The 7 Best Volvo V60 Phone Mount

Best Volvo V60 Phone MountOn the Volvo V60 there are various types of locations where you can easily install the smartphone holder and drive distraction free drive.

And the “Great Phone Mount” will help you to minimize the distraction, as well as makes your drive more secure than before.

However, there are many ways you can use the smartphone while driving such as: by holding it on hands. But the best way is to install it on your favorable locations like: – dashboard, windshield, air-vent, steering wheel, cup holders etc.

But the question is which is the best phone holder for Volvo V60?

That’s why here’s I have researched and found out these phone holder for Volvo V60 which are different-different types of smartphone holder that are perfectly compatible with Volvo V60 so that you don’t have to worry about its installation problems.

These Are The 7 Best Volvo V60 Phone Mount (Sturdy Designed)

Now here’s the list below and these are ultra-sturdy and comes with many different features that can be very helpful while driving.

And you can easily use your smartphone for GPS navigational purpose or to make or receive phone calls, to listen music and many more things like that without being distracted while driving.

There are also smartphone holders are available in this list of Best Volvo V60 Phone Mount, which can easily hold big or large phones so that you can also use it for almost any types of smartphones.

Also, it protects your smartphone during the rough or bumpy roads because they comes with silicone on it so that you don’t have to worry anything about the smartphone being scratched or something like that.

1. Andobil 3-In-1 Sturdy Smartphone Holder For Volvo V60 – Best For Volvo V60 

Andobil Volvo V60 Smartphone Holder

This 3-in-1 smartphone holder is made by Andobil, it is the most compatible mount for the Volvo V60 its multi-functional so that you can mount your smartphone on the Dashboard, Windshield as well as on Air-Vent Easily.

Besides, it has newly ultra strong suction cup with 3-layers of new nano-silica gel that increases its suction power 3 times, as well as it adopt a two-step locking mechanism; that’s why it prevent suction cup from falling off even you can easily drive on the rough roads, bumpy paths.

And because of its stable triangular design, it firmly holds your smartphone from left to right to the bottom of the three sizes.

Along with this, it has soft silicone & airbag design which provides you the full protection for your phone and it won’t scratch your phone even when you’re driving on the most bumpy roads.Andobil Phone Holder For Volvo V60

Also, Andobil comes with adjustable foot, thicker and wider clamp, which is why you can fit almost every 4-7 inches smartphone with thick cases on it easily.

Moreover, it provides you the 360-degrees viewing angles, which means you can adjust it according to your ideal viewing angles of eyes, so that you can drive without any kind of distraction of moving head seeing the screen.

  • Made with very high quality material
  • Simple one touch release or lock button
  • Thick phone case friendly
  • None

2. Torras Universal Air-Vent Phone Mount For Volvo V60 – Bet For Air-Vent

TORRAS smartphone holder for Volvo V60

It is the phone holder for Volvo V60 air-vents, it comes from TORRAS and it is compatible for almost all types of air-vent types like you can mount it on Horizontal Air-Vents, Vertical Air-Vents or Round Air-Vents.

Also, it is made with very high quality materials and also it passed the military-grade sturdiness test, which means it is more than 10X than normal phone holders.

That’s why you don’t have to worry about the sudden break, just enjoy your trip.

Along with this, it has very sturdy arms that holds your smartphone sturdy and it has wide arms that’s why it is suitable for Big Phones with Thick Case all mobiles phones of 4 To 7 inches.

TORRAS Volvo V60 Phone Holder

There are two types of clips comes with this holds. One is designed for common horizontal vents; and the other clips is universal, which is suitable for any types of vent like round and vertical air vents.

Besides, it attached to the air vent blades through a clip hook, and three feet are firmly supported on the vent that keep it fixed and that all qualities makes it ultra-stable phone holder, it won’t fall off like a other products, no matter how bumpy the road is.

  • Comes with two types of air-vent hooks
  • Suitable for all around 360-degrees viewing angles
  • Pricey

3. APPS2Car 13-Inches Long Windshield Phone Holder – Best For Windshield

APPS2Car Smartphone Holder For Volvo V60

Here’s the windshield phone holder for Volvo V60 which is created by APPS2Car, and you can also mount it on dashboard.

It features 13-inches long arms which is designed with top-quality aluminum, also the long arm provide you the maximum flexibility so that you can have the perfect viewing angles during the drive.

There is ultra strong suction cup is featured with switch on it, and that can easily make the extra long arm very stable; as well as they provides you extra-dashboard support base which offers more stability and security that prevents your smartphone from falling off during the drive.APPS2Car Volvo V60 Phone Holder

As well as, its clamp can be open to 4 inches wide, so that you can easily mount the large or heavy smartphone with phone case on it which sized under 4 inches.

Along with this, you can easily hold or take off your smartphone with just one handedly with its one-touch release button.

Moreover, it has swivel ball that rotates all around 360 degrees so that you can easily find out the best viewing angle according to you that makes it really useful for GPS Navigational use or to make or receive the phone calls.

  • 13-inches long aluminum gooseneck
  • Ultra-strong suction cup
  • None

4. VICSEED PopSocket Air-Vent Mount For Volvo V60 – Best For PopSocket

VICSEED Phone Holder For Volvo V60

This VICSEED phone mount is compatible for PopSocket and some others sockets like: – Ring Holder, Otter case, Kickstand, Loop case etc.

It holds the smartphone by the tight internal structure, that brings a strong clamping power to hold your phone firmly, as well as there is rubber cushions are available that protects and securely hold your phone.

Along with this, it comes with built-in metal air vent clip that is very strong and tight as well, that made it to attach securely to vertical, horizontal air vent types easily.VICSEED Volvo V60 Phone Holder

As well as, it doesn’t block your air vent because of its mini size like it is only 1/3 volume of traditional cell phone holders, that means it save your space and won’t block the air vent wind.

Moreover, you can easily change the viewing angles 360-degrees because of its flexible ball-joint, so that you can mount your smartphone vertically or horizontally as you want.

  • Supports popsocket, ring phone holder, otter case etc.
  • A bit costly

5. LISEN Magnetic Mount With 6 Strong In-Build Magnets – Best Magnetic Mount

LISEN Magnetic Phone Holder For Volvo V60

This time it is a magnetic phone holder which is designed by LISEN, and the structure, design and features makes it extremely stable phone holder.

There are 6 strong built-in magnets comes with the holder that can easily hold large or big smartphones, also it has been tested on bumpy roads, sharp turns, and other tough driving conditions and always keeps the phone steady.

As well as, it has lengthened “Hook (1.41 inches)”, which helps to lock deeper on the air vent blades and that’s why you can easily mount it on your Volvo V60 air-vent and almost 99% of the air-vent types.

LISEN Magnetic Phone Mount For Volvo V60

Along with this, the “Hook” is made with PC+ABS material to ensure 3 times sturdiness and it resolve the broken issue of the clip.

Also, to protect the air-vent blades from scratches it has shockproof rubber which even helps it to attach more tightly without a scratch.

  • 6 strong magnets
  • 1.41 inches long lengthened hook
  • Doesn’t supports some of the round air vents

6. ZEEHOO Wireless Volvo V60 Phone Mount With Max 15W Charging Power – Best Wireless Holder

ZEEHOO Smartphone Wireless Charging Mount For Volvo V60

This is the wireless smartphone holder which is made by ZEEHOO, it is like 2-in-1 thing because it can charge your device fast, as well as holds firmly.

Not only this, it supports three types of mounting you can mount it on the Dashboard, Windshield as well as on the Air-vent.

There is built-in super capacitor comes with the holder, that’s why it can charge your smartphone with Max 15W and it is consider very fast charging even it charges wirelessly.

Also, it has very strong suction cup that’s why you can easily install it on the different types of locations such as: – windshield, dashboard, table or on air-vents.ZEEHOO Wireless Phone Holder For Volvo V60

Also, it has the smart automatic sensor design; which is why it can automatically clamps your phone, just put your phone inside the holder it will clamp your phone firmly.

And there is quick-release button is provided on the both sides of the holder just touch is it and take off your phone with you.

At last, it can be the very convenient for the travelers because they can use the GPS for navigational purpose as well as it charges your phone and prevent from battery drain problem.

  • Supports Max 15W fast wireless charging
  • 360 degree viewing angles
  • Pricey
  • Doesn’t support round air-vent types

7. TORRAS 15-Inches Long Gooseneck Cup Phone Holder For Volvo V60  – Best For Cup Phone Mount

TORRAS Cup Phone Holder For Volvo V60

This is the cup phone holder which is designed by again TORRAS, it is perfectly compatible with Volvo V60 as well as support almost every cup holders.

It comes with the 15 inches long gooseneck which is made 0.6 inches built-in aluminum rod, and there are 3 external layers of head-resistant ABS that ensures the durability and makes it to last long.

Also, it features adjustable base that fitting to varying size cup holders in your vehicle and the base can be extended longer in size between 2.51-3.77 inches that means it can fit most of the round car cups.

There is premium silicone air cushions comes all around this smartphone holder that provides the best protection for your expensive phone and prevents from scratches.TORRAS Cup Phone Mount For Volvo V60

Also, it is a thick case and large phone friendly and suitable for all mobile phones of 4-7 inches which is width between 2.1-4 inches wide.

It adopted the latest 17 shaping process and the Military-grade sturdiness test which makes it 50X stronger than the normal ones.

  • 15 inches long aluminum gooseneck
  • One touch release button
  • Doesn’t supports multi-location mounting

Final Thoughts On The Best Volvo V60 Phone Mount

Whether you have good managing things over the phone holder, the main work is to put essential things on it so that you can drive more freely or safely without any kind of distraction.

So that when you need it you can get it easily.

Also, it doesn’t utilizing the more space in your Volvo V60 because they are very portable and very easy to install on various places.

And that’s why I have listed these 7 Best Volvo V60 Phone Mount so that you can easily choose the best according to your work or your desire.

And I hope you have found one for you that you liked the most.

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