The 10 Best Phone Holder for Toyota Prius

VICSEED 3-in-1 Smartphone Holder For Toyota PriusIn today’s world phones are necessary, we have to carry them everywhere even when we drives a car.

And along with we have to call someone or attend important calls, use them to follow the GPS path and other activities.

So it can be very dangerous that you hold your smartphone with your hand.

So to make you’re both hands free to drive safely then good phone holder for prius comes into play.

Phone holders help you mount a phone to a specific location in your prius so that you can easily do such a tasks.

But very few holders matches the prius, so meanwhile the research I found these 10 Best Phone Holder for Toyota Prius I listed below, that will help you to mount your smartphones at various positions in the car.

These are The 10 Best Phone Holder for Toyota Prius

These are some of the Best Phone Holder for Toyota Prius that can help you to use your cell phone easily in your prius and gives you freedom to take/answer calls while driving.

1. Andobil 3-in-1 Smartphone Mount For Toyota Prius – Best For Toyota Prius

Andobil Smartphone Holder For Toyota PriusNow, this smartphone holder is made by Andobil, it is the 3-in-1 phone holders which can be mounted on the Dashboard, Windshield and Air-Vent Types and it is the perfectly compatible with Toyota Prius.

Also, it comes with newly invented suction cup which have the suction power increased by 3 times because it features three layers of new nano-silica gel material and adopt a two-step locking mechanism which makes it extremely stable phone mount.

Along with this, its holding arms designed in triangular structure that’s why it holds your smartphone firmly like it fixes your phone from left to right to the bottom of the three directions firmly.Andobil Phone Mount For Toyota Prius

Besides, it has soft silicone on the holding arms & airbag design these features provide 100% full protection for your smartphone that means it won’t scratch your phone even when you’re driving on the most bumpy roads.

Moreover, Andobil Toyota Prius phone holder has extendable long arm and 360-degree swivel head, it keeps your phone always in the best viewing angle so that you can easily use your smartphone for GPS navigation & answer or make phone calls without being distracted while driving.

  • Very high build quality
  • Extremely stable phone holder
  • 3-in-1 phone holder
  • Features a quick release-button
  • None

2. TORRAS Air-Vent Phone Holder For Toyota Prius – Best For Air-Vents

TORRAS Air-Vent Phone Holder For Toyota Prius

Now, this is the air-vent phone mount which is designed by TORRAS, it is a universal air-vent mount that is fully compatible with Toyota Prius’s  air-vent types.

And there are two types of clips comes with this holder. One is designed for common horizontal vents; and the other type of clip is a universal clip, which is suitable for any type of vent including round and vertical air-vent types.

Because the clip is designed in the hook shape that’s why it attaches to the exhaust vent blades through a clip hook, and three feet are there that firmly supported on the vent to keep it fixed and these features makes it ultra-stable air-vent phone holder, even it won’t fall off on the rough or bumpy roads.TORRAS Toyota Prius Phone Holder

Also, its arms are wide enough to hold the 4-7 inches big or large smartphone; along with this, it can easily hold the almost all types of smartphone with thicker cases on it in between the width of 2.1-4 inches.

Not only this, it passed the military-grade sturdiness test, and it is sturdier more than 10X than normal phone holders, which makes it durable; means no worry about the sudden break.

Moreover, it has quick release button and adjustable clamp arms because of this you can easily insert or remove your phone with just single hand. Provide you the safer driving whether you are talking, navigation, listening to music or charging.

  • Thick phone case friendly
  • Features two types of sturdy air-vent clips
  • 360-degree rotational support
  • Pricey

3. APPS2Car 13-Inches Long Gooseneck Windshield, Dashboard Toyota Prius Mount – Best For Windshield

APPS2Car Long Arm Toyota Prius Phone Holder

Here comes the windshield phone holder which is created by APPS2Car, it is very easily to install and use and its 13 inches long gooseneck helps you to set the perfect viewing angles as you want.

It features a top-quality aluminium designed gooseneck which is 13-inches long, which makes it ultra-durable and a long lasting product.

Besides, to support its extra long arm, it has very strong suction cup with switch; so that you can easily adhere to the windshield, dashboard, desk, cabinet etc.

Along with this, there is extra-dashboard support base is comes with this that provides it stability and makes it ultra-secure.APPS2Car Toyota Prius Phone Mount

And all these things like: – long arm for better extension with sturdy suction cup base: industrial-strength suction cup which securely locks your smartphone on the windshield, dashboard even on the bumpiest roads.

As well as, the clamp can be open to 4 inches wide, which is why it is compatible with almost every smartphone sized under 4 inches.

Moreover, there is 360-degree swivel mount head comes with the screw-nut locking feature that ensures to hold your smartphone in the secure positioning and optimal viewing angles like landscape and portrait.

  • 13-inches long aluminum gooseneck
  • Strong suction cup with switch
  • One touch release button
  • None

4. LISEN Holder With 6 Strong Magnets Magnetic Cell Phone Holder With  For Toyota Prius – Best Magnetic Mount

LISEN Phone Mount For Toyota Prius

This is the magnetic smartphone holder that comes from LISEN, it is designed in a way that it can be mounted on the almost all types of air-vent types such as: Horizontal, Vertical & Round Air Vent Types.

It comes with 6 strong built-in magnets that can hold up to 8.0 lb(weight to 16 iPhone Pro Max). Because of these 6 ultra strong magnets it holds the phone firmly even big and large smartphones.

Also, it has been tested on the bumpy roads, sharp turns, and other tough driving condition and it always keeps the phone steady.

LISEN 6 Strong Phone Holder For Toyota Prius

Along with this, LISEN phone mount is designed with lengthened “Hook (1.41inches)”, which locks deeper vent blades. As well as, the “Hook” is adopt upgraded PC+ABS material which makes it 3X sturdy.

There is soft shockproof rubber is covered in the bottom that’s why it attaches to the air-vent more tightly without a scratch.

  • 6 strong magnets
  • Three grasp points
  • Eagle beak designed clip
  • Very high value for money
  • None

5. VICSEED Ultra Sturdy Phone Mount For Toyota Prius – Great For Dashboard

VICSEED 3-in-1 Smartphone Holder For Toyota Prius

Here’s the another Dashboard, Windshield and Air-Vent phone mount for Toyota Prius which is made by VICSEED and it is made with best airliner PTFE PC material so that it can easily be mounted on all three locations firmly.

Besides, it has upgraded super strong sticky suction cup so that you don’t have to worry about its stability and to make it more stable they comes up with 2-step lock mechanism which provide extremely strong suction power.VICSEED Toyota Prius Cell Phone Mount

And there is extra dashboard pad is available which provides smooth surface so the phone holder can stay more firmly and securely.

Along with this, its super wide arm can easily hold almost all smartphones and thick cases on it.

Additionally, they provides extremely flexible air vent clip that fits for Toyota Prius air vent type easily; and the silicone on the clip helps this vent mount to grip tightly and also protects the blades from scratching.

Moreover, it comes with adjustable telescopic arm and 360-degrees rotational ball-joint so that you can easily adjust your phone to any angles and any places.

Which is why, it is convenient to navigate, pickup phone calls without any kind of distraction during the drive.

  • Made with very high quality material
  • Extremely stable mount
  • Pricey

6. VICSEED PopSocket Phone Mount For Toyota Prius – Best For PopSockets

VICSEED Phone Holder For Toyota Prius

This is the VICSEED phone holder and it is the perfect phone mount for PopSockets, Ring Phone Holder, Otter case etc.

Now you don’t need to take off your favourite phone case like PopSocket, Loop case, Kickstand, Ring Holder. You just need to insert your smartphone with socket grip into the groove of this air-vent phone holder and that’s it.

Besides, it features a tight internal structure that brings a strong clamping power to hold your smartphone firmly with sockets.

Along with this, this VICSEED air-vent phone holder has rubber cushions that creates the reliable protection to hold your valuable phone securely without even a single scratch.VICSEED Phone Mount For Toyota Prius

Its air vent clip is built with metal that makes it sturdy mount and so that you can be easily and securely attached to vertical or horizontal air-vent types.

As well as, it is stable enough that you can drive your Toyota Prius over bumps and sharper turns and it won’t pop out or bounce off your smartphone. So that you can drive your vehicle completely distraction free.

  • Fully compatible with popsockets
  • Very high build quality
  • A bit pricey

7. ZeeHoo Max 15W Wireless Toyota Prius Phone Mount – Best For Travelers (Wireless Phone Holder)

ZeeHoo Wireless Phone Holder For Toyota Prius

This is a wireless charging phone holder made by ZEEHOO. This is great for travellers as they can use their device for navigational or calling purpose and with charging.

It has a charging power of Max 15W which is considered very fast charging power that’s why your smartphone does not get exhausted while using it.

There is built-in super capacitor, this is the upgraded featured and it will help to make your driving and charging smarter that means now no more worries if you forget taking your phone out of the mount when car is shut off.

This wireless car phone holder have very strong suction cup which securely attaches to the multiple locations like: – it can be installed on the dashboard, windshield and on air-vent.ZeeHoo Toyota Prius Phone Mount With Wireless Charger

As well as, it comes with quick release button so that you can easily place it on the phone holder by just one hand, and you can easily set the best viewing angles according to your desire; and these both features makes the driving safe.

  • Max 15W fast charging power
  • Strong suction cup
  • Does not compatible with round or circular air vents
  • Pricey

8. WixGear Steering Wheel Toyota Prius Phone Holder – Best For Steering Wheel

WixGear Steering Wheel Phone Holder For Toyota Prius

Here’s it is the steering wheel phone holder for Toyota Prius which is designed by WixGear.

It is not only for steering wheel this is multi-functional phone holder that can easily be attached on headrest, bike handle bars, baby stroller or shopping carriage, office desks, refrigerators and many more edge defined surfaces.

It is like one mount for all because you don’t have to use a different-different mounts for every place you go, just take this with you like: – go to your car and then bring it in to your office desk and ou can go shopping with it and keep it on your baby stroller or shopping carriage.

Also, there are 2 cylindrical types of small and large diameter comes with this holder which helps you to mount your smartphone on the headrest of Toyota Prius easily.WixGear Headrest Mount For Toyota Prius

This is very sturdy steering wheel phone holder which is made by the combination of premium quality rubber reinforced with extra strong durable plastic; and because of these two combined materials it makes it very strong and durable and gives the much needed strength to resist road vibration, minor impacts.

It is generally lightweight and very portable steering wheel mount that makes it extremely handy and useful anywhere and anytime.

  • Multi-functional mount
  • Simple in design
  • A bit pricey

9. CHRYMUM Dashboard Clip Phone Holder For Toyota Prius – Best Dash Clip Mount

CHRYMUM Dashboard Clip Phone Holder For Toyota Prius

This is another type dashboard clip phone holder that is come from CHRYMUM and also it is the multi-functional because you can also install it on Toyota Prius’s dashboard, sun visor and rearview mirror.

This sturdy phone holder made with soft non-slip silicone pad and curved base. Due to its curved base it can be firmly attached to the car dashboard or curved surface, and the non-slip silicone pad prevents the car from scratching.

Along with this, it comes with spring buckle base that makes it strong and ultra-stable that it won’t shake off during the drive.

And you can easily mount 4-7 inches mobile phones on it; which means it is compatible with most of the smartphones.CHRYMUM Dashboard Clip Mount For Toyota Prius

Besides, there are 4 non-slip chucks are available that securely holds the smartphone that’s why your phone won’t fall off during the drive on bumpy roads, sharp turns, even on the sudden braking.

  • Very high value for money
  • Featured 4 non-slip chuck
  • None

10. TORRAS 15-inches Long Cup Cell Phone Mount For Toyota Prius – Best For Cup Holders

TORRAS Cup Phone Holder For Toyota Prius

This is the cup phone holder that can easily fit on the Toyota Prius’s cup holder, and it is designed by TORRAS.

Also, it features 15 inches long mount with aluminum gooseneck which makes this phone mount very durable, also it will give you the flexibility so that you can manage the viewing angles accordingly.

Besides, there is 0.6 inches of built-in aluminum rod is covered with 3 layers of heat-resistant ABS material that ensure durability and it doesn’t break easily.

The base of the mount is adjustable and it fits perfectly to the varying size cup holders like its upgraded adjustable base can be extended longer in size of 2.51 – 3.77 inches.TORRAS Toyota Prius Cup Phone Mount

It is thick case and heavy phone friendly mount because it is suitable for all mobile phones of 4 – 7 inches with thicker cases of them width between 2.1-4 inches.

Along with this, there is premium silicone air cushions applied on the holder that provide the best protection for your expensive smartphone and hence prevent from scratches also.

This phone mount is adopted the latest 17 shaping process and have passed the Military-grade sturdiness test on the car phone holder, which makes it 50X stronger than the normal ones.

  • 15 inches long mount with aluminum gooseneck
  • Quick release button
  • Costly

My Thought On The Best Phone Holder for Toyota Prius

I am sure that you have found best holder according to your Toyota Prius and Above I have listed the Best Phone Holder for Toyota Prius, which you can consider according to your best choice.

Obviously, strong grip and perfectly fit holder would be best for Toyota Prius.

i have listed best choices in all the different places in the car but if you want specifically more phone holder for Windshield, Dashboard, Air Vent & Steering Wheel.

Let me know your thoughts on the comment section below.

FAQ’s of the Best Phone Mount for Toyota Prius

Here i have answered all the questions that usually peoples ask for the best phone mount for toyota prius. But if you have any other queries that these then please let me know in the comment section below i will try to answer it as soon as possible.

1. Is nimbus is the best prius phone mount?

Ans:- Yes as well as No, this is the best for those who want to use their smartphone for mostly navigational purpose.

But because it can be only installed on the gear that’s why you will be limited to do things with this and if you want to use your smartphone for calling and something else then it can not be the best prius phone mount according to your desired action.

2. What is the best phone mount for prius ?

Ans:- Above I have already mentioned the best phone mount for prius for all possible various types.

These smartphone holders have all the abilities that makes them “The Best” in their type of mount for Toyota Prius such as: – they are reliable and build with high quality materials as well as they are very user-friendly also because of their mounting positions in the prius.

And that is the reason you can easily mount your smartphone safely in above mentioned holders and they gives you the freedom to use it for navigational purpose, attain/make important calls, play music and all the basic works to be done with smartphones without any distraction.

3. How to install phone mount for prius ?

Ans:- Now-a-days installing phone holders is became very easy in Toyota prius.

Usually there are suction cup or adhesive mount are perfect for Toyota Prius, that’s why the installing process can be completed within a minute or two.

Just clean the surface where you want to attach the holder then put the suction cup/adhesive and lock it accordingly and all are set.

If you found it sturdy and it is not vibrating frequently then it is the sign that it is installed perfectly with sturdiness.

Now you can use your smartphone easily without being worried about the falling of phone and vibration during the rough drive etc.

4. Why I should use the best prius phone mount only?

Ans:- Firstly, if you want to mount something different phone holder then it is your choice, you can do whatever you want to mount.

But if you mount something else then the best prius phone mount, then it can be useless because I have mentioned above phone holders that are with my experience these and then I have choose these 10 best cell prius phone mount.

So it can be very beneficial for you and totally worth your every single penny you invest in holder.

Also, these holders are the strong enough to holder almost every smartphone even the heavy or large ones, even on the rough roads; so that you can drive your prius distraction free.

5. Will the best prius phone mount prevent phones from falling and can avoid scratching ?

Ans:- Yes, above mentioned best prius phone mount can prevent your smartphones from falling during the rough drive because of these holder tightly hold the smartphones, even they can prevent your smartphone in a bumpy paths also.

Also, these phone holders have silicone padded arms that easily prevents your smartphone from being scratched as well as silicone pads minimizes the vibrations that are generated during the rough drive that enhances your driving experience and you can enjoy worry free drive.

6. Will the best phone mount for prius affects wireless charging?

Ans:- No, mostly these are non-magnetic phone mount and the non-magnetic phone holders doesn’t affects wireless charging.

Yes Nimbus and some are magnetic phone holder but they do not affects the wireless charging because of their design and most importantly they have N-45 magnets that generates the magnetic force of attraction in the way that doesn’t affect the wireless charging or signals.

Yes there are many holder are available that affects wireless charging and also weak the signal of your smartphone because of their magnetism. But these holder doesn’t affects.

7. Are the best phone mount for prius reliable?

Ans:- Yes, they are reliable. You only need to check; it should be installed properly and everything would be fine, so that it won’t be fall during the bumpy drive even when you mount a heavy or large smartphone.

Holders that installed perfectly with proper instructions that sticks perfectly and that will also reduces vibrations generated during the rough roads and also it prevent your smartphone and vehicle from being scratched.

8. Can I change position of the prius phone mount?

Ans:- Yes, but the concern is you should not even change the positions of the prius phone mount, because changing the positions frequently may affect their performance and maybe they became totally useless.

Usually most of the prius phone mount are have suction cup or adhesive that attaches to the dashboard, windshield and other positions; that is why if you change it’s positions frequently then suction became a little loose or adhesive can be lost their stickiness.

Yes I have above mentioned prius phone mount have re-usable suction cup but there are also chances that they can became little loose after several times of changing positions of the holders.

And if you really need to mount it somewhere else then the original position then you can do it; it won’t became useless in one or two times of position change.

9. Can I mount large or heavy smartphone in the best prius phone mount?

Ans:- Yes, prius phone mount are made with very high quality material which is why you can easily mount your heavy or large smartphones without a single doubt.

Even the magnetic mount can hold your heavy or large smartphones because they produce very high magnetic force of attraction that can easily hold your smartphone in place.

Also, above mentioned magnetic mounts for Toyota prius holds your smartphone tightly and because of this it obstruct the phone from vibrations.

10. Does the best phone mount for prius works on the hot summer also?

Ans:- Yes, of course, in hot summer these types of prius phone mount can works same as in any temperature.

But if you mount a phone holder on your windshield then it can be a problem for adhesive type of base mounting.

Because the long exposure to the sun can heat the windshield and also the too much heat can be dry because of extreme heat. Although you can wash your adhesive base and re-attach it again but extreme heat can wipe out the gel.

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