How To Put A Tripod On A Car?

There’s loads of humans who’ve the desire to shoot video whilst driving, however then speedy give up the perception after knowing how a great deal of a pain it may be.

However it’s now not all that difficult if you understand the way to do it in a safe way that doesn’t inconvenience you.

One manner is to build a mount, like this:

Here’s How To Put A Tripod On A Car?

How To Put A Tripod On A Car?There are a few instantaneous issues with the above approach:

Each seats have to be at the exact same angle in order for the bar to work.

Now not every person has a vehicle with headrests that expand (my truck doesn’t).

You have to physically fabricate the mount from scratch; it calls for drilling, bolts, nuts and so forth.

Image the 2d manner – that’s a ways less complicated – is to use a turn secured tightly excessive at the passenger seat via a bungee twine wrapped round it.

I tested this and the result turned into tremendously appropriate.

(be aware: the video underneath is actually uninteresting. The point changed into to test capturing video this way to look if it’d without a doubt paintings.)

Despite the fact that i didn’t get the attitude pretty right (it’s miles pointing down somewhat), the video is clear and typically strong. I purposely drove down a residential avenue with pace tables just to see how the turn could deal with bumps in the road video pleasant-sensible, and it fared out a good deal higher than predicted.

The Conclusion On The How To Put A Tripod On A Car?

Turn camcorders do no longer record to videocassette but instead internal flash memory, and has its own built-in usb connector for smooth turn-to-laptop transfer. The more recent hd fashions promote for $200, however the flip extremely (that’s what I’ve) will file up to half-hour with its 1gb inner memory and retails for around $80 depending on in which you shop.

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It additionally has the benefit of walking off simply 2 aa batteries. The 60-minute document time 2gb variations are 10 dollars greater.

Also, there’s the turn motion mount, however this will not work for in-car use (however does work exquisite for bicycles and bikes).

So when you have the itch to shoot video from the car, now you’ve were given some easy and furthermore secure methods to do it.

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