How To Mount GoPro To Car

Cameras like the GoPro hero added the arena of action video to the hundreds, combining excessive-def capability and lightweight sturdiness in an inexpensive package deal. Due to the fact they are small, they can be placed almost anywhere on a automobile, making it clean to get that best shot.

With a bit forethought, you may produce pro-satisfactory video of your amateurish antics.

Right here’s what you need to recognise to seize your very own tune heroism or back-road tomfoolery.

Mount a camera within the automobile’s grille.

Here’s How To Mount GoPro To Car

How To Mount GoPro To CarThe decrease you cross, the greater the sensation of speed. As an advantage, this position might not be seen by you or other cameras. For your protection, do now not wave into this camera whilst driving.

Make the most of the GoPro’s wide-perspective lens via putting the digital camera close to the passenger-facet a-pillar. It’s a outstanding manner to show off your love interest or, inside the case of our version (your humble narrator), general lack there of.

Capture the view from in the back of a the front wheel, some inches off the car, to focus on wheel movement, specifically if slides are your thing. Then inform all and sundry you held the camera in one hand whilst riding with the other. If you’re the usage of sticky, stone-slinging tires, prepare to regularly replace the housing’s the front lens.

The Conclusion On The How To Mount GoPro To Car

The steering wheel is a favourite “second camera” position. Attempt adhesive putty in case you want the digicam in which gravity would not need it to be. That is also a high-quality place to seize sound; to improve it, connect an inexpensive mic and stick it at the windshield.

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Capture the chaos on your wake with a shot over the trunk lid. It is properly-perfect to tune movement, in which you will be dicing for position.

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