Does magnetic phone holder damage iPhone?

Before buying something, it is very important to check whether it is right and beneficial for us.

It should be worth every penny, right?

If you also have questions like this: –

  1. Does the magnetic phone holder harm the iPhone?
  2. Can a magnet ruin a cell phone?

Then you are at right place.

If I simply answer “Yes or No” to this question then it is a Big “NO“.

The magnet does not affect the any kind of work of iPhone and other smartphones.

Only compass will not work due to magnetic field. The compass is used to find poles with the help of the Earth’s magnetic field.

 So if you place large magnets near it, the interference between the magnet and the Earth’s magnetic field causes the compass to fail.

Even magnetic phone holders are one of the best phone mounts available in the market.

Because they are portable, tough in nature and are small sized beautifully designed phone mount.

This is why most people prefer to use them in their cars, bikes, trucks etc. Check out these magnetic phone holders.

Due to their small size compared to non-magnetic mounts, if you mount them on your dashboard and windshield.

They will not block your windshield route view, and will not even block the air from the air vent.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where to Put Magnet on iPhone 11?

Ans: – On the iPhone 11 you can place a magnet in the center of the phone. When you place a magnet on the center you can use it very effectively.

Center positioning can be very beneficial if you want to mount your iPhone on a magnetic cell phone holder.

2. Do Magnetic Cases Affect iPhone 11?

Ans: – Magnetic cases do not change the performance of the iPhone. The iPhone 11 is a very high-tech designed smartphone, that’s why it does not distract from magnetic cases.

Only the compass can be affected by the magnetic field of the phone case but it is a temporary effect. The compass will automatically start working as soon as you remove the case.

3. Are Magnetic Phone Holders Bad?

Ans: –No” magnetic phone mounts are the best mounts that work more efficiently than non-magnetic mounts.

Since they are small sized phone holders, they do not look messy / bulky on the car.

As we talked earlier the magnetic phone holder is the best choice to mount your smartphone or iPhone.

4. Do Magnetic Phone Holders Work with a Case, Specially Thick Ones like Otterbox?

Ans: – Yes, without any doubt the magnetic phone mount works perfectly with the phone case.

You can place a metal plate wherever you want, you can place a metal plate on the phone, between the case and phone holder.

Just mount it; this will work perfectly.

But for very thick phones case like Otterbox, it will not work perfectly.

Check out this, If any problem like adhesive won’t stick perfectly.

5.  Are Magnetic Cases Bad for Phones?

Ans: – Clearly “NO.” Magnetic cases for phones do not affect any hardware or software performance. They are definitely good phone cases.

Even these magnetic cases prevent cell phone from being dirty, makes your smartphone safe.

6. Can a Magnet Ruin a Cell Phone?

Ans: – Today’s generation smartphones are engineered in such a way that the magnet cannot damage / affect the internal hardware and performance of a device.

A magnet does not affect Screen, batteries, memory.

Only compass does not work (temporarily) due to external magnetic field.

7. Do Magnets Affect Cell Phone Batteries?

Ans: – Almost every smartphone has a lithium-ion battery. Lithium is not magnetic in nature so if you keep your smartphone near it, it won’t affect your battery.

New generations phones don’t affected by magnets only older phones can be affected.

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