The 7 Best Cell Phone Holder for Toyota Prius

Best phone holder for toyota prius In today’s world phones are necessary, we have to carry them everywhere even when we drives a car.

And along with we have to call someone or attend important calls, use them to follow the GPS path and other activities.

So it can be very dangerous that you hold your smartphone with your hand.

So to make you’re both hands free to drive safely then good phone holder for prius comes into play.

Phone holders help you mount a phone to a specific location in your prius so that you can easily do such a tasks.

But very few holders matches the prius, so meanwhile the research I found these 7 best cell phone holder for toyota prius I listed below, that will help you to mount your smartphones at various positions in the car.

These are the Best Cell Phone Holder for Toyota Prius

These are some of the best cell phone holder for Toyota Prius that can help you to use your cell phone easily in your prius and gives you freedom to take/answer calls while driving.

1. VICSEED Phone Holder for Toyota Prius – Best Holder for Prius

VICSEED Phone Holder for Toyota Prius

This holding device is created by VISCEED and liked by more than 14000+ customers on Besides, it earns “Amazon’s Choice” badge; it’s 4.5 out of 5 amazing rating tells that it is trustworthy.

This is strong 3 in 1 multiple functional phone holder which makes it very compatible with your prius.

Also, you can also use this holder on the dashboard, windshield and air vent so that you don’t have to worry about mounting positions on your priest.

Also, its 2 step lock mechanism provides extremely strong suction power because of this is holds your phone firmly, even on the rough roads; your phone will not fall.

Also, its super wide arm allows it to easily mount almost every large phone that has a thick phone case.

Its 360 degree rotational ball joint and the adjustable telescopic arms provide you to adjust your smartphone according to your desired screen view to operate it easily.

  • 3 in 1 multiple functional holder
  • Very high build quality
  • Value for money
  • None

2. iOttie 4 Dash & Windshield Phone Holder for Prius – Strong & Stable Mount

iOttie prius phone holder

This holder is made by iOttie and love by more than 43,000+ customers on Besides, customers rated it 4.5 out of 5; that show its trustworthiness.

Also, it allows quick operation to open and close it with one hand and the telescopic arms extends from 4-6.5 inches.

Also, it can hold phones width of 2.3 to 3.5 inches so that you can easily mount and un-mount almost any smartphone without being distracted.

Because of its strong suction cup it sticks very firmly and the reusable suction cup adds extra value to this holder.

  • Beautifully designed
  • Sturdy arms
  • Does not work well on extreme heat

3. The Nimbus Mount for Toyota Prius – Best as a Gear Holder

Nimbus prius mobile phone mount

This Nimbus cell phone holder is specifically designed for Toyota prius (Guaranteed fit for Third Generation Prius).

Also, its powerful magnets generate safe and strong magnetic force, so that it can holds your smartphone firmly and also reduces the vibrations generated during rough and bumpy paths.

It is also best for those who need to mount their device for navigational use.

Also, you can easily install it without any problem and it also does not affect gear shifting.

  • Strong magnetic force
  • It does not affect gear shifting
  • None

4. Lamicall Air Vent Clip Holder for Prius – Best for Prius Air Vent

Lamicall prius smartphone holder

This uniquely designed smartphone mount is made by Lamicall and comes with two vent clips on the back, which ensures that it can definitely hold large cell phones with ease.

Also, it is very stable phone mount because of two vent clips, and it reduces vibrations so that you can smoothly operate or follow the path via smartphone.

It is the best air vent phone holder for prius because of the wide compatibility of phones fits on it, with the width of 4.7-6.5 inche smartphones like iPhone 12, Galaxy S10 etc.

Also, its rubber padded cushions protects the air vent from scratches and also protects your phone.

Moreover, you can adjust your phone both vertically or horizontally for better view.

Also, it earns “Amazon’s Choice” badge; and 15000+ positive reviews shows it’s reliability.

  • Features 2 vent clips
  • Very high value for money
  • Does not supports for round air vents

Check this for: Round Air Vent or Vertical Air Vents.

5. Mpow Windshield Phone Mount for Prius – Best for Prius Windshield

Mpow windshield Prius phone mounts

This windshield phone holder is designed by Mpow and its 9 inches long aluminum strong gooseneck makes it compatible with the prius.

Besides, you can change its viewing angle by bending the gooseneck as you want.

Also, it comes with the stabilizing device that fixes the gooseneck to prevent shaking.

Also, it’s upgraded suction cup improved heat resistance and increased stability of the suction cup, so that it can be used in heat also.

In addition, it comes with a washable suction cup; if suction cup is covered with dust and affects the adsorption performance, you can easily restore the adsorption power by washing with water.

Moreover, the ball joints can rotate 360 ​​degrees, adjust accordingly and then tighten the nut to fix the position.

Its clamp arm can be extended up to 3.7 inches to hold larger phones, which is why it is compatible with 4-6.9 inch mobile phones.

  • 9 inches long gooseneck
  • Stabilizing device minimizes vibrations
  • Washable suction cup
  • None

6. AUKEY Dashboard, Windshield Mount for Toyota Prius – Very High Value

AUKEY prius mobile holder

This dashboard holder is made by AUKEY and because of its structure it does not block the windshield view.

Besides, fix this on a flat surface on your dashboard, but if your dashboard surface is slightly curved or uneven, then you don’t need to be worry about this; there is additional sticker comes with the holder that solves this problem.

Also, it contains 4 powerful magnets that securely place your smartphone or GPS on your car’s dashboard.

It contains 2 types of metal plates; A circular metal plate for smaller phones and a rectangular metal plate for larger phones, place them between the phone and case.

Moreover, its base is capable of rotating up to 360 degrees, and through it you can find your ideal viewing angle.

  • It has additional sticker for slightly curved or uneven surface
  • Repositioning the holder multiple times will affect the sticky piece

7. TOPGO Smartphone Cup Holder – Best Phone Cup Holder

cup holder for TOPGO Prius

This cup holder phone mount is designed by TOPGO, and it is adjustable mount that fits firmly and perfectly in the cup holder for your prius.

Besides, it also fits for varying size cup holders in your prius.

Its 8-inch-long adjustable gooseneck makes it easy and flexible to access your mobile phone. You can adjust its height as you like.

Also, you can rotate it 360 degree, and it is suitable for all types of 2.01′ – 3.54′ wide devices, such as iPhone 11 XS/X, Galaxy S9 etc.

NOTE: Please carefully compare the size of your prius cup holder first and then buy it.

  • 8 inch adjustable gooseneck
  • Allows 360 degree rotation
  • Bit pricey

My Thought On The Best Phone Holder for Toyota Prius

I am sure that you have found best holder according to your Toyota Prius and Above I have listed the best cell phone holder for Toyota Prius, which you can consider according to your best choice.

Obviously, strong grip and perfectly fit holder would be best for Toyota Prius.

i have listed best choices in all the different places in the car but if you want specifically more phone holder for Windshield, Dashboard, Air Vent & Steering Wheel.

Let me know your thoughts on the comment section below.

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