10 Best Cell Phone Holder For Semi Trucks

best cell phone holder for semi trucks

As we all know about the law that we should not answer calls and answer messages while driving.

This is very risky for you.

However sometimes it is very important to answer the call and some important messages.

There are instances when avoiding some calls can be quite expensive.

So here is the simplest solution to this; we can use the “cell phone holder” instead of holding our own.

And then I looked for the best cell phone holder for semi trucks, but here I got confused : which phone mount is best for semi trucks?

Because almost every phone holder looks good and the big differences I have seen that; they are made just for cars, not for semi trucks, so it is very difficult to differentiate between them to find the best one for semi trucks.

Then I thought of doing research to find the best cell phone holder for semi trucks and after a really long time I found the best phone mount that suits my semi truck perfectly.

Now, meanwhile during research I found these 10 best cell phone holder for semi trucks which are listed below.

According to me and my research these are the best for semi trucks.

These are the 10 List of Best Cell Phone Holder for Semi Trucks

These are the best smartphone mounts for semi trucks. Here we covered almost all types of best cell phone holder for semi trucks and you can select that meets your requirement.

1. APPS2Car Phone Holder Designed for Semi Trucks – Best for Semi Trucks

APPS2Car best cell phone holder for semi trucks

This cell phone holder is created by APPS2Car and loved by more than hundreds of customers on Amazon.com which is why customers rated it 4.7 out of 5.

Besides, it also earns “Amazon’s Choice” badge; that shows its trustworthiness. And this smartphone holder is specially designed for trucks.

Also, it has a 13-inches long arm which is made of high quality aluminum material that’s why you can adjust its arms to achieve the ideal viewing angle.

Also, the Anti-shake stabilizer that supports the long gooseneck and minimizes the vibration generated during the rough drive.

In addition, the upgraded suction cup with gel pad sticks firmly to the windshield and extra-dashboard support base offers more stability and safety that prevents the phone from falling off while driving.

gooseneck helps phone to mount on semi trucks

The gel and suction cup is one of the best combos out there that is sufficient to hold the smartphone safely even on the bumpiest roads.

Moreover, it has 360-degree rotational ability which means you can easily adjust the position of the smartphone according to your desired angle.

You can easily mount most of the smartphone even with the phone case on it; The expandable arms allow you to mount all smartphones up to 4 inches.

It has a reusable sticky suction cup, which means if you found a bit loose after a long time of use then just rinse with warm water and reattach it again and it will work as before.

  • Features 13-inches long arm made with top-quality aluminum
  • Comes with upgraded suction cup
  • None

2. IPOW Upgraded Long Arm Truck Phone Holder – Best for Bumpy Roads (Travelers)

IPOW phone mount holder for semi trucks

This phone mount is made by IPOW and loved by more than 3000+ customers on Amazon.com. Besides, customers rated it 4.3 out of 5; that shows the product is reliable.

Also, IPOW has designed this holder in a very unique and useful way, and its bridge support design makes it very convenient especially for semi trucks.

Also, it comes with an extremely strong suction cup that tightly attaches to the windshield, this is the reason it won’t fall off in any road conditions and keeps your smartphone very securely.

In addition, It holds smartphone without even a single scratch due to the anti-slip design and rubberized clips that protect the smartphone.IPOW gel pad with suction for semi trucks

Also, it comes with adjustable 11-inches gooseneck manufactured with high quality material that can be adjusted as you wish.

And also it has a 3M adhesive dashboard base that prohibits movement of the holder and also reduces vibration.

Moreover, it has reusable strong suction cup which is very easy to clean and it recover its stickiness again.

Also, it supports 360-degree rotation that provides you the perfect viewing angle and you can easily change it with just one hand.

  • Features unique strong bridge support designed arms
  • Rubberized clips for extra grip
  • Supports 360 degree rotation
  • Quick release button is not available

3. TACKFORM Tablet Mount for Semi Trucks – Best for Tablets

TACKFORM Tablet Holder for Semi Trucks

This tablet mount is designed by TACKFORM and loved by more than 1100+ customers on Amazon.com. Besides, it also earns “Amazon’s Choice” badge; and also customers gave it 4.7 stars out of 5 that show its trustworthiness.

Also, the metallic construction of the holder made it very reliable product and also it ensures the product will withstand under such conditions: – temperature, extreme heat & extreme cold.

In addition, the ‘Spring Loaded Arms’ holds tablet tightly and along with it also provides a vibration free hold due to its rock solid metallic arms.

Also, it is strong enough to hold almost every tablet between 7-18.4 inch screen sizes. This includes the Apple iPad Pro 12.9, iPad Air 2, Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and almost all tablets.

They feature AMPS mounting plate that allows a quick semi permanent installation for any flat surface (screws not included).adjustable tablets arms for semi trucks

Moreover, 4 screws have been provided to make it very stable so that you don’t have to be worry about falling of tablet during the high bumps or any road conditions, it will remains in place.

Apart from this, it is very adjustable tablet holder which means you can adjust its positions according to your desired screen angles.

Important: Please consult a mobile install professional to avoid drilling into any highly sensitive components.

  • Very high build quality
  • Comes with spring loaded arms that enhances grip
  • Pricey

4. APPS2Car Magnetic Smartphone Holder for Semi Trucks – Best as a Magnetic Holder

Magnetic Phone Holder for Semi Trucks by APPS2Car

This magnetic smartphone holder also comes from APPS2Car and loved by hundreds of peoples on Amazon.com. Besides, it earns “Amazon’s Choice” badge and 4.6 rating out of 5 showing the reliability of the product.

Also, it features 13-inches long gooseneck that can be easily adjusted to different bendable positions, this is built specifically for trucks, so the phone holder won’t block your driving view and avoid obstructing CD display & air vent.

Also, it has 6 strong N45 built-in magnets and that are strong enough to hold your smartphone firmly and prevent the phone from falling even on bumpy paths.

In addition, it has a premium suction cup with a layer of sticky gel as well as locking lever that maximizes the stability.

magnetic property of semi truck phone holder

Also it has anti-shake stabilizer that can safely prevent your smartphone form vibrating and shaking and make it more stable, even on rugged roads.

And double-stability makes it more stable and gives you the comfortable driving experience.

Moreover, it has a ball-head that gives you the freedom to adjust the phone holder in 360 degrees, so that you can find the right viewing angle according to your eye sight.

  • It has 6 extremely strong built-in magnets
  • None

5. 1Zero Windshield Dashboard Semi Truck Phone Mount – Beautifully Designed

1Zero semi truck phone mount

This phone holder is created by 1Zero and loved by more than 2500+ customers on Amazon.com. Besides, it earns “Amazon’s Choice” badge; that shows its trustworthiness.

Besides, 1Zero is known for high quality windshield dashboard phone mount with maximum flexibility.

Also, it comes with a 13-inches long strong gooseneck, its gooseneck won’t move unless you want it to.

And it is so flexible that you can shape it as you want, and it makes your smartphone closer to your vision.

Moreover, the strong base and additional anti-shaking support point makes your phone very stable, even on the rough road.1Zero phone mount holder for semi trucks

Also, it has a silicone padded cradle that reduces vibration generated during the rough roads and protects scratches and also there is a port left for charging.

Apart from this, 1Zero makes it very easy to mount and remove smartphone with just one hand in use, by pressing quick release button you can take off your smartphone easily without being interrupted during drive.

  • Very stable phone mount
  • It has silicone padded cradle that reduces vibration
  • A bit costly

6. OQTIQ Windshield Dashboard Cell Phone Holder for Semi Trucks – Best for Low Budget

OQTIQ smartphone holder for truck drivers

This cell phone holder for semi trucks comes from OQTIQ and loved by more than 1000+ customers on Amazon.com and gave it 4.5 stars out of 5; and that shows how reliable the product is.

Besides, it has 13-inches long gooseneck, which means it is compatible with semi trucks and the gooseneck is made with high-quality materials.

Also, the gooseneck can be bent to fit into your dashboard without blocking the vision; and you can easily adjust it according to your desired view.

Also, it features an anti-shake stabilizer that reduces the wobble of the phone during the rough drive and supports the gooseneck which makes it very stable phone holder.

In addition, it has enhanced sticky suction-cup + sticky gel, so it attaches securely to the windshield and dashboard.gooseneck design of smartphone mount for semi trucks

Plus, it has a locking lever through which you can stick it tightly that keep your smartphone safe, and also it does not fall off even on the high bumps.

Apart from this, its gel is re-usable, so if you found it loose in a long time simply wash it, dry it in air and re-attach it again and then it will work as before.

Moreover, the quick-release button and 360-degree angle support makes it very convenient for all types of semi trucks.

  • It comes with anti-shake stabilizer
  • It has reusable suction cup
  • Small dash gripper

7. iBOLT Strong Dashboard Semi Truck Phone Holder – Best as a Dashboard Mount

iBOLT dashboard cell phone holder for semi trucks

This dashboard phone holder made by iBOLT and loved by more than 300+ customers worldwide on Amazon.com and customers gave it 4.3 stars out of 5; that mean it is trustworthy product.

Also, its mount and smartphone holder are made by strong quality material so that don’t need to be worry about the reliability of the holder.

Besides, it has Adhesive Mini Ball-Mount that makes it easily attache to dashboard and air vent of semi trucks that prevent phone holder from falling during the bumpy drive.

Also, the best part is; you can ‘screw’ the holder that’s why it minimizes the vibrations generated while driving, and it will became ‘never fall off mount’ during the sharp turn, bumpy paths…in any road conditions.

In addition, it has mega grip side-arms that hold smartphone in place and it can extend its arms up to 3.5 inches wide.two types of mounting type on semi truck phone holder

And also it has a quick release button that allows you to easily mount and take off your smartphone with just hand.

Note: Please think twice before drilling into the dashboard because it will permanently damage the truck’s dashboard.

  • Very high build quality
  • It has mega grip side-arms
  • Features 4 screws that makes it very stable mount
  • Costly

8. Newward Long Arm Best Cell Phone Holder For Semi Trucks – Provides Great Value

best cell phone holder for semi trucks, cell phone mount for semi truckThis phone holder is created by Newward and loved by more than 5,000+ customers on Amazon.com. Besides it also earns “Amazon’s Choice” badge; that shows its trustworthiness.

Long Arm Universal semi truck cell phone holder is made of high-grade ABS material.

It comes with 13 inches long arm that will become closer to you and improve visibility that quality made it very compatible with semi truck.

Long Arm mount has 360 degrees rotating ability that you can adjust it for desired view.

This holder has a super strong sticky gel on the suction cup which ensures the safety of the cell phone.

You can easily install it on windshield or most of the surfaces.

Long Arm Universal supports mobile screens of 3.5 to 5.5 inches that means it can support iPhone and almost every cell phone easily.

  • Extra strong dashboard support
  • Comes with 13 inches long arm
  • Great value for money
  • None

9. VICSEED Dashboard, Windshield, Air Vent Holders – Strong and Perfect Structured

best cell phone holder for semi trucks, VICSEED cell phone holders for semi trucks

This holder is made by VICSEED and loved by more than 14,000+ customers on Amazon.com. In addition, customers rated it 4.5 out of 5; it means this device is trustworthy.

VICSEED is a multiple functional, three in one heavy duty phone mount that you can use on the dashboard, windshield and air vent as well.

If you want Dashboard cell phone holder, then It is the best cell phone holder for semi trucks and has a 2 step lock mechanism that gives it strong sticking suction power.

Due to the silicone padding on the clip, it provides more grip so that it can hold the cell phone firmly.

Also, it is a Thick Case Friendly, No need to worry if you have a large cell phone or super thick phone case on it. Just mount it, it will hold up perfectly.

Moreover, This holder has reserved charger port space so that you can easily charge your cell phone while mounting.

As well as not block the aux jack so that you can connect your cell phone freely with your semi truck sound equipment.

  • Three in One
  • Large phone and thick case friendly
  • Pricey

10. VICSEEED Magnetic Best Cell Phone Holder for Semi Trucks – Best Magnetic Air Vent Mount

best cell phone holder for semi trucks, Magnetic cell phone holder for semi trucksIf you want to mount a magnetic phone holder for the air vent then this is for you. It is mini sized air vent mount from VISCEED for semi truck.

Also, it is small in size but the mount comes with extremely strong Rubidium Magnets (N52), which provide strong magnetic suction power so that it can hold large smartphones easily.

It does not block the air vent due to its small size.

In addition, it is super easy to install, it only takes 1 second to mount or unload to the air vent. It is a portable mount that you can easily move to any semi truck, car.

And supports 360 degrees so you can adjust it to meet your comfortable angle so that you can use GPS and smartphones easily.

Rubberized external grip increases power and at the same time prevents air vent blades from cracking.

So you can use it without any worry, it does not cause any problem.

Note: This phone holder cannot hold iPhone 12 series phones directly; firstly you have to adhere the metal plate on the phone.

  • Portable Mount
  • 360 degree
  • Extremely strong magnets
  • Costly

My Thoughts On Best Cell Phone Holder For Semi Trucks

In it list we covered all the best cell phone holder for semi trucks that i found during the research like Windshield, CD-mount, Air Vent, Dashboard.

I’m sure you found one for your semi truck as well.

We will update it after the new model is launched. If you want to know more on the best mounting for specific use such as dashboard, windshield, air vent, steering wheel, CD mount etc. click on the link below.

Which Cell Phone Mount Is Best For Your Semi Trucks?

There are many cell phone holders available in the market, but most of them are not a best choice for semi trucks.

For semi trucks, the holder must be tough enough to bear bumps and pits.

You should mount a Dashboard or Windshield phone holder for your semi truck that can be very beneficial and easy to mount.

Note:  If you have to work/stay within high temperatures for a very long time, then we recommend you mount the air vent phone holder for your semi truck.

Due to the cooling property of the air vent, it remains cool and is also beneficial for your cell phone and holder.

Where should you place your phone holder?

Because semi trucks do not always have the air vent, CD-slot and cup holders in the exact position.

So, In most trucks we recommend going with a dashboard and windshield cell phone holder, they are best for semi trucks.

And also according to the Statista report, it shows that more than the 72% of the truck drivers are very satisfied with the holders and like to mount their cell phone holder on Dashboard and Windshield.

But there are also 28% of truck drivers who prefer to mount other cell phone holders.

Those semi truck drivers have the right places to mount the phone holder on the air vent, CD-slot, and cup holders.

And if you also want to keep these types of phone holders in your semi truck then below you can check my strong recommended holders.

Have any queries in your mind please comment down below to know us:

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