The 9 Best Phone Mount For Vertical Vents

Best phone mounts for vertical vents, best phone holder for vertical ventsFor vertical air vents, it is very difficult to find the best phone holders as there are very few holders available, especially for vertical air vents.

And if you bought a wrong one, it would hardly stay on the vertical vents, it could keep falling during bumps or uneven roads.

Apart from this, it can also cost your smartphone.

4 months ago, I was looking for phone holders, which could hold my phone firmly on the vertical vent.

In the meantime, I found some great phone holder options for vertical vents.

I have gone through many reviews on Amazon and YouTube videos and finally, I found these 9 best phone mount for vertical vents, I have listed below which are perfect for vertical vents.

List Of The 9 Best Phone Mount For Vertical Vents

Many companies around the e-commerce market claim that their phone holder is best for vertical air vents but the reality is a bit different.

These points are listed below to check before purchasing the perfect phone mount.

Reviews & Ratings – Have a look the reviews and ratings given by the buyers that already use it.

They knows the best and the worst part of the products according to their experience with products and by this you can also make sure that how quality that seller is offering and is it worth buying ?

Price – Almost every phone holders contain have close to equal pricing so I can suggest the middle price range not too low or not too high, middle range that can be the best product which really help your need.

Grip and Quality – for vertical vents; grip of the clips should be more than the horizontal or round air vents. You should know products gripping strength, and you can check this by reading reviews, feedback and the information provided by the sellers.

Material Quality – Products quality is the very crucial part that you should always check before make any purchase so that you can easily differentiate between the cheap quality and high quality products that help you to choose the right phone mount for your vertical vents.

I have measured all the above parameters; I found here are a few of my best phone mount for vertical vents choices so that you can save your precious time.

1. Andobil Vertical Air Vent Phone Holder – Best for Vertical Vents

Andobil vertical vent mobile phone mount

This cell phone holder is designed by Andobil.

Also, the best thing is: The latest “hook” and its clip is designed with “stable 3-point support” that made it extremely stable.

It has fall-proof mechanical design that ensures that your smartphone stays firmly on vertical air vent.

Also, its 3-support-points are covered with silicone pads that will protect your vents from scratches as well as reduces the vibrations generated during the rough and bumpy paths.

In addition, it comes with strong arms and adjustable support foot which will always hold the smartphone in place. It does not come loose, no matter how bumpy the road is.

Andobil Best Vertical Vents Phone Holder

Apart from this, it is suitable for heavy phones and it won’t fall off; and you can mount latest iPhone 12 series phones and that can also work perfectly even with Apple MagSafe wallet case.

Also, The Andobil provides two different clips so that it can be suitable for all three types of vent: -vertical, horizontal and round air vents. They have tested it on over 10,000 vehicles and had 100% success.

Also, this phone holder contains 2 release buttons that allows you to insert or remove the phones easily with just one hand and you can do this with any button.

Moreover, its ball joint can rotate 360-degrees and that’s why you can quickly switch between portrait and landscape view to find the best viewing angle, which is very helpful while driving and following GPS Maps.

That makes your driving experience truly hands free, easy and safe.

  • Very high build quality
  • Features 3-point support for stability
  • None

2. TORRAS Air-Vent Phone Holder For Vertical Air Vents  – Best For Thick Phone With Case

TORRAS Air-Vent Phone Holder For Ford Explorer

This is the air-vent phone mount which is designed by TORRAS, it is a universal air-vent mount that is fully compatible with vertical, horizontal or even a round air-vent types.

And there are two types of clips comes with this holder. One is designed for common horizontal vents; and the other type of clip is a universal clip, which is suitable for any type of vent including round and vertical air-vent types.

Also, clip is designed in the hook shape that’s why it attaches to the exhaust vent blades through a clip hook, and three feet are there that firmly supported on the vent to keep it fixed and these features makes it ultra-stable air-vent phone holder, even it won’t fall off on the rough or bumpy roads.TORRAS Ford Explorer Phone Holder

Also, its arms are wide enough to hold the 4-7 inches big or large smartphone; along with this, it can easily hold the almost all types of smartphone with thicker cases on it in between the width of 2.1-4 inches.

Not only this, it passed the military-grade sturdiness test, and it is sturdier more than 10X than normal phone holders, which makes it durable; means no worry about the sudden break.

Moreover, it has quick release button and adjustable clamp arms because of this you can easily insert or remove your phone with just single hand. Provide you the safer driving whether you are talking, navigation, listening to music or charging.

  • Thick phone case friendly
  • Features two types of sturdy air-vent clips
  • 360-degree rotational support
  • Pricey

3. Miracase Universal Air Vent Smartphone Mount – Best for Travelers

Miracase phone mount for vertical air vents

This cell phone holder is created by Miracase.

Also, it is specially designed to support vertical air vents, and has super wide arms that can easily hold almost any smartphone width between 2.1-4 inches, plus you can mount your phone with thicker cases like Otterbox and all thick cases.

Also, its adjustable arms are covered with anti-slip a sponge and rubber pad that increases its gripping ability, which makes it easier to hold your smartphone firmly and prevent your phone from falling and scratching.

In addition, phone holder made of very high quality material that’s why it can securely hold your smartphone, and rubber pads minimizes vibrations, which won’t distract you from driving.Miracase mobile phone information for vertical vents

Also, it has a quick-release button which means; you can quickly insert and remove your smartphone with just one hand.

Moreover, it can rotate 360-degrees with the help of rotatable head that gives you freedom to adjust the viewing angle according to your desire, and also you can easily switch to any orientation like horizontal, vertical and more.

  • Beautifully designed
  • Very stable phone mount
  • Pricey

4. VICSEED PopSocket Phone Mount For Vertical Vents Types  – Best For PopSockets

VICSEED Phone Holder For Ford Explorer

It is the VICSEED phone holder and it is the perfect phone mount for PopSockets, Ring Phone Holder, Otter case etc.

Because of this holder, now you don’t need to take off your favorite phone case like PopSocket, Loop case, Kickstand, Ring Holder. You just need to insert your smartphone with socket grip into the groove of this air-vent phone holder and that’s it.

Besides, it features a tight internal structure that brings a strong clamping power to hold your smartphone firmly with sockets.

Along with this, this VICSEED air-vent phone holder has rubber cushions that creates the reliable protection to hold your valuable phone securely without even a single scratch.VICSEED Phone Mount For Ford Explorer

Its air vent clip is built with metal that makes it sturdy mount and so that you can be easily and securely attached to vertical or horizontal air-vent types.

As well as, it is stable enough that you can drive your vehicle over bumps and sharper turns and it won’t pop out or bounce off your smartphone. So that you can drive your vehicle completely distraction free.

  • Fully compatible with popsockets
  • Ultra sturdy mount
  • A bit costly

5. LISEN Holder With 6 Strong Magnets Magnetic Cell Phone Holder With  For Vertical Vents – Best Magnetic Mount

LISEN Phone Mount For Ford Explorer

It is the magnetic smartphone holder that comes from LISEN, it is designed in a way that it can be mounted on the almost all types of air-vent types such as: Horizontal, Vertical & Round Air Vent Types.

Also, it comes with 6 strong built-in magnets that can hold up to 8.0 lb(weight to 16 iPhone Pro Max). Because of these 6 ultra strong magnets it holds the phone firmly even big and large smartphones.

Besides, it has been tested on the bumpy roads, sharp turns, and other tough driving condition and it always keeps the phone steady.

Along with this, LISEN phone mount is designed with lengthened “Hook (1.41inches)”, which locks deeper vent blades. As well as, the “Hook” is adopt upgraded PC+ABS material which makes it 3X sturdy.LISEN 6 Strong Phone Holder For Ford Explorer

There is soft shockproof rubber is covered in the bottom that’s why it attaches to the air-vent more tightly without a scratch.

  • 6 strong magnets
  • Three grasp points
  • Eagle beak designed clip
  • Very high value for money
  • None

6. UXD Car Phone Holder for Vertical Air Vent – Best Value

UXD air vent mobile phone holder

This cell phone mount is made by UXD.

Also, its sturdy arms can easily hold your smartphone tightly, as well as its clamps are covered with thick silicone pads so that it does not scratch your smartphone and also reduces the vibrations during the high bumps and rough paths.

Also, it features the “3-point support” that’s why it firmly attaches to the air vent and never ever falls off even when you take a sharp turn or drive on the off road.

In addition, it has quick release button so that you can put and take off your smartphone easily with just one handedly, which is very safe to mount and remove smartphone while driving.

UXD Upgraded vertical vent phone holder

Also, you can charge your smartphone very easily as there is  dedicated space left to access the charging port in the bottom foot.

It comes with knob so that you can adjust the length of the clip (hook) to achieve absolute fixation and also to match different air vent blades.

Moreover, it has 360-degree rotational ability so that you can easily adjust it (vertically or horizontally) to meet the angle you want.

  • Features quick release button
  • None

7. VICSEED Phone Mount For Vertical Air Vent  – Great for Rough Roads

VICSEED best vertical vents phone holder

VICSEED is one of the best car phone holder makers. It works well for most of the Vertical and Horizontal air vents.

Besides, this cell phone holder comes with two different styles of air vent clips, that are very flexible air vent clip that fits any car with horizontal and Vertical vent blades.

Moreover, its strong arms hold your smartphone firmly and they are strong enough to reduce vibration and keep your phone stable.

And this device is comes with adjustable foot that is the reason your phone is very secure and never fall off.

Also, Its strong arms and foots covered with a thick soft silicone pad that prevent your phone from scratch on bumpy paths, sharp turns.

It rotates 360 degrees which enhances your viewing experience and because of this you can see your smartphone in the desired angle.

  • Strong and intelligently designed
  • Best for rough roads, traveling
  • Pricey

8. Beam Electronics Universal  Air Vent Holder – Strong and Powerful

Best phone mounts for vertical vents, beam smartphone mount for vertical air vents

Beam Electronics Universal Vertical Air Vent Mount is intelligently designed air vent holder.

It supports two types of installation for air vent is vertically and horizontally.

Also, this holder comes with the strong arm that increases the safety of your cell phone.

Also, it has quick-release button so that you can easily remove your cell phone. Beam Universal Air Vent Mount has ability to rotate 360 degree that gives you best viewing experience.

It supports most cell phones for width size from 1.9 inch to 3.7 inch cell phone or electronic devices.

  • Excellent performance
  • Compatible for most of the vertical air vent
  • Simple in design

9. K KOMOI Universal Car Air Vent Mount – Best for Low Budget

Best phone mounts for vertical vents, best k kmoi vertical vents phone mounts

K KOMOI Car Vertical Air Vent Mount compatible for most of the vertical and horizontal air conditioner vents.

Besides, it has a button on the right side of the mount that releases your cell phone with just one tap, This single-handed operation saves time and power.

K KOMOI Universal Air Vent Mount comes with the three level adjustable clamp, that means it fits for almost every air vent blades with between 2.5 to 3.5 mm.

This is fully 360-degree rotation holder that gives you can adjust it at any orientation and you can have the best viewing experience by yourself.

It has movable support foot, for both vertical and horizontal vents that makes it easy to charge cell phone and connect to audio ports while mounted. This is the best phone mount for vertical vents for low budget.

  • Features movable foot for charge and audio ports
  • Not supports round air vents
  • simple in design

My Thoughts on The Best Phone Mount For Vertical Vents

I am sure that you have found best holder according to your vertical vents and Above is my listed tips and list of the best phone mount for vertical vents, which you can consider according to your best choice.

Obviously, strong grip and great stable mount would be best for vertical vents.

And you can check them if you want for phone holder for round air vents, windshield, dashboard and steering wheel.

Let me know your thoughts on the comment section below.

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