Best Cell Phone Holder For Mercedes Benz- C & E Class

Best Cell Phone Holder For Mercedes Benz

There are few good cell phone holders for Mercedes Benz Models. Here we did the research and comparison among 19 cell phone holders that looks compatible for Mercedes Benz & we came up with these 3 Best Cell Phone Holder For Mercedes Benz that are providing great value for money as well as that matches the standard of Mercedes Benz Brand.

Best Phone Holder For Mercedes C-Class

1. FICS Mercedes Benz GLC(X253), C(W205), Class Cell-phone Holder – Best for C-Class

Best Cell Phone Holder For Mercedes Benz C Class

FICS C-Class Mercedes Benz cell phone holder is sturdy and its base made of very solid silicone/plastic material that made it extra strong and that’s why it is very secure for your cell phone to you use for Mercedes Benz C-Class.

The space between the gauge pod and the center console screen is molded right to fit solidly. The base is exactly you’re paying for here; you can mount any phone to the base that uses a 17mm ball mount to attach.

FICS cell phone holder is highly recommended cell phone holder for almost every C-Class Mercedes Benz (Before 2018 Model with 9.6 inch Screen). If you have greater than 9.6 inches then you have to choose other one. It is perfect for Mercedes GLC(X253), C class (W205 before 2018 models).

This holder puts the cell phone in an ideal place on the dashboard because of this, it does not blocks access to any other vehicle screens or controls also it holds phone in the way that you can easily access your screen clearly as well as you can see locations on the Google Maps and making Calls without hiding display under it.

Note: – For easily Installation of this holder please watch video.


  • Sturdy base
  • No risk of falling & detaching
  • Very high value for money
  • Can only be fits for C-Class Mercedes Benz

Best Phone Holder for Mercedes E-Class

2. CLEC Wireless Charging Phone Holder – Best for C-Class

Best Phone Holder for Mercedes E Class

CLEC Wireless Charging Phone Holder is strong enough to hold every cell phone with an ease and it is intelligently designed that provides very high value for money for most of the E-Class Mercedes Benz.

This cell phone holder fits for Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2018 2019 Version. It provides smart feature of Wireless Charging that made it something special for your E-Class Mercedes Benz.

Its stylish look matches the status of E-Class Mercedes Benz and also on the cell phone stand used chrome material that made it long, lifetime great service to use and also it is very easy to install.


  • Powerful performance
  • Fits perfectly
  • Compatible for almost all new cell phone & devices
  • Pricey

3. CLEC Magnetic Phone Holder for Mercedes-Benz E-Class – Best for C-Class

Best Magnetic Cell Phone Holder for Mercedes E Class

Here’s another Mercedes Benz phone holder that’s made to attach on the E-Class. This is the Magnetic Mount that is known for his performance.

It is a simple phone holder with round magnetic mount. This cell phone holder is best choice for the magnetic mount lovers because of it fits perfectly for the E-Class and its magnet is strong enough to hold any cell phone easily with and without case.

Because it is the magnetic mounting system so you don’t need to think that it is 360-degree rotational or not, you can place your phone in any desired direction, that’s why most of the people love this type of cell phone holders for their Mercedes Benz E-Class.


  • Phone stays in place with Minimal Vibrations
  • Affordable
  • Simple look


These are our Recommended Top 3 Best Cell Phone Holders for Mercedes Benz. Please confirm, is it fits for your Mercedes Version ? before buying cell phone holder for your Mercedes Benz.

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