7 best car phone holder for ford fiesta

best car phone holder for ford fiestaIn today’s world we are very busy that we have to do some important things in our smartphone along with driving our car.

We have to make such important calls during busy schedule or during travel, GPS to arrive at destination and such things.

We all know that it is very dangerous to drive as well as to operate a smartphone with hands.

But here’s the solution, for the use of the phone holder; We can do this things very easily without being distracted.

So here you’ll find my best picks on the best car phone holder for ford fiesta that are specially designed that can easily fit for ford fiesta, then I know that your choice may be different from mine and that is why I have listed all the top 7 best holders that you should buy based on your budget.

But before buying anything I thought you should know about the characteristics of the best phone holder, so that you can buy the right cell phone holder according to your ford fiesta.

Also, this will increase your overall driving experience with smartphone.

Then you will comfortably drive your ford fiesta without being worried about the falling of smartphone while driving on bumpy paths.

What Do You Need To Check For The Best Phone Holder (Ford Fiesta)

You are familiar with how you have to use cell phones while driving for different purposes like to make/attain phone calls, to use for navigation, and you know that how difficult and dangerous it is meanwhile driving.

Therefore, I have listed below five features that you should always check with the phone holder.


The very first thing you should check is: what type of cell phone holder is compatible with your ford fiesta according to your fiesta model.

Check that if you install it on your ford fiesta then it shouldn’t scratch or damage your vehicle.

You need to be aware of the compatibility of the holder: if you install holder then it should hold your smartphone tightly, even on the rough roads and phone should not fall during the bumpy paths.

Check compatibility for all the mounting positions like: – which phone holder supports your car’s dashboard most, and likewise for your windshield, Air Vent Holder and a Cup Phone Holder.

Built quality

You should be aware of what type of materials used to make holder, so that you can confidently choose best for you.

Holder’s quality should not be made cheaply material, so that it won’t break and stay longer, and make sure that holder can easily hold cell phones even the large/heavy one on the bumpy/rough routes.

Release & Lock

Always choose easy to release and lock mechanisms phone holder so that you can do while driving without being distracted from your track.

If holders have one touch release and lock button then this is just perfect.

Because of this you can mount or take off your smartphone anytime, anywhere you want with one handedly without any difficulty.

Angle of Rotation

Rotational ability also matters, always check what angle does it rotates, in which direction it can rotate, normally almost all the cell phones holders comes with 360-degree rotational feature.

Also choose the holder that can securely hold your phone vertically and horizontally both, so that you can adjust it according to your desired view.

Installation process

How long holder will work, it also very much depends on the installation process of the holder. Holder should be perfectly installed without any scratch or damage to your vehicle.

Also installing process should not be complicated.

Note: if you frequently change holder’s position then the performance will be affected and may be holder will fall off.

These are The 7 Best Car Phone Holder for Ford Fiesta

These are some of the best car phone holder for Ford Fiesta that can help you to use your cell phone easily in your fiesta and gives you freedom to take/answer calls while driving.

1. APPS2Car Dashboard Phone Holder for Ford Fiesta – Best for Ford Fiesta

APPS2Car ford fiesta phone mount for windshield and dashboard

This phone holder is made by APPS2Car and it comes with 13-inch-long Gooseneck.

Because of this you can easily get a closer screen view and also you can adjust it to your requirement, and that is why it is the best car phone holder for ford fiesta.

Besides, because of the closer view you can easily operate it or use it for navigational purpose without being distracted while driving.

Also, its strong suction cup sticks very well to the dashboard of your Ford Fiesta so that you don’t have to worry about the phone falling.

In addition, the stabilizer reduces vibration and helps you run your car smoothly on bumpy roads.APPS2Car phone mount informations

Moreover, it is made of high quality rubberized aluminum , this qualities made it very durable phone mount.

In addition, you can easily mount large phones with thick phone cases width of 4 inches wide and it is also able to rotate 360 ​​degrees so that you can adjust it according to the angle you want.

  • Compatible with Ford Fiesta
  • Very High build quality
  • 9 inch long gooseneck
  • Temperature resistance
  • None

2. OQTIQ Upgraded Long Arm Cell Phone Mount for Ford Fiesta – Best as a Windshield Mount

phone mount for ford fiesta

This smartphone holder is made by OQTIQ and loved by more than 800+ customers on Amazon.com. Besides, customers rated it 4.5 out of 5; it means this holder is trustworthy.

Also, its 13-inch high-quality gooseneck gives you flexibility of smartphone’s position and will fit perfectly on your Ford Fiesta.

Also, you can bend it according to your desirable positions on dashboard/windshield.

In addition, it contains anti-shake stabilizer, which minimizes the wobble of the phone when driving on the rough or bumpy paths.

With the help of One-Button Release feature, You can easily take off your smartphone with just one hand.

Moreover, it has a strong suction cup that locks securely on the windshield or dashboard of your Ford Fiesta so that you can safely mount your smartphone.OQTIQ 13-inches long smartphone holder

Also, it has reusable suction cup gel; if you notice something, you can simply wash it, air dry, and re-attach it again.

You can easily mount most smartphones with screens up to 6.9″ and the 360 ​​degree rotational ball joint gives you the freedom to adjust it according to your ideal viewing angle.

  • 13 inch gooseneck
  • One button Release feature
  • Small dash gripper

3. OTEMIK Universal Air Vent Phone Holder – Best for Air Vent

OTEMIK Air Vent Phone Mount

This device is designed by OTEMIK, and it is beautifully designed robust air vent phone holder for Ford Fiesta.

Besides, this phone holder attach tightly to the air vent that’s why it will never fall or move, even on the rough roads and protects your smartphone.

Moreover, it comes with foldable feet, with this you can easily charge your smartphone without any hassle, just bend the feet of the holder and charge it.

Also, it has sponge cushions all around so that you can safely mount your phone, and wobble-free fit for your cell phone and it also absorbs vibratioOTEMIK detail analysis of phone holderns.

It is compatible with most smart phones up to 6 inches and also has 360 degree rotational capability so that you can set it at any angle to get best view.

Check out this if your want phone holder for Vertical & Round Air Vents.

  • Features 360-degree angle view
  • Very high value for money
  • Does not support Vertical & Round Air Vents

4. BESTRIX Magnetic Dashboard Phone Holder – Beautifully Designed

BESTRIX smartphone mount

This holding device is made by BESTRIX, and it is a stylish dashboard holder that will suits most on your Ford Fiesta.

Also, it comes with a large suction surface with superior heavy-duty glue so that you can embed it easily.

In addition, it includes 4 super strong Neodymium magnets under elegant silicone padding to protect and stabilize your smartphone to prevent any road conditions.

BesTrix Smartphone Holder for Ford Fiesta

Also, you can easily mount your phone; simply place one of the included metal plates (1 Square & 1 Round) between your phone & phone case and that’s it.

You can easily install it on any smooth surfaces, except for leather/faux leather dashboards, and also you can get the desired view around 360 degrees.

  • 4 powerful neodymium magnets
  • A bit pricey

5. IKOPO Multiple Car Phone Holder for Ford Fiesta – Best as a Dash Clip Mount

IKOPO dashboard clip holder for car

This dashboard clip holder is created by IKOPO and you can also use this holder in car dashboard, sun visor, rearview mirror, and home desk.

Also, it is very easy to Install and Remove, and you can control it one handedly.

Besides, in this holder you can easily mount the phone width of up to 4 inches, and almost every smartphone can be fitted from 3 to 7 inches.

Moreover, it can freely adjustable in all directions to provide you best viewing angle (including 360-degree vertical and horizontal rotation, 180-degree tilt).IKOPO Ford Fiesta Smartphone Mount

At last, for your absolute satisfaction, they offer a 12 month 100% money back/replacement assurance. If you are disappointed in anyway Please contact them freely for replacement or refund.

Note: Before buying; make sure this dash clip suitable for your Ford Fiesta.

  • Multiple functional mount
  • Very strong material used
  • Does not works well with thick phone cases

6. Andobil CD Slot Smartphone Holder – Best for CD Mount

Andobil cd phone mount for ford fiesta

This is the CD Slot car phone holder made by Andobil and it has three side grips design to hold the cell phone tightly.

Besides, you can mount and release the phone with one handedly:

Simply set your smartphone inside the holder and squeeze the sides and it will be put on, and to release; There is a small button on the side so that you can eject your phone by pressing it.

Also, the phone holder revolves 360 degrees so that you can easily adjust it to get your best angle of view.Andobil CD smartphone mount for ford fiesta

Insert the cradle into the CD slot and once properly installed, the cradle will remain firmly in the CD slot.

Note: Please make sure it will fit for your Ford Fiesta or not, and it may cover the face of the stereo when it is mounted.

  • Features three sided grip
  • CD Stereo can hide behind holder

7. Lorima Adjustable Car Cup Holder for Ford Fiesta – Best Cup Holder for Ford Fiesta

Lorima cup holder for cars

This cup holder is created by Lorima and you can fit firmly and securely into the cup holder for the Ford Fiesta between 2.28 “- 4.6” diameter.

Besides, this cup holder comes with an extendable neck to achieve maximum flexibility so that you can easily adjust the height as you wish.

Also, its flexible swivel ball can rotate 360 degree and a jointed arm can rotate 270 degree to make it easy to move so that these options further enhance your view angle of the phone.

Lorima strong cup holder for ford fiesta vehicle

Also, the phone holder has two buttons on the back that are used to release the side and bottom clips, and is suitable for all types of 2.2 ‘- 3.8’ wide devices.

It has thick silicone pad that is non-slippery in nature that means your smartphone stays in place holder will never let your phone fall off, and it is also compatible with thick cases and others such as: Otterbox etc.

  • Extendable neck
  • Features 360-degree angle view
  • None

FAQ’s of Mobile Phone Holder for Ford Fiesta

1. What is the best cell phone holder for Ford Fiesta?

Ans: – phone holders that specially fits and works on particularly Ford Fiesta car these type of holder like Dashboard, Windshield, Air Vent and Cup Holders.

2. Can you mount Otterbox(Big Phone Case) mobile phone in the Ford Fiesta.

Ans: – Yes, you can easily mount smartphone with big phone case on some of the above listed holders where I have mentioned.

3. Can I change position of the mobile phone holder on Ford Fiesta?

Ans: – Yes as well as No, you can change positions of some holders like Air Vent holders, but if you frequently change the positions of the Windshield, Dashboard phone holders then the suction cup/adhesive gel pad may be stop working or starts falling off.

Check this If you have issue of falling the suction cup.

So please avoid changing positions frequently.

Wrap Up On Best Car Phone Holder for Ford Fiesta

I am sure you have found one holder that suits your fiesta most.

Make sure the higher the compatibility and built quality the more reliable it is for your Ford Fiesta and in between the Dashboard, Windshield, Air Vent and Cup Holder you can have one which fits your budget, as mostly suggested for Ford Fiesta are Dashboard and Windshield holder.

Dashboard and Windshield best car phone holder for Ford Fiesta that I can recommend mounting they are reliable and perfectly works for your Ford Fiesta.

We will update them whenever the new version of the holder will come.

Let me know in the comment section below if you have any question in mind.

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