Air Vent Phone Holders – Everything You Need To Know

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Air vent phone holders are very commonly used phone holder in cars, but there are many commonly asked queries un-answered like: – are vent phone holders safe for our smartphone as well as air vent blades.

What are the best phone holder for vertical vents/round air vents/horizontal air vents and many more likewise.

Should we buy Suction cup or air vent phone holders?

Here you will find solutions for all the queries.

Air Vent Phone Holders – Questions

1. Types of Air Vent Phone Holders

Ans: – There are commonly three types of air vent phone mount available Smartphone Holder for: – Horizontal Air Vents, Vertical Air Vents and Round Air Vents.

Because there are many car companies in the market and they design different-different types of vents according to their car’s looks and all the others things.

For horizontal air vents you can choose the common holder that fits to your vent will work without any trouble, but in the case of vertical and round/circular air vents there is special specifically holder made that suits these types of air vents.

2. are vent phone holders safe place to mount

Ans: – Yes you can safely install it on the air vent and easily mount your smartphone, and you can use to make/attain important calls, follow the paths of GPS to reach at destination.

Yes these types of holder are in the safest places because if you mount a cell phone holder on the steering wheel then in the accidental situation/critical situation your air bag open with jerk and the mounted smartphone can damage your face and harm you.

So if any accidental situation your smartphone will not damage you and easy to use as well.

3. how to install air vent phone holder

Ans: – installing process of the air vent phone holder is very easy you only need to follow couple of steps and then you’re ready to use it.

  1. Assemble your phone holder according to instructions given on manual.
  2. Mount the phone holder in the way that the less space covered, make sure that holder should not block all the air from vents.
  3. Tight the holder’s clip on the air vent blades, and make sure that it should not damage/scratch air vent blades. And that’s it mount your smartphone.

Note: – So before buying air vent phone holder always check clip of the holder is covered by rubber or silicone padded soft material so that it’s will not scratch or damage air vent blades.

4. Do air vent phone mounts work

Ans: – Yes air vent phone mount works very well but for some air vents holders may not work like: – Round/Circular air vent, Vertical Air Vents.

In these types of air vents there is always been a problem, if you attach a holder then regular air vent phone holder will not work well and always keep fall off during the bumps and drive on the rough roads.

But there are some holders made to mount these types of holder: – smartphone holder for round air vents, for vertical air vents you can check them.

5. How do I connect my phone to my car vent

Ans: – You can easily connect your phone to your car vent with the help of smartphone holder/mount.

You can easily buy best cell phone holder according to your car vent type. It can be Horizontal air vent, vertical air vent and round air vent.

Besides, after installing a cell phone mount to your air vent then you can safely use it to follow the paths using GPS, attain/make calls, play songs and many more things.

You should always be aware of what you should buy so that it will give you the best results and hold your smartphone (also heavy one) even on the rough paths.

You should always check the product reviews, where you will know how reliable the product actually is.

6. Do vent mounts damage vents

Ans: – Yes as well as Not. If your air vent phone holder doesn’t have a rubberized vent clip or silicone padded clips then the mount can damage vents of your vehicle.

Be aware of what you are purchasing always check is the air vent clip is coated with rubber or not, also to prevent smartphone for being scratched or damage check how gripped its arms is.

The arms should also covered with silicone padded stripe so that mount won’t damage your smartphone as well.

7. Magnetic or Non-Magnetic – What is the best phone holder for air vent

Ans: – Both are the best for air vent, but if your vehicle has small air vent then you should mount a magnetic phone holder as it’s a small in size, likewise if your air vent is big then you can mount both magnetic as well as non-magnetic phone holder both are compatible with air vent.

The only concerned is the size of air vent if you don’t mind it as a issue then you can mount both type of holder.

8. how to remove air vent phone holder

Ans: – it is very easy to remove air vent phone holder when you only need to keep in mind is: don’t remove is roughly and that’s it is very easy just loose the clip from the air vent and then take off. That’s it.

If you have any queries related to phone holder please let me know in the comment section below.

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