The 7 Best Audi Q5 Phone Mount (High Quality Holder)

Humans regularly use their phones as sat navs, but what’s the quality – and safest – manner to at ease them within the vehicle? Best Audi Q5 Phone Holder Our top five automobile phone holders will assist you out

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Pretty much everyone has a cellular telephone and a lot of us use that telephone in the vehicle as a sat nav tool.

Audi Q5 Phone Mount, Audi Q5 Phone HolderCertainly, navigation structures like waze or google maps may be finest to integrated structures, even in new cars. But there are few motors that have a committed phone cradle to preserve the display in a usefully visible role.

The best prison method to maintain you palms-loose when using and to preserve the telephone securely in view (however no longer blockading your view), is a automobile telephone holder or cradle.

The problem is, which automobile phone holder is the only for you, given there are thousands available to pick from? It is a puzzling maze to navigate thru.

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So we’ve checked out what a wonderful telephone holder should be and produced a listing of the five pleasant we are Best Audi Q5 Phone Holder able to locate.

Air vent, windshield or dashboard mounted cellphone holder?

There are three fundamental approaches of attaching the car Best Audi Q5 Phone Holder for your vehicle:

  1. Clipped to a vent
  2. A suction cup which sticks to a clean floor – like your windscreen
  3. Dashboard mounted – these typically stick with a form of adhesive.

There are also approaches of preserving a phone in a holder – either with magnets, one among that’s caught to the phone, or with a mechanical grip.

Which one you select relies upon on your phone, and your automobile.

For instance, when you have a larger cellphone, a magnet may not be sturdy enough to preserve your cellphone connected on Best Audi Q5 Phone Holder your air vent. It may additionally save you wi-fi charging, and block apps like apple pay.

Suction cups and adhesive mounts have their downsides too. Every so often they leave ugly marks for your automobile’s windscreen or dashboard. And over the years, the stickiness should degrade causing the car phone mount to fall.

Wherein’s the fine area to put your Best Audi Q5 Phone Holder ?

It’s confusing seeking to work out where to position your phone in case you’re the usage of it as a sat nav.

Annex 6 of the dual carriageway code states:

“windscreens and home windows ought to be saved easy and loose from obstructions to imaginative and prescient”

If you’re now not using your smartphone for navigation Best Cell Phone Holder For Audi Q5 functions, you ought to positioned it away somewhere it’s no longer going to distract you.

If you’re the use of it to navigate, you have to vicinity it someplace that’s no longer going to dam your view of the street. A great choice might be at the windscreen to the proper of the steering wheel.

If you use a vehicle smartphone holder that attaches to the air vent, then this isn’t absolutely a problem. However you should ensure you can view your navigation app easily with a look.

It’s satisfactory now not to region the car phone holder too Best Cell Phone Holder For Audi Q5 excessive up. The cables could intrude with the car’s controls, and could potentially get tangled around the gear stick.

Take into account even though, it’s illegal to interact with your phone whilst your vehicle’s transferring, even if you’re the use of it for navigation.

You could get 6 penalty factors and a Best Audi Q5 Phone Holder nice if you’re stuck doing this, that can increase the price of your automobile insurance.

If you need to use your phone while you’re riding, pull over in a safe location and turn off the ignition.

The 7 Best Audi Q5 Phone Mount (High Quality Holder)

The beikell holder is strong, robust and effortlessly adjustable to make sure you could function you telephone just in which you need it. It works both way up too – stuck to the screen or stuck to the dashboard.

The mechanical grip is also designed to permit a charging cable to truely plug in too.

1. Beikell adjustable – Best Audi Q5 Phone Mount


  • 360-degree rotation
  • Attaches in your air vent


  • Costly

The beikell adjustable holder is the high-quality Best Audi Q5 Phone Mount of the suction cup and mechanical grip devices we’ve determined.

Due to the fact you don’t have to healthy magnets Best Cell Phone Holder For Audi Q5 to your telephone you could nevertheless use wi-fi bills and wi-fi charging. Also, you don’t break the glossy lines of your cell tool.

2. Syncwire magnetic Best Audi Q5 Phone Mount phone holder


  • 360-degree rotation
  • Attaches in your air vent so it doesn’t block your view
  • Space for charging port.


  • Costly

The magnetic strip would possibly block features like apple pay and wireless charging
Possibly the best device available is the syncwire magnetic cellphone holder.

Simply stick the provided magnet to the back of your Best Cell Phone Holder For Audi Q5 phone and you may attach it to the holder both in portrait or landscape orientation.

Simply remember the fact that magnets generally tend to prevent wi-fi charging from working and additionally frequently forestall wireless price systems together with apple pay.

However if this isn’t a worry for you, Best Audi Q5 Phone Mount the magnets are narrow enough for a phone case to still move over the top.

3. Floveme vehicle cellphone holder


  • Attaches to the dashboard
  • Elegant design.


  • Sticky adhesive pad should reason marks at the dashboard
  • Magnetic plate disrupts wireless charging Best Cell Phone Holder For Audi Q5 and paying.

If you’re going to have your vehicle for a while and need a more fashionable answer, then the floveme magnetic holder could be just the issue.

Rather than blocking a vent or a number of the display, this device is stuck onto your dashboard with an adhesive pad.

What’s more, the pad is cleverly designed to suit curved and flat surfaces. The floveme holder is likewise compact, fashionable and adjustable Best Audi Q5 Phone Mount so you can role your cellphone wherever you watched is best.

3. Ugreeen air vent car cellphone holder – Best Audi Q5 Phone Mount 


  • Robotically secures the smartphone inside the holder using gravity
  • Suits into your air vent
  • Area for charging port


  • No rotation characteristic.

By means of a long way the maximum exciting function on this car phone holder is the ‘gravity linkage system’.

Alternatively of having to manually alter the holder Best Cell Phone Holder For Audi Q5 to suit your phone, with this tool you truely drop to your telephone and it adjusts itself.

The snug healthy minimises the probabilities of your phone leaping out of the cradle if you go over a velocity bump or round a decent nook.

The tender silicon pads at the cradle and Best Audi Q5 Phone Mount air vent clamps reduce scratches to your cellphone and air vent too.

The simplest drawback of the ugreen vehicle cellphone holder is that you can’t rotate it.

4. Vanmass automobile – Best Cell Phone HOlder For Audi Q5


  • 360-diploma rotation
  • Clean to clamp and launch
  • Attaches to your air vents, windscreen or dashboard.


  • Dashboard attachment comes with a sticky pad.

This automobile phone holder is really flexible. You can show it for your dashboard, air vent or windscreen.

The producer also mentions you could use the display in your desk, which is on hand if you use your smartphone a lot for paintings.

For the dashboard display, a plate sticks in your dashboard with an adhesive gel. The holder then sticks on to this firmly the use of a suction cup.

This might be a drawback for some, as the sticky pad Best Audi Q5 Phone Mount may want to depart marks to your dashboard.

And you might not just like the appearance of the suction plate whilst you’re now not the usage of your phone holder.

The vanmass also comes with an extendable arm, so you can pass it into the quality function for you.

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