The 9 Best Phone Holder For Round Air Vents For Car

best phone holder for round air vents, best phone holder for vents, best phone holder for circular air vents, car phone holder for circular air vents, circular air vents phone holder, round air vents phone mountIf you are worried about how you can mount a cell phone for your round air vent, as there are very few phone holders available for the round air vents.

I was also seriously concerned and want to know that “which cell phone holder should be best for my round air vent?”

Then I researched and meanwhile I got to know that these are the best phone holder for round air vents, which I have listed below.

There are many cell phone holders available for car’s Dashboard, Windshield, Steering Wheel and also for air vent.

But there are very few smartphone holders available for vertical air vent and circular air vent.

We arrange them 1 to 9 in position according to their quality and specifications and to know more about them please stay with this article.

The 9 Best Phone Holder For Round Air Vents

These are some of the best phone holder for round air vents that can help you to attend calls, track GPS paths, so that you can drive comfortably.

1. Andobil Specially Designed Round Air Vent Phone Holder – Best for Round Air Vents

Andobil phone mount for round air vents

This cell phone holder is created by Andobil.

Also, its clip is designed as “hook” shaped with “3-Point Support”, making it an extremely stable phone mount for round air vents.

And the hook and 3-point support system are specifically designed to make it fully compatible for all types of round air vents. This is why you can install it on all types of round air vents; it will work like a charm.

In addition, it has fall-proof locking mechanical design that ensures that your smartphone stays firmly on the round air vent, even it is suitable for heavy phones and also it won’t fall off during the drive.unique stable phone clip for round air vents

Also, its clips are padded with silicone that will protect your air vent from scratches.

Apart from this, it comes with adjustable support feet and strong arms that can easily hold the smartphone tightly in a place, and they are strong enough to hold your smartphone even on the bumpiest roads.

Also, this phone holder for round air vents contains two 1-second release buttons that allows you to easily insert or removal the smartphone with any button.

Moreover, you can quickly switch between portrait and landscape view due to the 360-degree rotational ball joint; and you can do so while driving to find an ideal viewing angle that makes easy to follow the GPS Navigation and can easily attain/make important calls.

  • Very stable phone mount
  • It has sturdy arms made with high quality material
  • None

2. TORRAS Sturdy Phone Holder for Circular Air Vents – Best for Rough Roads (Travelers)

TORRAS Phone Mount for Circular Air Vents

This smartphone mount is designed by TORRAS.

Also, it attaches on the circular air vent through the Hook and Three-Supporting-Feet that firmly keep it fixed on the circular air vent. This mounting clip is specially designed for the round air vents, and they provide another vent clip that is intended for common horizontal vents.

In addition, it has wide sturdy arms that passed military-grade sturdiness test, which means it will tightly hold your smartphone in one place.

Also, its strong wide arms will always prevent your smartphone from falling during the sharp turns, and no matter how bumpy the road is.Upgraded Smartphone Mount for Round Air Vents

Also, its quick-release button is located on the back of holder that makes very easy to insert and remove your smartphone with one hand; This will be really helpful when you drive your car and you want to take or mount your smartphone safely.

Moreover, you can place your smartphone in any orientation (horizontal, vertical and more) with the help of 360 degree rotational ball joint; that is designed to give you the best viewing angle according to your eye sight.

  • Clips are padded with silicone that reduces vibration
  • Very high build quality
  • Pricey

3. Cailin Smartphone Mount for Circular Air Vents – Great for Complex Circular Air Vents

Cailin Mobile Phone Holder for Air Vents

This circular air vent holder is made by Cailin and this is specially made for the complex luxurious round air vents such as: – Mercedes Benz, Jeep, Mustang and many more.

Also, this car mount uses Elastic & Slip-proof Clips to hold the circular air vent firmly, as well as soft rubbers that prevent your device from scratching.

Also, due to slip-proof clips it will never fall on rough roads, even on the emergency brake.Information of Round Air Vent Types as a Phone Holder

Plus, it is built with very high-quality material which makes it very sturdy phone holder.

And super strong air vent clip made it very stable phone mount as well as clip has protective silicone that minimizes the vibration generated during the rough drive.

Moreover, there is one push-button is provided, through which you can easily place and take off your mobile phone with one hand.

  • It features unique two sided sturdy vent clip
  • Does not supports vertical and horizontal air vents

4. LISEN Holder With 6 Strong Magnets Magnetic Cell Phone Holder With  For Circular Vents – Best Magnetic Mount

LISEN Phone Mount For Ford Explorer

It is the magnetic smartphone holder that comes from LISEN, it is designed in a way that it can be mounted on the almost all types of air-vent types such as: Horizontal, Vertical & Round Air Vent Types.

Also, it comes with 6 strong built-in magnets that can hold up to 8.0 lb(weight to 16 iPhone Pro Max). Because of these 6 ultra strong magnets it holds the phone firmly even big and large smartphones.

Besides, it has been tested on the bumpy roads, sharp turns, and other tough driving condition and it always keeps the phone steady.

LISEN 6 Strong Phone Holder For Ford Explorer

Along with this, LISEN phone mount is designed with lengthened “Hook (1.41inches)”, which locks deeper vent blades. As well as, the “Hook” is adopt upgraded PC+ABS material which makes it 3X sturdy.

There is soft shockproof rubber is covered in the bottom that’s why it attaches to the air-vent more tightly without a scratch.

  • 6 strong magnets
  • Three grasp points
  • Eagle beak designed clip
  • Very high value for money
  • None

5. MULTAICH Round Air Vent Phone Holder – Specially Designed for Round Air Vents

best phone holder for round air vents, MULTAICH phone holder for circular air vents

This device is made by Multaich and has been specifically upgraded for round air outlets, which is why it is the best phone holder for circular air vents.

I like its unique design that uses gravity to mount a phone.

In addition, it has 6 linked points that can easily hold a 4.4 to 6.6 inch screen size phone.

Also it is very easy to use; you can mount and release your phone with one hand while driving.

best phone holder for round air vents, MULTAICH phone holder for circular air vents

Due to its auto retractable arms, the holder will automatically hold your smartphone when you place it, and the bracket will also close automatically, when the mobile phone will not be placed.

Moreover, it can rotate 360 ​​degrees to provide you the best viewing experience.

No need to worry about its performance that they offer a 12-month warranty. If you have received a faulty bracket, they will provide a full refund or replacement.

  • Usage gravity to hold phones
  • Uniquely designed only for round air vents
  • Does not supports vertical or horizontal air vents

6. MEIDI Universal Magnetic Best Phone Holder For Round Air Vents – Best as Magnetic Phone Holder

best phone holder for round air vents, MEIDI cell phone mount for circular air vents

This magnetic phone holder is created by MEIDI, and this is a portable round air vent phone holder; you can also use it on vertical air vents.

It is well designed with high quality aluminum alloy and will not block air as it does not have cradles and clamps.

This clip provides a strong grip, that’s why it remains fixed and does not move or vibrate.

And the silicone padded clip protects the air vent blade from scratching.

Moreover, it comes with built-in 4 strong magnets that ensure that your smartphone is protected even on emergency brakes.

You can install it on your round air vent in a few seconds. Also, you can easily turn your phone or display at any angle due to its 360-degree rotational support.

  • Very stable mount
  • Do not interfere with signals
  • Won’t works well with some thick phone cases

7. VICSEED Round Air Vent Phone Holder – Strong and Well Designed

best phone holder for round air vents, VICSEED phone holder for round air vents

This is another popular device for round air vents created by VISCEED. This device is very beautifully designed and has fully adjustable clip that holds your cell phone firmly in place.

VICSEED features an “up-down baffle and bayonet lock” to make it more compatible to the air outlet blades which ensures that it never falls and breaks under any conditions.

Mostly all the magnetic phone holders comes with 4 magnets but this device has 6 extremely strong magnets, and their maximum holding capacity is up to weight of 7 cell phones.

So you don’t have to worry about falling.

Note: If you put 2 metal plates in an overlapping manner, the magnetic force will become 2 times stronger.

Also, you can quickly switch between portrait and landscape view to ensure the best angle to drive safely; due to its 360 rotational support.

This makes calling and GPS navigation more convenient than before.

  • 6 Very strong magnets
  • 360-degree rotational support
  • Slightly more expensive than others

8. VICSEED Circular Air Vent Cell Phone Holder – High Build Quality

best phone holder for round air vents, VICSEED cell phone holder for circular air vents

VICSEED Ultra Stable Air Vent is very strong and intelligently designed cell phone holder made of most advanced aviation material.

This cell phone holder is the extremely secure and stable car phone mount.

VICSEED have thick soft silicone pads on the clamp arms and foot that feature protects your device from getting scratched even on rough roads.

This holding unit comes with the ability of 360 – degree rotation, that allows quick switching between portrait and landscape view.

So that you can manage according to your need and desire angle, that won’t distract you from driving.

VICSEED Round Air Vent Holder comes with two different styles of air vent clips.

One is the extremely flexible air vent clip that fits for any car with horizontal and vertical vent blades, have a strong holding capacity that never falls off of your air vent.

The second is Triangular air vent clip that provides very strong support, and holds easily Large Phones with Thick Cases.

It have Adjustable twist-lock & that’s clip works very well for almost every sizes of air vent, and also it works superb for all phones.

VICSEED Holder is compatible with 99% of air vents and comes with One Handed Operating capability and 365 days warranty.

  • Strong and Intelligently Designed
  • Compatible with 99% Air Vents
  • Pricey

9. iOttie Easy One Touch Mini Air Vent – Portable

best phone holder for round air vents, Iottie phone holder for round car air vents

iOttie Easy One Touch Mini Air Vent is the great mount cell phone holder that comes with spring loaded one touch locking and releasing feature.

It has strong arms that holds your cell phone securely and spring loaded arms minimizes vibrations to cell phone.

iOttie has built in cable management system that holds wires of charging located on the back on the mount by which you can organize your charging wire with an easy.

This car air vent rotates 360-degree by which you can adjust with your need and this feature provides you best optimal viewing angles.

It fits for almost all smartphones with their cases with width 2.3 – 3.5 inches wide cell phone.

  • Simple Installation
  • Compact and fully functional that fits easily into any Air Vent in most vehicles
  • Fair pricing
  • Not fits for vertical air vent

Why Clip Holders preferred for round air vent ?

Clip holder is best and highly compatible for round air vents.

It attaches holder tightly because of this it minimizes vibrations and the silicone padded clips do not harm or scratch the air vents.

That’s why almost every air vent holder comes with clips that attaches to the vents via a clip.

My Thoughts On Best Phone Holder For Round Air Vents

These are the list of Best Phone Holder for Round Air Vents for Car. I’m sure you’ve definitely found one for your round air vents.

Holding cell phone while driving a car can be a very dangerous for everyone instead of hold it by yourself let this work done by round air vent cell phone holders.

There are not much cell phone holding devices available for round air vent but these we find out by our hours of research.

So you don’t have to worry about the best and Avoid wasting your precious time.

What People Are Asking About Best Phone Holder For Round Air Vents (FAQ)

These are frequently asked questions that people usually ask for best phone holder for round air vents. I have tried to give appropriate answer that will solve your query.

1. Are air vent phone holders safe?

Ans: Yes, it is safe to use air vent phone holders but when hot air moves from the air vent; please avoid using it continuously for long periods of time, check the temperature of your smartphone and be aware of it.

Some phones usually shut down if they get too hot. If cold air is blowing from air vent, no issues at all.

2. How to install air vent phone holder?

Ans: It is very easy to install phone holder in air vent:-

Step 1: Assemble/attach all parts with the help of user manual.

Step 2: Attach the phone holder clip tightly to the air vent so that it does not move or loosen.

Step 3: Mount your phone and enjoy that free hand drive.

3. How to install magnetic air vent phone holder?

Ans: Installing a magnetic phone holder in air vent is a 3 step process that’s it.

Step 1: Insert the phone holder clip securely into the air vent make sure it is tightly attached.

Step 2: Stick a round/horizontal metal plate directly on the back of your phone or insert a plate between the phone and the case.

Step 3: Finally, place your cell phone on the holder.

4. How to use air vent phone holder?

Ans: After completing installation of air vent phone holder.

Some people have next question in their mind, how to use it?

Obviously you can use it for holding smartphones so that you can make calls, navigational purposes and other office works while driving.

Also, you can use it to hold GPS tracker and to hold other devices like walkie talkie etc.

5. is air vent phone holder safe for smart phone?

Ans: Yes air vent smartphone holders do not cause any harm to your phone; It is safe, rather it is one of the best phone holders.

Because it is mounted on the air vent, it does not block road view and you can use your phone to make calls, easy to use for navigation.

Well, here is the end of the guide of best phone holder for round air vents, if you found this really helpful or want to share idea then you can comment below. It will definitely help our upcoming readers to get better ideas on it.

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