The 9 Best Phone Holder For Mercedes Benz

best cell phone holder for mercedes benzWhen it comes to using smartphones safely, a phone holder will always be my best friend for this task.

That helps me to mount my smartphone so that I can easily use my smartphone for GPS navigation, to make/attain calls and some other work as well as safely drive my Mercedes Benz.

Before getting into the deeper research, I was very confused about: –

Which one is the best cell phone holder for Mercedes Benz? Which cell phone holder can hold my smartphone safely? Which holder is compatible with my Mercedes Benz model?

But actually for Mercedes Benz there are very few holder options available that actually fits on mercedes.

I had Ford Fiesta before my Mercedes Benz. I purchased a VICSEED phone holder that meets my requirement and compatible with my Fiesta.

Once I mounted the VICSEED phone on my Benz, it was not working at all.

But because of the Mercedes Benz has very different and luxurious interior therefore usually all the phone holders (air vent phone holder, dashboard smartphone holder) does not works and they are not compatible with Mercedes Benz.

After that I did research and then I came to know that; There are specific phone holders available for Mercedes Benz and then I bought one of them which suits my Benz the most.

And it worked like a charm.

But literally, I have spent more than 15+ hours on research and meanwhile in research I have found these 9 best cell phones holder for Mercedes Benz and these mounts are made exclusively for Mercedes Benz.

There are 9 Best Cell Phone Holder For Mercedes Benz (A-Class, C-Class, E-Class, S-Class and G-Class)

These are some of the best cell phone holder for mercedes benz that can help you to use your cell phone easily and give you freedom to take calls while driving.

1. CAILIN Mercedes Benz Phone Mount – Best Overall

CAILIN phone holder for mercedes benz

This cell phone holder is created by CAILIN, this cell phone holder is specially made for almost any type of Mercedes round air vents.

Also, it is made with very high-quality materials, that’s why it is strong enough to hold almost every smartphone with ease, and the slip-proof clip keeps the air vent in place as well as from scratches.

In addition, it has super strong arms that hold your smartphone tightly and the silicone padded arms enhance the grip of arms which that makes your smartphone super stable and prevent from scratching; So that you don’t need to be afraid of deceleration zone, bumpy roads, even on the emergency brake/sharp turn.CAILIN phone mount for mercedes round air vents

Also, it features smart gravity linkage: just insert your smartphone then it will hold your smartphone automatically, and also it has release button that allows mounting and removing smartphone with just one-hand, giving you the safest and most convenient driving.

Moreover, it is compatible with all smartphones from 4.0 inches to 6.5 inches, such as iPhone Xs/Xs Max, Galaxy S10/S10 Plus, and many more.

  • It features smart gravity linkage
  • It supports all types of Mercedes round air vents
  • None

2. Fics Cell Phone Holder for Mercedes Benz – Best for C-Class (8-inch)

great for c-class mercedes benz phone holder

This cell phone holder is created by Fics and also, it is the best smartphone holder for an 8 inch monitor (and a 7 inch fit).

Also, its base is made of very solid silicone/plastic material and that made it extra strong and that’s why it is very secure holder.

In addition, you can take sharp turn or drive on the bumpy/rough paths very comfortably, even then it won’t fall off during the drive and because of this you don’t need to be worry about phone falling.mercedes benz 8 inch mount

The space between the gauge pod and the center console screen is molded right to fit solidly.

The base is exactly you’re paying for here; you can easily mount any smartphone to the base that uses a 17mm ball mount to attach.

Also, it perfectly fits for Mercedes Benz GLC(X253), C-class (W205 before 2018 models) and because of this; it is highly recommended cell phone holder for C-class Mercedes Benz (8 inch monitor).

Moreover, its installing positions is an ideal place where, holder mount smartphone such a way that you can easily access your monitor screen clearly.

As well as you can use the smartphone without any problem: – you can easily use GPS for navigational purpose, to make/attain important calls.

  • Very high built quality
  • Excellent performance
  • Pricey

3. CLEC Phone Holder for Mercedes Benz GLA – Best for GLA-Class

clec mercedes benz A-Class phone mount

This cell phone holder is designed by CLEC. Besides, it is customized phone holder that perfectly fits for Mercedes-Benz GLA 2017, 2018 and 2019 and it will give your dashboard air vent luxurious look.

Also, it contains very strong magnets that generate extreme magnetic force that attach your smartphone easily and ensure that your phone never falls on bumpy roads, sharp turns and under any conditions.

Also, the base of the holder that attaches to the dashboard air vent is very sturdy in nature, and with the help of the mount you can attach a holder hassle free.

In addition, the phone mount reduces vibrations generated during rough paths, and the powerful magnetic force makes your smartphone very stable, so that you don’t need to make any adjustment between mount for round mercedes benz vent

Also, you can adjust your smartphone vertically or horizontally according to your ideal viewing angle so that you can easily use your smartphone for Navigational purpose with the help of GPS, to attain/make phone calls.

Moreover, it is very easy to install, it will hardly takes few minutes, just make sure that it fits perfectly and then it will be ready to use.

  • Contains very powerful magnets
  • Very stable phone mount
  • Provides high value for money
  • None

4. Fics Cell Phone Mount for Mercedes Benz – Best for 10-inch Screen (C-Class)

best for c-class 10 inch mercedes benz

This smartphone mount also made by Fics and the base of the holder is specifically designed according to fit for 10.25-inch monitor screen. Apart from this it is very easy to install so that you do not have problems.

Also, the mount made with the silicone material and therefore it is a flimsy and it will fit between the screen and the rounded instrument panel.

The design intent was to wedge itself into the space behind the screen.

10 inch mercedes benz C-class phone mount

This cell phone holder is compatible with Mercedes Benz GLC(X253), C(W205) and only fits in 10.25 inch screen.

Moreover, the car’s space is so small thus it’s quite difficult to fit in the space, which is why to make it fit perfectly the spare sponge comes with the holder and that can be really helpful to install on your Mercedes Benz.

  • Sturdy arms
  • Mount does not scratch or damage the vehicle
  • Mount is little flimsy

5. CLEC Mercedes Benz Phone Holder – Best for E-Class (2018, 2019)

CLEC magnetic mercedes phone holder

This magnetic phone mount is also made by Fics and this custom phone holder works perfectly only for Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2018, 2019 Version and also you can charge your phone wireless.

Also, it is mounted on the best positions on the Mercedes Benz (E-Class) where it does not hide your air vent and dashboard.

You can very easily use your smartphone to follow the paths by GPS, to make or attain important calls.

This unique product is made with the best innovative materials – Quality selected Chrome and Plastic material, the mount is very strong enough to hold your smartphone easily with the help of phone holder.

Also, its built-in powerful magnets hold your smartphone in place, even when you drive on the rough paths your phone won’t fall off.

Also, magnets generates strong magnetic force of attraction that’s why it also minimizes vibrations that generated during the bumpy mount one mercedes benz

In addition, Easy to install there is no-drilling required to mount it and it doesn’t affect your dashboard and it is designed in the way that it doesn’t even scratch your dashboard.

Moreover, you can easily turn your smartphone into vertical to horizontal position according to your desired viewing angle to make it more comfortable to your eyes.

It is compatible with almost all the smartphones of 5.5 To 6 inches phones.

  • Beautifully designed
  • Very sturdy phone mount
  • None

6. LUNQUIN Car Smartphone Holder for Mercedes Benz – Great for E-Class (2016-2021) and S-Class (2018-2021)

LUNQUIN mercedes benz cell phone holder

This phone mount is comes from LUNQUIN and it is specially designed for Mercedes Benz E-Class (2016-2021) and CLS-Class (2018-2021).

Besides, It comes with the dedicated base that fits between the air vents and that made it very stable phone mount as well as it doesn’t blocks navigational screen.

Also, it featured gravity linkage, which means you just need to place your smartphone on the holder and the holder will automatically hold it firmly.

LUNQUIN Smartphone Mount For Mercedes Benz

The best part is that you can attach and remove your phone with just one hand.

In addition, the clip can fully adjustable so that you can easily adjust your smartphone’s screen at multiple angles with the help of flexible ball head.

Moreover, this phone holder is compatible with mobile phones (including mobile phone case) maximum width of 7.5cm / 3 inches.

  • Features gravity linkage
  • Suitable for multi-angle viewing
  • Shakes a little bit, when not installed properly

7. AZUTO Customized Mercedes Benz Phone Holder – Best for G-Class

phone mount of AZUTO for mercedes benz

This device holder is designed by AZUTO and it is specifically made for Mercedes Benz G-Class to ensure proper fit match with the interior design of your vehicle.

Besides, its arms are made with aluminum that smoothly extend and retract to hold your smartphone easily and it is strong enough to hold your phone even on the bumpy roads.

Also, its arms are covered with the silicone material which increases its holding capacity and also prevent your smartphone from being scratched and damaged.AZUTO smartphone holder for benz

Also, due of the minimalist design of the holder it takes very less space while not in use, and the high quality finish that complement with the vehicle’s interior.

Moreover, with the phone holder it includes custom installation kit that guides you to proper attachment to the interior vent.

  • Strong arms made with aluminum
  • Excellent performance
  • Costly

8. LUNQUIN Large Smartphone Holder for Mercedes Benz – Great for A-Class (2019-2020)

LUNQUIN phone mount for A-Class mercedes

This LUNQUIN phone holder is compatible with Mercedes Benz A-Class (2019 To 2020) and the base on the central control of the car is specially designed so that it fits perfectly to A-Class and also does not block the air vent.

Besides, due to the black mirror panel, it enhances the overall appearance of the holder and complements the interior look of your Benz.

Also, this phone holder made with aluminum alloy material that’s why it became more robust and secure which can easily hold your smartphone even big smartphones (with and without phone case).

Also, it features the gravity induction so that you can place and remove the smartphone with just one hand, you only need to put it on the phone holder then it will automatically hold it and it shrinks its arms like before it was when you take your phone.mercedes benz A-Class

In addition, this holder supports multi-rotational angle view so that you can easily adjust its angle that meets your desired viewing angle.

Also, it is very easy to install: just follow the instruction and it will fit perfectly without any damage or scratch to your vehicle.

Moreover, it is suitable for all 4”-7” mobile phones. Well fitted for maximum of 3 inches in width with most thick case on it.

  • Features black mirror panel that looks luxurious
  • Does not blocks the air vents
  • Big phones friendly
  • None

9. LUNQUIN Big Cell Phone Holder for Mercedes Benz – Great for E-Class (2016-2020) and S-Class (2018-2020)

LUNQUIN E and S-Class Mercedes Benz phone mount

This mobile phone holder is also created by LUNQUIN and this phone holder is specifically built for Mercedes Benz E-Class 2018-2020. Besides, it comes with strong dedicated base that adhesive between the air vents and after installing its base you need to attach the holder that comes with the base.

Also, its clips are made with aluminum alloy material that enhances its strength and make it more compatible with your smartphone; even it can hold a large smartphone with phone case easily.

Also, it is very easy to install you need to just follow the instruction given on the picture and video for installing and that’s it.LUNQUIN Multiple turns phone holder

In addition, it features black mirror panel that make it looks more beautiful than other cell phones.

Also, you can mount your cell phone with just one hand with the help of gravity induction, it will automatically hold your phone tightly whenever your place it and when you take off your phone then it will be the same as before.

Moreover, you can adjust its viewing angle as you wish and also you can mount almost all the smartphone width of 7.5cm/ 3 inches easily.

  • Strong dedicated base
  • Sturdy arms made with aluminum alloy
  • A little expensive

Wrap Up On Best Cell Phone Holder For Mercedes Benz

Overall, the smartphone holders are the best choice to use the phone for GPS navigational purpose, to safely make phone calls while driving as well as to attain it.

But for mercedes benz there are very less phone holders are available because of their luxurious and unique interiors so normally all the cell phones that are compatible with other cars that kind of phone holders doesn’t work on the mercedes benz.

You should always choose the phone holder according to the particular mercedes benz model, so here I have shared to you the best cell phone holder for mercedes benz in their each category like: – for A-Class, C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, G-Class etc.

Moreover, I have tried my best to give your appropriate information about all the cell phone mounts for mercedes benz, so that you can easily choose the best one for your mercedes benz and works as intended.

At last, I recommend you to read the requirements of having the best cell phone mount for mercedes benz. It will guide you to get the ideal phone mount for you.

Thanks for reading.

If you have any questions and doubts then you can comment below. I will clarify it as soon as possible, and if you find this helpful then you can share it with needy one.

The 8 most important things to check before buying the best cell phone holder for Mercedes Benz.

Before buying and set up cell phone holder for mercedes benz, you should always check these points so that you can easily find convenient and the best cell phone holder for mercedes benz.

And here’s the checklist that will definitely help you to find ideal cell phone holder for mercedes benz.


There are very less cell phones are available for Mercedes Benz that can be mounted on it, and that’s why you should always check the holder is compatible with your Mercedes benz model or not.

you can check the structure of the holder that fits on your Mercedes benz or not, you can check your desired installing position or not etc.

You should check the compatibility with your vehicle as well as it is also very important to check compatibility with your smartphone because at the end you are purchasing it for your smartphone only.

Check if your smartphone is big or large, and check does the holder supports your smartphone size or not?

Structure of the holder

The holder will perfectly hold your smartphone or not? The holder will perfectly fit on your vehicle or not?

It’s all depends on the structure of the holder. So please check the structure and then check does this structure can be perfectly installed on your desired location or not?

The structure will tell you many things why the particular holder is worth buying or why it is totally rubbish for your Mercedes Benz model.

Installing position

Again be clear on which position do you want to install the phone holder it may be: on the Air Vent, Dashboard, Windshield or Cup Holder and many positions like between the air vents so that it won’t stop air from vent.

For Mercedes Benz there are many cell phone holder that are specifically designed for Air Vent or to mount around/between the air vents and that is the perfect positions for Mercedes Benz owners.

Because of the Mercedes Benz have many luxurious interior with many awesome features and designs there are very less positions remains where you can mount your smartphone that works perfectly for you and supports the particular mercedes benz also.

Built in quality (sturdiness)

The next thing to know is built quality or material used to built the holder.

Check the holder should always have silicone/rubberized clamps that holds your smartphone so that it won’t scratch or damage your smartphone and when the rubber or silicone covers around the clips then the grip of the phone holder also increases.

The holder should be made of hard materials like aluminum but it shouldn’t be made of plastic and cheap quality materials.

Check the holder you are going to purchase should have very strong wide clamps to hold your smartphone easily even if your smartphone is big or large that type of holder always holds your phone with tightly and never ever fall off even when you drive your mercedes benz on the rough or bumpy roads.

Installing process

There are many cell phone holder available for mercedes benz that can hold your smartphone but if holder is very difficult to install then there is very high change that you can mount it in the wrong way or holder may be not properly installed.

if you choose the priciest holder, very strong holder your phone holder will not be last longer and it will not work as intended.

So that it should be very easy to install the phone holder so that you can easily install it and you don’t need to customize your vehicle to install it.

Always look for the holder that you can mount them without any customization to your vehicle’s dashboard, air vent or anything wherever you want to mount it.

Rotational Capability

Your holder must be supports 360 degrees rotational ability but if there is not possible because of the position of the holder like: – holder installed between two air vents like that then you should check the holder should support horizontal and vertical mounting positions.

so that you can customize its viewing angle according to your desired view that makes it very compatible for you and very easy to operate it.

Also, if your holder supports one hand place and take off smartphone then it is great, by this you can easily mount and remove your smartphone safely even when you drive your mercedes benz but always please do this when your vehicle in the parked state.

If the holder doesn’t have this feature then you can think that you need that feature or not?

Multi or Single (Devices and Mercedes Benz)

Mercedes Benz: – There are many cell phone holders available that can be mounted on the multiple places you can easily take off them and install them on the different locations on your vehicle.

But almost all the cell phones that comes for mercedes benz they are not used on multiple positions, because they comes with the mount that adhesive on the particular position and these type of holder made for only one place they doesn’t compatible with other positions.

Devices: – you can check what type of devices you can mount on the phone holder along with smartphones like: – to mount GPS Device, to hold cups etc.

But almost all the holding devices only supports smartphone mounting but if you want to mount other things also then you can choose different phone holders according to your desired wish.

FAQ’s Of Mercedes Benz

Here i answered additional question that can clear your all the doubts, so that you can easily buy without being worried about anything.

1. What is the Best Cell Phone Holder for Mercedes Benz?

Ans: – Above I have already mentioned the best cell phone holder for mercedes benz for all various mercedes.

These smartphone holders contains all the ideal qualities like: – The perfect positing of the holder: between the air vents it is very convenient position, where you can use your smartphone easily without being disturbed during the drive, and as well as holder that I have mentioned are performs best in this position.

These phone holders are very user friendly and build with high quality materials and you can easily use it to follow the GPS, to receive and make a important phone calls all with just one handedly.

2. How to install cell phone holder in Mercedes Benz?

Ans: – Now-a-days it became very easy to install cell phone holders in Mercedes Benz.

You only need to attach the mount between the air vents or favorable position then just attach the holder on the mount with the help of ball joint. And that’s it you don’t need additional screws to fix it on the dashboard air vent.

Place you smartphone and test it, if everything is fine that is the sign that your holder is installed with sturdiness.

Now you can use your smartphone easily without being worry of phone falling, even while driving on the rough roads.

Also, you don’t need to do any type of customization on the mercedes benz to fix the phone holder.

The holder contains a mount that adhesive on the particular position and with the help of mount you can attach the phone holder.

Also, you can attach any type of phone holder than the smartphone holder comes with the mount but you need to choose the correct ball joint phone holder or the correct type of holder that matches with the attached mount.

3. Why I should use cell phone holder for Mercedes Benz?

Ans: – Usually phone holder used for navigational purpose, to make or receive important calls.

Yes you can do this by your hands also without any phone holder, but the point is – it is very dangerous when you are driving a mercedes benz and meanwhile you have to do this with safety.

The only thing you can do this with safety is mount a best cell phone holder for mercedes benz then you don’t need to hold your smartphone with your hands.

The phone holder became another hand that can hold it for you and then you can easily follow the GPS paths, and receive and make phone calls all with safety.

And the holder of the mercedes benz located in the position where you can easily see your smartphone without any trouble so that it became more safer than ever, you don’t need to bend neck to see the activities on the smartphone you can do this even you can drive on the road consciously.

4. Do we have to buy other additional accessories to install the holder on Mercedes Benz?

Ans: – No, you don’t need to buy any other additional accessories to mount the smartphone holder on the mercedes benz.

You can easily install the phone holder because the phone holder contains its mount that you need to attach between the two air vents and then you can attain the phone holder with the help of ball joint.

Everything comes with the holder you don’t need any other stuff to buy.

So there is nothing to worry about it.

5. Will mercedes benz phone holder affect wireless charging?

Ans: – No, Most of the phone holder for mercedes benz are non-magnetic that’s why these type of mount does not interfere with the wireless charging. But above I have listed some holders that are magnetic in nature.

Yes very strong magnets interfere with the wireless charging because of the powerful magnetic force generated by the magnet.

But there are some holders comes with the ability that they are magnetic phone holders but they doesn’t affect wireless charging, the manufacturer customize to make the phone holder compatible with the smartphones and wireless charging.

6. Are cell phone holders for Mercedes Benz reliable?

Ans: – Yes, they are reliable. Phone holders for mercedes benz made for specifically for one type of mercedes benz like phone holder that compatible with C-Class only.

And these type of phone holder made with the customized structure and customized designed by the manufacturer, so that it properly fits on the particular mercedes benz model.

The manufacturer takes care of the built quality and reliability of the phone holder, so that you don’t need to be worry about the reliability of the mount.

7. Can I change position of the phone holders on Mercedes Benz?

Ans: – No, you cannot change the position of the holder on the mercedes benz because the smartphone holder are made with very specific position so that you cannot mount it on the different position.

If you do so it won’t fit and became total waste of money. You cannot mount them anywhere else on your mercedes benz.

Usually if you have suction cup smartphone holder for dashboard or windshield then you can change the position of the holder, but changing the position several time will also affect the performance of the phone holder.

If you change the positions frequently then the glue can wipe out and it became useless.

That is the reason you should not and cannot change the position of the phone holder on mercedes benz.

8. Does Mercedes Benz’s phone holder works on the hot summer also?

Ans: – Yes, off course, in hot summer these type of phone holder will works same as any temperature because the phone holder mounted between the air vent so that the smartphone will always remains cool.

Also, the sunlight cannot reach at this position so there will be no affect of the temperature on the holder and hence the mounted adhesive glue does not wipe out and works last longer.

9. Can Mercedes Benz mount protect smartphone from scratches?

Ans: – Yes, the strong gripped mercedes benz’s phone holders reduces vibrations generated during bumpy paths and because of the holder’s clip and clamp covered with the rubber or silicone material that’s why it doesn’t scratch the smartphone and protect it.

There are also magnetic phone holders available, these types of holder holds smartphone with the help of strong magnetic field that are created by powerful magnets.

So these holders does not have arm to hold because of this magnetic phone mount does not scratch phones, even when you drives on the rough roads.

10. Can You Actually Stabilize Phone Mount?

Ans: – The answer is “Yes” because it can be very important to make your phone mount very stable so that you can easily access your smartphone without any kind of worry or distractions.

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