How To Remove GoPro Mount From Car

The first step is to softly start making use of heat to the car mount. You do this through setting the hair dryer above the gopro car mount, turning it on and preserving it there for between 30-45 seconds (photograph 1).

If your car is white (like mine) it’s great to start out at 30 seconds. The final aspect we need is to chance any harm to the car.

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Photograph 1

If you’ve got the j-hook buckle mount i mentioned above, move beforehand and clip it in. Not got one of those? That’s good enough – clip in a standard gopro mount as an alternative. If you haven’t were given either, you’re gonna want a few accurate old style elbow grease.

Here’s How To Remove GoPro Mount From Car

How To Remove GoPro Mount From CarOnce clipped in, try prying away the car mount from the car (image 2). The heat from the hair dryer should have softened the adhesive making it feasible to step by step take away the gopro car mount.

Now, your gopro car mount isn’t going to come back off after one try. Probabilities are it’s going to take several tries at each applying warmness and then giving it a wiggle. In case you’ve watched my removal video above, you’ll have seen it took me four attempts to get my gopro car mount off.

The key is persistence.

The last component we want to do is damage the car with the aid of making use of an excessive amount of warmth or making use of warmness for too long. Once more, that is particularly essential if your car is white as discolouration from heat is real.

So, this essentially follows the equal steps we took above however for the anchor point.

The difference is that instead of applying the hair dryer heat for 30-45 seconds, we can now practice warmness for 15-30 seconds (photo 4). That is because the anchor point is plenty smaller and pretty a chunk less complicated to pry off.

Once more in case you’re doing this with a white car, start off with 15 seconds.

Pry off the anchor point

Alas, there isn’t whatever to clip into the anchor point except for maybe tying a few string round it. However, in fact this shouldn’t be needed as the anchor point is a whole lot simpler to dispose of in comparison to the gopro car mount (photograph 5).

Remove any residue

After you’ve removed the gopro car mount anchor point, the difficult paintings is finished.

You’ll probable have some sticky residue left over. This stuff can without difficulty be removed with a few white spirit or warm soapy water. Again, if you watched the video above you’ll see i’m the usage of white spirit (picture 6).

Dry off and end

If you’ve reached this degree congrats to you.

Your gopro car mount and anchor factor have been removed and the sticky stuff is also gone (photograph 7). All that’s left to do is dry the area and also you’re finished!

Just so that you guys are doubly aware, this technique is recommended by means of gopro themselves.

The Conclusion On The How To Remove GoPro Mount From Car

It even says at the again of their gopro car mount container that it may be removed with the heat from a hair dryer. Here is an picture (image 8) of the box so you know i haven’t simply made this method up in my bed room…

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