How to Remove Phone Mount From Dashboard and Windshield

Suction cup is being used for its very useful features of sticking and to make your smartphone holdable because of the use of ring phone holder.

Even when you want to place your smartphone on the phone holder then there will be suction cup helps to stick on the different surfaces like on windshield, dashboard etc.

Although suction cup are very useful but when it comes to end of their uses, it is very hard to remove very well placed suction cup from smartphone or windshield, dashboard.

Sometimes these type of well attached suction cup are create difficulties to remove properly and we all think How to remove suction cup from windshield, dashboard, glass, mirror, even on smartphone etc.

Because in the end of their uses they becomes very fragile that’s why we need to special take care of it during removal of suction cup.

Most of the suction cups are made from either rubber or plastic material to sticks tightly on the any type of flat, smooth surfaces such as glass and steels; even some of them are sticky enough to sticks on the leather dashboard.

They often comes with the hooks on them to make it attached on a wall in order to hold baskets, cloths and other types of items of the house even on the offices.

The only problem is that they made to attached very tightly, that feature becomes problems problem when you want to remove it that’s why you will need special care to remove suction cups very safely.

remove suction cup phone mount from dashboardMostly we want to remove it when it becomes loose and doesn’t fulfil the purpose of the suction cup. In this condition you can easily remove it with not bad consequences of it.

But if you want to remove it with different purpose such as you don’t want to use it there anymore or anything else then you need to remove it properly with guided instructions because these type of suction cup maybe they are very sticky or new so they can left the residue or they can break the glass or scratch the smartphone sometime even worse than this.

So here’s the list of Things You’ll Need to Remove the Suction Cup Phone Mount

Before starting, there are a few things you’re going to need to remove it properly with this guided instructions.

  • Detergent
  • Cotton swabs
  • Paper towel
  • Water
  • Window cleaner
  • A knife without the sharp tip

Step 1

remove phone mount from windshieldFirstly wet the sides of the suction cup as much as you can with the help with cotton rug wet of a bit warm water.

Because of this when water enters into the suction pad there will be gap opened for air pass and that make it very easy to loose the suction cup stickiness easily.

After this the rest of the process of removing the suction cup becomes relatively simple.

Step 2

Next, grab the cotton swabs dab a little bit dish soap on the suction cup, and again focus between the suction cup and glass or where it attached, and you will notice that a little bit of the gap is opening between them.

Again try to get the air to end into the suction cup that makes it even looser than before.

Step 3

To loosen the suction cup even more, use a small amount of the detergent or dish soap according to you, so that you can pick out the sides of the suction cups easily without any damage to suction cup or windshield or any type of surface where it is mounted.

Step 4

Next, Slide the butter knife under the suction cup and gently lift it off the surface of the glass, windshield or dashboard.

To avoid damaging the suction cups just remember to apply very small amount of pressure on the suction cups.

At this point, your suction cup should be free.

Step 5

how to remove suction mountIt’s completed.

But at last; wipe off any remaining residue of the suction cup or adhesive even the traces of dish soap or water from the surface of the glass by using window cleaner.

And dry it with the paper towels that will restore the window to its original condition and will become cleaned windshield, glass or dashboard.


1. How to remove suction cup marks from windshield

Ans: – Clean with the cerium oxide paste then immediately rinse the windshield with clean water, and totally remove cerium oxide paste from the glass before drying. Use clean, lint-free dry cloth to remove the water from the glass surface and that’s all after this you will see the perfectly cleaned windshield.

2. how to remove melted rubber from windshield

Ans: – To remove melted rubber from windshield then these are 2 very easy steps you can follow to get rid of it. Scrape off as much of the rubber as possible with a razor blade. The Sharp razor blade can go under the rubber and make direct contact with the windshield, that allows you to life the rubber and remove it very quickly. And then you can clean the windshield by spraying the cleaner spray.

3. how to remove sticky residue from car console

Ans: – The only best way to remove sticky residue from car console is:
First, simply spray WD-40 on the sticky residue and the important thing to keep in mind please Don’t wipe it immediately after you spray it. If you do that then it won’t work perfectly please wait for at least 10-15 minutes, between this time period it will do its job nicely and after the time wipe it with a dry cloth. It’s done, but if it is an old residue then you may have to repeat this process again and that time it will clean it anyway.

4. how to remove double sided tape from car windshield

Ans: – There is now different answer than How to remove double-sided tape from glass or windshield. Pull the tape off the glass with your fingers as far as possible. Carefully use a scraper or razor blade to scrape off any remaining tape that you cannot pull off from the windshield. Please do this gently and slowly because of razor blade can made direct contact to the windshield or glass that can damage or scratch it. Also you can apply small amount of WD-40 or a lighter fluid to the residue remained of the double-sided tape and also you can remove it by scrub it, and that will clean the windshield and remove the remaining stickiness.

5. how to remove iottie suction cup from windshield

Ans: – To remove iottie suction cup from windshield you only take care of the suction cup and windshield should not be broken so that you need to do this with gentle and very carefully. You can remove it very easily by pulling with a little pressure all with slowly. If you feel a lots of resistance then just take a plastic knife or butter knife (that don’t have sharp top angle) and slide it under the suction cup that will definitely loose the seal of the suction and then you can pull it. If your windshield has remained residue then you can wash it with a liquid soap then spray water and wash it with soft cloth.

6. How to remove phone mount from dashboard

Ans: – Pour a small amount of Goo Gone onto the adhesive residue and then wait it for 10 to 15 minutes meanwhile let it soak. Stroke it with a clean cloth and apply pulling pressure and take a butter knife and try to slide it under the suction cup or adhesive mounted on the dashboard. It will remove phone mount from dashboard but if the adhesive or suction cup still remains then you can apply few drops of Goo Gone to completely remove the mount and to remove the residue also.

7. how to remove adhesive from windshield

Ans: – if you want to remove adhesive from windshield then the rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol works exceptionally well to remove stickers or sticky residue or adhesive from windshield of the vehicles. So take some dry paper towels and soak them with some rubbing alcohol. Then take the paper towel and start patting the sticker until it is completely soaked with the alcohol then after 2 or 3 minutes of wait you can pull the adhesive off from the windshield and it will be removed without any scratches on the windshield and also with this process the device doesn’t damage also. When you remove adhesive from windshield then there will be very high chances that the very sticky glue can leaves residues on the windshield that’s why you should also clean with Goo Gone to remove the remaining residue and then clean it with soft cloth and then you will get totally clean windshield.

The Final Words

This is the one thing that i follow whenever i have to remove the suction cup phone mount from the dashboard or windshield so that i don’t have to worry about cracks or damages.

That’s it above it have answered all the question related of: How to Remove Phone Mount From Dashboard and Windshield.

so that you don’t need to find these types of related question anywhere else.

At last if you still have any queries related to this so please comment down below i will reply as soon as possible.

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