How To Make Suction Cups Stick To Windshield And Dashboard-That Sticks Forever

how to stick suction cup to the windshield and dashboardSuction cups are very useful inside the cars, trucks or almost every vehicle because of this you can use them to stick phone holders on your windshield and dashboard etc.

A suction cup makes a phone holder very sticky because of their ability to stick tightly.

The best thing about them is that they stick perfectly without harming or scratching the surface of the windshield or dashboard and also you can mount them anywhere you want it to.

Almost every phone mount for windshield and dashboard uses suction cup and adhesive to enhance their stability and stickiness.

You can easily install your phone mount without any problem because of their very simple using methods.

But sometimes they can be looks really horrible, they doesn’t even sticks tightly because of wrong installation process or it may be not installed perfectly, that makes it really worthless this is why it is very important to stick the suction cups perfectly so that it won’t fall anymore and sticks forever with sturdiness.

These are the 6 Steps on How To Make Suction Cups Stick To Windshield And Dashboard

Here I’ll show you how to make suction cups stick to windshield and dashboard that sticks forever with these 6 easy steps by this you can perfectly stick your suction cup to the almost any surface to use this methods. Be they old or new or you want to re-attach it.

1. Choose the recommended and suitable surface to mount

dashboard and windshield phone mounting methodsUsually the clean, flat and completely smooth surface is best and the ideal surfaces where you can easily mount the suction cup tightly.

Even if you attach the strongest suction cup with very sticky gel adhesive on the curved or textured surface it won’t work for the long time because there is not properly bond is making between the suction cup and the surface that’s why free of air pockets keeps entering into the suction cup through the gap; that makes it loose and loose and one after a time it will fall apart from windshield and dashboard.

That is why firstly, you need to decide where you want to mount it and buy suction cup accordingly.

In the next steps you will got to know how to make suction cups sticks to windshield and dashboard that sticks forever.

2. Clean the surface where you want to adhere

Cleaning method of suction cups for dashboard and windshieldThis is very basic step almost everyone knows it and that is the real problem, because it is normal everyone knows it that’s why no one is nobody is paying more attention here.

Everyone is doing basic cleaning with water or cloths and then apply a suction cup that’s it.

Please take a 2 minutes for that and Scrub your chosen surface with your preferred household cleaner like: Goo Gone or anything like that, then rinse and dry it thoroughly with a cloth.

Here’s the reason why: – when you clean the surface to remove the dirt or residue so that they couldn’t get in the way of proper adhesion of suction cup.  That’s it.

3. Clean the suction cup itself (only if your suction cup is old or your are reapplying it twice and more than)

If you want to re-attach your old suction cup then you must clean the suction cup itself too.

Rinse with warm water and please pay special attention to the inside of the cup, then fall off the excess water from the suction cup.

And this is also a myth that after cleaning the suction cup with water then you always should dry it, Please don’t dry it though – inside the suction cup left the water droplets that can help and prevents air pockets from forming inside the seal of the suction cup and that soften the material that really helps to attach the old suction cup that can sticks forever.

At last cleanliness of the suction cups is very-very important before re-attaching it because there are 9 times out of 10, there is dirt or grease type material that makes your suction cup loose and fall back continuously.

4. Press Firmly (attach it with pressure)

That is the time when all the formalities are completed and finally you are applying the suction cup on the windshield or dashboard of your car.

Here you only need to press the suction cup firmly around 15-20 seconds on the surface where you want to mount it; and make sure that there should no air bubbles left between the cup and the surface and you’re all done.

Pressing is up to you; press it wisely.

5. Let It Set (Best tip to stick it forever)

This is the most important that really make your suction cup fall-proof; After attaching the suction cup on the windshield or dashboard, please leave it for 24 hours at-least that will really help the suction cup to making bond with the surface and sticks perfectly.

That’s why “Let It Set.”

It means do your best to avoid getting the area of mounting wet and don’t put any extra weight like: don’t mount your smartphone at-least for one day.

In easy words “Leave it alone” for a full day that will ensures that the small droplets of water or bubbles inside the suction cup will be dried and there is no other this is left between the windshield or dashboard and suction cup: that means suction cup and surface are fully bonded.

6. Keeps checking in the time intervals

Finally your suction cup is attached like for forever if you follow the exactly same instruction give above.

Now it is the time to check, be sure to check the bond every once in a while: whenever you feel like it to check it by pressing down on the suction cup that will remove any air pockets that may have formed between the suction cup and your windshield or dashboard or other mounted positions.

That is also important because; if you mounted it on the windshield then this thing keeps in mind that temperature and humidity changes on the windshield because of the sun directly heats the windshield.

Which cases air pockets develops between the suction cup and windshield that can cause the suction cup to pull away from the surface of the windshield.

FAQ’s related of How to Make Suction Cups Stick to Windshield and Dashboard

Here i have found that some of the people also want to know the answers of these question with how to make suction cups stick to windshield and dashboard that’s why i added them to this.

1. How to make suction cups stick to window ?

Ans: – you can easily mount your suction cups to the window as above mentioned 5 steps is also applied for window also, no matter any kind of windows is; you can mount any suction cup to any window or windshield or glass by using above instructed methods easily and it will become never fall off easily.

But if you lives on the hot areas then these steps doesn’t work for you as others, then you can apply little bit a cooking oil on the rim of the suction cup because the water droplets can wipe out easily because of the heat of the sun that can break the outer layer of shield that’s why you should apply oil and then re-attach it to the window.

This time it will definitely work like a charm.

2. How to make suction cups stick better ?

Ans: – If you want to stick the suction cups stick better than before then firstly follow the above instruction and again it won’t work like it suppose to work.

Then follow these steps:-

To enhance power of suction cup you can apply a tiny dab of Vaseline rubbed on the rim of the cup or you can damp your finger with the water and very lightly moisten the inner rim of the suction cup with the help of your finger tip, which will help to stick better because the water or Vaseline helps to keep the seal tight around the suction cup.

Hence it will stick better than before.

3. how to make suction cups stick again ?

Ans: – I have already mentioned almost every type of the instructions or methods that makes suction cups stick again like it was sticks as new.

But if you did all above methods and till now it is not working for you, then I have something for you specially.

  • Firstly before apply, make sure that the both the inside of the suction cups and your window or windshield are very clean as well as dry.
  • To make its seal tighter than before you should apply Vaseline or cooking oil and rubbed on the rim of the cup, or you can moisten the inner rim of the suction cup with the little bit of water droplets.
  • Stick again and apply some pressure around 15-30 seconds and very gently release the pressure.
  • This is the best thing I can tell you to do for better work of the suction cup or sticking again: “Does not use this suction cup for around whole one day (24 hours) at-least.” Then you will see the magic.

How do I stick something to my car dashboard

4. How do I stick something to my car dashboard ?

Ans: – 1. You can use a suction-cup or adhesive gel pads or both at once to mount GPS devices, smartphone and other electronic devices.

That makes of different types of dashboard car accessories mounting easy with a suction cup so that you can see your devices or smartphone in the ideal positions.

2. You can use dashboard friction mount especially for GPS mounting.

Such as you can mount suction cups on the dashboard so that you can clearly see the windshield you can easily adjust it according to your desired viewing angle.

Because they use friction to maintain the position of the holders rather than any sticky residue.

For example: you can purchase bean bag friction mounts that are specifically made to hold the GPS devices.

3. If you want to stick the photos or papers and like this others items on the dashboard of your car, then you can use reusable adhesive putty.

These types of putties are found at most of the offices and also in supply stores.

Put some putty on the dashboard that’s it now you can attach the photos or papers to the putty easily and putty comes off easily if needed.

Also, you can make a separate dashboard pad on the top of your dashboard that is work for hold miscellaneous objects such as sun glasses and keys etc.

Although, it doesn’t leave a sticky residue on the dashboard pad or anywhere you put it.

That’s it above it have answered all the question related of: How to Make Suction Cups Stick to Windshield and Dashboard

so that you don’t need to find these types of related question anywhere else.

At last if you still have any queries related to this so please comment down below i will reply as soon as possible.

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