 3 strong side rubber pads and nice touch buttons.

On the side of the holder there is the small button which easily locks when you slide in your cell phone and easily release for pop out when you click on the button.

Mpow CD semi truck cell phone holder comes with the 360 degree and which will increase viewing angle.

  • Three sided grip to hold your device
  • Compatible for almost every cell phone
  • Fair pricing
  • Does not support windshield glass

My Thoughts On Best Cell Phone Holder For Semi Trucks

In it list we covered all the best cell phone holder for semi trucks that i found during the research like Windshield, CD-mount, Air Vent, Dashboard.

I’m sure you found one for your semi truck as well.

We will update it after the new model is launched. If you want to know more on the best mounting for specific use such as dashboard, windshield, air vent, steering wheel, CD mount etc. click on the link below.

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